Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 86

What's wrong with this? Are you always a hero of justice, black man? Why does this even cost me the victim's money?

When seeing her expression, Ryuto asked impatiently: "Do you think I am like your father?"

"No...not like "

"Since I am not your father, why should I save you for nothing?"

"It seems...I also..."

"Since I saved you, then you should pay something. It's reasonable, right?" sounds unexpected Makes sense?

But since she got rid of the fate of being insulted, then this woman has nothing to say, she can only obediently throw all the valuable things into the bag.

Including cash, jewellery, and even mobile phones, the valuable things are basically gone.

After setting aside a few hundred yen for the woman to take the tram back, Ryuto quickly disappeared into the darkness, leaving only the back of justice carrying a purse.

Yes, very substantial.

After weighing the heavy bag in his hand, the dark hero showed a happy smile.

This single business. It is definitely not the only one made by Ryuto tonight.

Even the simplest of the hundreds of orders he will do next.

After feeling the sweetness of this kind of thing, this "justice messenger" black man started a crazy day and night journey to accumulate money in the next five days.

Because the "Rulong Security Company" is still under preparation, Ryuto has nothing to do during the day.

He usually goes to school normally, and then lies down in the classroom to sleep.

Went to Ruri for dinner at noon, and in the afternoon to chat with Yuna, a real scumbag who is trying to guide two dating sim heroines.

But in the evening, at night in Tokyo, Ryuto's wonderful nightlife begins.

Under the dark night, the "Herald of Justice. Black Man" quickly walked through the streets and alleys of Tokyo, conducting frantic searches for those who were obviously not like good people.

As long as it is a gangster who does not look like a good person, whether it is doing bad things or not doing bad things, Ryuto will do it on the spot.

After beating the person for a while, take away all the belongings on his body, and any valuable items will not be let go.

Wait until the daytime, Ryuto will roll up these belongings in sacks and give them to Takato, so that he will find someone to transport them to the black market abroad and sell them.

Although Takato is also very surprised where the boss came from so many pieces of watches, jewelry, mobile phones and so on.

But he still faithfully found someone to sell all these goods by mail, and all of them were exchanged for clean cash through various channels.

I have to say that Takato's financial processing capabilities are indeed quite excellent. Even if large quantities of goods are shipped to foreign black markets for sale, no one can find out the origin of the goods, let alone Find out who the owner of the sale is.

In this way, Ryuto's wallet is getting richer in Heaven and Earth, and getting rich very fast.

"Huh, another full day."

When the early morning of the sixth day came, Ryuto dragged a somewhat tired body and a sack of messy things. Over the wall, I returned to my room, and then sat down on the ground.

The work of guarding justice and fighting crime is really tiring to do, and making money is really making money.

For five consecutive nights, almost every time the bell rang at one o'clock in the morning, Ryuto would wear that "black man" costume and appear in the streets of Tokyo, fighting for justice and money.

According to incomplete statistics, hundreds of hooligans and gangsters who were justly executed by Ryuto during this period were counted as hundreds of kilograms of materials intercepted.

In theory, this level of large-scale robbery should have caused a large degree of public opinion, but in fact it did not.

First of all, the leaders choose some Smelly Rogue hooligan, which is not a good thing in the first place, and the amount they get from them is not that much.

After all, whoever goes shopping will not bring hundreds of thousands of things out of the house. At most, it is a little cash in the wallet, some precious items such as rings, necklaces, and mobile phones.

For those Smelly Rogues who often walk by the river, this kind of looting and extortion can be said to be commonplace.

As long as they don’t cause serious injuries or lives, even they themselves will not take it seriously, let alone call the police. This kind of thing is too common in Tokyo at night. The police didn't bother to talk to them either.

It’s just that after experiencing Ryuto’s crazy justice execution, the number of hooligans wandering in the alleys in the past few days in the middle of the night has decreased significantly. Maybe many people also know that there is such a mental disorder. Take action against the unlucky ones who have placed orders.

But it has nothing to do with Ryuto. Anyway, the money is a real benefit. Now he has to think about how to spend the money.

I put a new sack of "drops" in the corner of the room and prepared to send it to Takato for sale. Ryuto lay on the bed and clicked on the system interface, ready to spend a long time. .

After all, after five full days of "monster spawning time", Ryuto's personal attribute panel has become like this:

Name: Kiryu Ryuto

Age: sixteen years old

attribute: resourcefulness LV2 physique LV3 courage LV2 insight LV1 charm LV2

Title: primary level assassin (obtained after one hundred successful sneak attacks, exists when equipped Sense reduced by 20%)

Equipment: M9 pistol (excellent), Taser stun gun (excellent), Longtooth serrated saber (excellent).

Props: Rogue Velcro, Rogue Analysis Mirror

Skills: Komaki Style Martial Arts, the ultimate meaning of iron bones, the ultimate meaning of copper skin

Total assets : Thirty-one thousand two hundred and seventy-eight hundred yuan.


How do you describe it? Is there a change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down?

First of all, because of a large number of sneak attack enemies, Ryuto received a new honorable title, "primary level assassin."

This title can reduce the "sense of existence", that is, make it difficult for others to notice you. It is a very useful special ability when performing some secret actions.

Secondly, the equipment on the body has also been replaced with some pretty good things after asking Uncle Fujiki.

For example, the "M9 pistol" with a small size, light weight, high accuracy, and a capacity of 15 rounds, and a "Taser" that can shoot charged darts to knock people down, are both Equipment that is difficult for ordinary people to get.

As for the last "Dragon Tooth Serrated Saber", it was the spoils of war searched by Ryuto when he went out for justice for the first time. Because of the good quality, he didn’t sell it, but kept it for himself. Up.

Of course, in addition to the gains in terms of title and equipment, the biggest gain is naturally the small vault that is full of piles, but it is full of genuine banknotes.

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