Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 84

From at first, Ryuto has never concealed his love for these heroines.

Whether it is Kamiya Ruri, Tsukimi Yuna, or Saito Sonya, who will transfer to school soon, they are very important in his mind.

The three of you are my wings, I just want to open the harem, I want to be dignified and let the three of you accept it.

This is the confession of me, Archangel.Kiryu Ryuto.

Of course, this obviously goes against the ideas of the times and may not be recognized by others.

Whether it’s Ruri, Yuna or Sonya, they are all perfect girls in terms of looks, character, and family background. Even if they marry one ordinary person, they are already lucky for three hundred lives, let alone three. All received.

Can Ryuto's greedy desire finally be accepted by the three of them? The answer is still unknown.

But even so, Ryuto will continue to work hard for it, dignified is using his own hands to open the way to the harem.

Even if the three of them were unwilling to associate with him because of this, Ryuto recognized it, and blamed him for lack of ability.

From any point of view, Ryuto's "I want it all" concept of love for elementary school students is definitely problematic.

But Ruri feels this kind of love view...but he has the style of this yakuza Young Master.

If you like, go for it, never deceive yourself, or deceive others, even if it seems a little shameless... Ryuto is not a person who wants a face anyway.

But she still turned her head and said in an unwavering tone: "The meal is over, leave quickly, I have work to do."

"Yeah. ..... I won't bother you."

Although I don't know if Ruri can accept what she said just now, Ryuto still thinks it would be better to give her some time to think.

However, just after Ryuto left, Ruri picked up his mobile phone and dialed an unfamiliar number.

"Didu...yo, it's Young Lady Ruri, you rarely call me, what's the matter?"

"Uncle Suzuki, I have a good friend who runs a company, but his foundation is not very clean, so some inspection problems may be involved. I hope you can take care of it."

"so that's how it is , No problem, in the Tokyo circle, my old bones are still useful."

"Then please, I will let the assistant send the information of that company in a moment."

After a few more greetings with the person on the phone, Ruri hung up.

But as soon as she hung up the phone, she saw Mai's stunned expression on the side.

Others may still not know who Ruri called just now, but Mai is impossible to know.

After all, the "Uncle Suzuki" in her mouth is now the "Governor of Tokyo Metropolitan". He is a very high-level official in the Tokyo Metropolitan administrative area and is responsible for handling all affairs of Tokyo.

In other words, that is the real Tokyo regional leader, the power is unimaginable for ordinary people.

But just now, Ruri asked this uncle whom he had known since childhood to take care of...Ryuto's company? And was it when the latter had just issued the "Harem Manifesto"?

First of all, there is no doubt that with the care of the governor of Tokyo Metropolitan, even a single sentence can save Ryuto and the others a lot of trouble.

But why did Ruri do this? Wasn't she still angry just now?

"Well, Eldest Miss? He has done this to you, why do you still..."

"He is angry with me. We still have to deal with it. It’s better to separate personal relationship issues from overall issues."

It’s just that although Ruri said on the surface, "He is angry with me, he is angry with me", but at this time his emotions have obviously calmed down. a lot of.

After all, getting along with people is frank, and she can see that what Ryuto said just now is true, even if it does not sound good, but that is what he thinks.

Compared to the future when I was with Ruri and then secretly packaged mistresses and mistresses, or was unclear with people outside.

Ryuto obviously thinks that it is better for both parties to confess to Ruri before starting.

Really...I don’t know if he is smart or idiot.

But if you really want to take Yuna and me together, then I am afraid that only the men who dominate this country can do it.

On one side is the next "House Monarch" of Kamiya's family, which does not allow confined girls in marriage and love.

On one side is Tsukimi consortium's baby girl, a worry-free daughter who has been carefully guarded since childhood.

To bring these two women into the palace at the same time, the difficulty is no less than that of breaking off the emperor's head as a toilet.

So Ruri is looking forward to it at this time, wanting to see if Ryuto can get to this point in the future.

Under the impetus of all kinds of thoughts like this, the sunny day passed quickly, and the dark night once again enveloped the earth.

Today's Tokyo is quite an ordinary day. Except for a company named "Rulong Security Company" quietly preparing to go online, everything is so normal.

In the dark night, the faint moonlight was scattered like a tulle, shrouded in the backyard of the "Dragon Group" headquarters late at night.

Only a small lamp was turned on in Ryuto's room. Looking in from the outside, I couldn't see clearly what the people inside were doing.

Under the dim light, this yakuza Young Master wore a jet-black long-sleeved trench coat, black gloves on his hands, black boots under his feet, and a hat on his head covering the yellow hair, almost Wrapped his whole body in the darkness.

Apart from this, this guy also puts a white jade mask on the bridge of his nose that almost covers half of his face, which looks like a role-playing prop, which makes his face faintly discernible and not very capable The specific appearance and characteristics can be clearly seen.

This white jade mask looks very special. It not only covers half of the face, but also has a small prototype bulge around the mouth, like a small microphone.

In fact, this is really similar to a small microphone, because it can make a noticeable change in the sound.

"Cough cough, good evening, have you eaten it?"

After equipping the mask, Ryuto casually said this to the air.

What is echoing in the air is a slightly hoarse, sounding quite mature voice, which can be said to be the difference between Heaven and Earth with Ryuto's usual voice.

Not bad...the value of these half a million flowers.

After confirming that this "rogue voice-changing mask" is effective, Ryuto is slightly nodded.

The mask he is wearing now is a new product that he bought from the cash recharge mall not long ago.

Wearing this mask worth 500,000 yuan can not only block the appearance, but also change the voice, making people completely unable to recognize who this person is. It can be said to be a must for hooliganism.

Of course, Ryuto dressed up like this this night is not to go out to play gangsters, but to go out to maintain justice.

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