Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 83

"In this way, our "Rulong Security Company" started operating today. Is it great?"

"...Hmm. "

"With the guy Takato, business issues are not a problem. The procedures are just like playing, and people don’t need to come forward. They just rely on mobile phones. It’s really advanced."


"Akechi also found some foreign security instructors through online channels to train the brothers transferred from our Dragon Group to Professional security personnel, incidentally, are still closely monitoring the situation at the police station to ensure that there will be no problems."


"Fujiki The uncle also said that he would fully support me. The brothers in the Dragon Group are also very happy to receive a generous salary and are vying to sign up to join the company. In short, everything is running smoothly along the track."


However, during the lunch break of "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" where the students were all having lunch, Kamiya Ruri sat upright on the carpet, elegantly Move the chopsticks to the ground.

Her eating action at a moderate pace, with an elegant demeanor, but her eyes never look at the man sitting on the opposite side and talking excitedly.

This weird situation has always been like this since Ryuto saw her today.

It doesn't matter if Ryuto comes over to talk to her, or sit down in the garden to have a meal together.

In short, this Eldest Miss almost completely regarded Ryuto as an invisible person, and no matter what the other party said, she just dealt with it at will.

What's the matter? Ruri seems to be very disagreeable to me? Is she still angry?

For Ruri's bulging appearance at this time, Ryuto thought she was angry with what happened the night before.

At that time, because of some misunderstandings, Ryuto sent her some not-so-gentle text messages. This is indeed a problem.

But that was already the day before yesterday, why are you so angry now?

Just as Ryuto was puzzled by this, Mai, who was standing next to him, secretly revealed a happy smile.

Smelly Rogue, big idiot, this is all right, I completely annoy Eldest Miss, it seems that Eldest Miss will ignore you in the future, hehe.

Although Ryuto thought that Ruri was angry about the night before, Mai knew that Eldest Miss was angry about yesterday morning.

Yes, it was the shocking "Tsukimi Yuna XKiryu Ryuto: The Greatest Sin in History" yesterday morning.

When Eldest Miss saw everyone discussing the relationship between Yuna and Ryuto in the "Yi Gao BBS" forum, her expression was really wonderful.

In Mai's eyes, that expression is like her own thing is taken away by a woman who suddenly appears.

To put it simply, I am jealous, and I am still jealous.

Even if Mai doesn't want to admit it, in fact she can see that Eldest Miss cares more or less about Ryuto.

So after a day has passed, Eldest Miss's grievance and jealousy obviously have no meaning at all, and may even continue to ferment.

hmph hmph hmph, Kiryu Ryuto, this is the price of two boats with one foot, accept heavenly punishment, bastard.

Looking at Eldest Miss's face that is calm but in fact dark, Mai laughed unkindly in secret.

Maybe it was because Ryuto had just gained a wave of resourcefulness yesterday, and the brains in his mind finally added a little, and he gradually smelled the sour vinegar.

Could it be that...Eldest Miss is jealous? Because I went to school with Yuna Senpai yesterday morning? So you don't want to talk to me now?

After understanding this, Ryuto was sighed and said to Ruri who was drinking tea: "Ruri, I like you."

"pu!" Suddenly, Ruri said The tea squirted out of my nose.

cough cough! She quickly took the handkerchief from Mai's hand, and while wiping the tea from her nose, she sternly said: "You! You have something wrong!"

Originally, Ruri planned to face Ryuto with a cold face. , Let him retreat.

As a result, this bastard actually said "I like you" in the face doesn't change? And he said it in front of Mai?

Straight ball, this is not a simple straight ball, it is simply a super invincible straight line explosion tornado ball, the kind that almost knocked Ruri's face crooked.

And Ryuto is totally unconscious about it, because it seems normal to him.

So he said with a smile indifferently: ""dignified man, say you like it if you like it, or say no if you don't like it. What I say is worthy of the world, worthy of the earth, and worthy of myself in the middle. Is there any problem with this? "

Because his attitude was too as it should be by rights, for a while, Ruri didn't know how to respond.

After a while, Ruri sighed:" I know what you want, but since you like me, you shouldn’t be with Yuna Senpai yesterday......"

"Ah, because I like her too, it’s also a good idea to go to school with her It's normal. "

"...Nani? "

"...Watt? "

Just when Ryuto said "I like Tsukimi Yuna too", Ruri and Mai who listened to them were stunned and made strange questions. .

Am I wrong?

Just now this kid said in front of Eldest Miss that he also likes Tsukimi Yuna?

And he said just now I added it immediately after I liked Eldest Miss?

Mai couldn't help but open her mouth wide, looking like "Did you guys drink too much".

After all, where is this world? Is there such a man? Although there are many men with one foot and two boats, a man who dares to say that he still likes another woman in front of the person he likes is an unprecedented monster, okay.

But Compared to Mai who was so surprised that she almost stared out her eyes, Ruri was obviously more composed.

She was stunned for a moment, and then asked in a tone that didn't know whether to cry or laugh. Said: "What is this? Are you declaring to me that you are still undecided and have not made a choice between me and Yuna? "

"no no no, I have already made a choice. "

"Then what is your choice? "

"I want it all, you and Yuna are both members of my harem. "

It seems that he didn't care how shocking what he said, Ryuto said in public without blushing or breathing.

Indeed, there is indeed polygamy in this World. Many dignitaries in Japan really have a few wives secretly.

But weird people like Ryuto who dare to directly say to people they like that they want to marry other wives, really may not find a second place in the world. Come here.

"...Don't you think this is unfair to me? "After a few seconds of silence, Ruri asked.

"It is true, but I am loyal to your feelings. "

"I think when you have feelings for multiple women, you are no longer qualified to talk about the word loyalty. "

"But at least I am dignified to express my desire to open the harem, and before that I have given you a full understanding, compared to those indecisive and even deceived men Is it better? From this point of view, my feelings are loyal and without a trace of deception. "

Even if he is talking about such shameless things, Ryuto's tone is still so sonorous and powerful.

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