Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 85

After having tasted the sweetness of "Berry Conscience Finance" not long ago, the leader discovered that the group of hooligans who are doing trivia are still quite rich.

For example, a "Berry Conscience Finance" is six million. If there are ten, isn't it sixty million? Isn't one hundred six million?

So Ryuto plans to make a sum of money from this before the "Long Security Company" is on track.

So he was based on the sense of justice of "punishing rape and eliminating evil" and prepared to go deep into the streets and alleys at night to see if he could get rid of the evil.

Time should be almost up... Let’s go.

After confirming that his work had not been overlooked, Ryuto turned off the lamp and lightly jumped out of the window.

Going over the wall or something has long been a commonplace for him. When the cold night blew on Ryuto's face, it even brought a hearty feeling.

Under the moonlight, the teenager rushed out of the "Dragon Group" headquarters at a very fast speed and sneaked into the streets of Tokyo.

Tokyo at night is a city that never sleeps.

The neon is flashing here, the lights are feasting, and the lights are still on on the streets of the overwhelming majority.

But under the light, there is still unconcealable evil tossing, waiting for the man of the night to come to salvation.

"call ...... call ...... call ...... rescue, life-saving ah!

when the clock's hour hand points to two in the morning At a remote street corner outside a bar, a woman who looked fancy dress was panting and squatting against the wall, still calling for help with her mouth.

A woman who looked like she was in her early twenties was leaning against a street corner when she was shiver coldly.

Three little rascals who seemed to be dressed up and almost didn't put "I'm not a good thing" on their foreheads laughed I walked over.

"Hehe, what's good to run, our several brothers just want to have fun with you, and won't do anything to you. "

The corners of their mouths are raised in an obscene arc, and their tone is extremely insulting, making it easy to think of what will happen in a while.

If it’s too late today , There are few people in this alley who will pass by. If this goes on, won’t the woman fall into the claws?

However, the big brother headed by the head intends to go up and grab the woman and force her to Deep in the alley, have a good time.

"Hey, buddies, do you have any money? "

A hoarse voice, but suddenly floated over the wall above their heads.

"Who! "

The big brother took the lead and quickly looked up to the top of the wall. Under the dim streetlight, what appeared there was a dark and swarthy silhouette.

On the wall more than two meters away, a man almost wrapped in black is sitting on the top as if watching a joke, looking down at the four people below.

"You! What is it! Is it acting like this? Go to the wrong set! Still say you brat mental disorder! "

After seeing the appearance of the uninvited guest, he took the lead and cursed instinctively.

But just as he just yelled at him, the man above, Ryuto I have already jumped off the wall more than two meters high, and stepped directly on the head of the nearest hooligan!

The impact of a whole person jumping off a two-meter high wall. How strong it is, of course needless to say.

The little hooligan saw that the shadow on his head grew rapidly, and then there was a sharp pain in his forehead, and he immediately lost consciousness...


bastard! Just after Ryuto took the lead and killed one person, another hooligan standing next to the leader big brother immediately started.

He picked up a glass from the trash dump nearby.

The bottle, without the slightest hesitation, slammed into Ryuto’s forehead!

Just when the bottle in his hand was only half-swept, an iron-like palm grabbed his wrist and slammed it. Twist down harder!

ka-cha! Ah!

With the crisp sound of skeleton, Hooligan’s wrist was twisted on the spot, and the person fell with his wrist. Weeping on the ground.

After seeing Ryuto kill his two little brothers in the blink of an eye, the leading big brother couldn't help but step back, and there was obvious fear in his eyes.

For their group of gangsters who are walking on the street, it is actually very important to recognize the strength of the opponent, otherwise it would be too stupid if they hit an iron plate and die one day.

According to the current situation, they should have hit the iron plate, and the plate is still solid, robbing his grandma's hard.

So he couldn't help but ask Said: "who the hell are you? What is the purpose? "

"I am the messenger of justice, the black man who maintains the order of this city. "

"Black Man?" Maintain order? "

"Yes, now leave all the valuable things on you and your companions, and then take them away. "

Wait, you are so embarrassed to be called the messenger of justice, bastard? You black man? Robber, right?

At this time, the big brother in the heart took the lead in silently complaining, but I quickly took out a sharp-looking serrated saber from the waist of his pants.

This serrated saber is a high-end product he bought from the black market at a high price. It is very sharp and murderous aura. , The kind that most people will immediately scare to pee when they see it.

"You..." However, just as the leader of the big brother was about to struggle with his weapon, his eyes suddenly enlarged.

Because the moment the big brother lifts the head came, a black paint pistol was already pointed at his lower body.

"You take out this knife, yes What are you going to do? "When pointing the gun at the opponent's vitals, Ryuto smiled and asked.

Various martial arts, this is a marksmanship, take advantage of it to attack his vagina.

You With weapons, I also use weapons. You use a knife and I use a gun. This is very fair.

" always see that this saber is good, right? I just planned to take it out to honor you, and the money they have, all of them honor your old age! "

When the gun was pointed at, the big brother's expression became very flattering, and he quickly and skillfully picked up all possible valuables from the two fallen brothers.

Wallet? Take it away, just throw away the useless documents.

Watch? Take it away, but don’t need an electronic watch, it’s not worth much money.

Mobile phone? Take it away , The phone card was removed and thrown into the stinking ditch.

Gold and silver decorations? Take it, take it, take it all.

Finally even install the serrated saber in your hand. After arriving in a bag and handing it over respectfully, the big brother took the lead and said with a bitter smile: "That... Lord Black Man? can I go now? "

Ryuto weighed the weight of the goods on hand, and said with satisfaction: "Well, happy cooperation, let's go. "

In this way, the messenger of justice reached a consensus with the street villain, and the latter carried his companion with a complicated expression and ran away dingy.

The messenger of justice was Holding a bag full of valuable items, moved towards the woman who was nearly victimized just now.

When the hero saved herself, the dressed-up woman also smiled delightedly. , Smiled and said to him: "Um, I feel very much..."

"Nonsense, how much money do you bring? Throw it all into the bag. "

Huh? The expression on the woman's face froze after hearing what was obviously not like a "hero" could say.

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