Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 88

Skill book this thing, although you can increase your proficiency through repeated purchases, the repeated purchase of skill books does not appear to appear.

According to Ryuto's previous judgment from the item store, the skill books in the skill store should also be "one die, one change", and there may be something to be brushed out.

Therefore, if you want to improve a certain skill, it is actually a very lucky job. If you are not lucky, you may not get the skill book you want even if you die three or five times.

But the "blank skill book" is different. It can be specified to increase the proficiency of any skill, which is simply a universal skill upgrade prop.

Of course, based on such a convenient basis, it is a lot more expensive than ordinary skill books, and one book costs 10 million yuan. Meow robbery.

What is the concept of ten million? You need to know the four practical skills of "the extreme meaning of iron bones", "the extreme meaning of copper skin", "gangsters do not die with bare hands" and "parkour master" Together, it only cost 8 million yuan for trifling.

When money is not rich, such expensive things are not worth buying. After all, there will be plenty of opportunities to rush to the streets in the future, and there will be plenty of opportunities to refresh skills books.

But Ryuto obviously hesitated at this time, and set his sights on the "Komaki Style Martial Arts" in his skill column, which has always only "1%" proficiency.

Different from other purchased skills, the skill "Komaki Style Martial Arts" was taught by Komaki Sotaro, so the starting proficiency is so low that it can't be used normally.

At the same time, because Ryuto is not in the skill store, Ryuto has no way to increase his proficiency by purchasing skill books, so he can only watch it there as if he does not have this skill.

But with the "blank skill book", this situation has changed.

As long as Ryuto is willing, he can spend 10 million yuan to make "Komaki Style Martial Arts" immediately reach "21%" proficiency, and this proficiency can be used for actual combat.

In this case...I can dignified the appointment of Komaki Old Master tonight, right?

Thinking of this, an old but still lecherous silhouette appeared in Ryuto's mind.

Today, it happened to be the seventh day he had agreed with Komaki Sotaro, which was the day he was going to make an appointment tonight.

To be honest, Ryuto intends not to miss the appointment, because in his opinion, there is no point in going there.

After all, during this period of time, Ryuto did not cultivation the "Profound Truth. Tiger Fall" at all, so it is naturally impossible to use it in actual combat.

I can’t use it anyway, so what did you do in the past? It's better not to show up for yourself.

But now that there is a "blank skill book", Ryuto can go to meet Old Master for a while, because his "Komaki Style Martial Arts" can indeed reach the level of combat.

What should I do...this is ten million.

Ryuto couldn't help scratching his head, as if he was a little entangled in whether he should invest such a large sum of money directly on "Komaki Style Martial Arts".

Beep, beep.

But at this moment, Ryuto's mobile phone suddenly vibrated slightly, which was a sign that someone had sent a text message.

Ryuto picked up the phone and took a look, only to find that the person looking for him was Tsukimi Yuna?

He looked at the time again. It was only seven o'clock in the morning. Why did Yuna Senpai wake up so early and still send him a text message?

After opening the text message, Ryuto's expression immediately changed to a bit didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

"By the way, tonight you are going to report the cultivation success to the ancient martial arts Old Master, right? I'm so excited! If this story is written in a novel, it will definitely be very tense, right? , Thinking of this, I didn’t fall asleep much all night ((p≧w≦q)).”

Before Ryuto could respond, the second text message over there came again.

"Well, if you don’t mind, can you take me to the performance report tonight? I want to see with my own eyes the martial skill test between master and disciple, please, please. ((*Ω\*)).”

After reading these two consecutive text messages, Ryuto seemed to see through the phone that Yuna Senpai over there was holding his phone nervously, waiting for his reply. .

From a certain point of view, Tsukimi Yuna is really a very innocent and unaffected person. After all, she has been very well protected by her family since she was a child. The sinister world seems to have nothing to do with her.

But even so, Yuna Senpai is too excited...just like an elementary school student preparing to go on a hiking trip, I would not tell her the story of the previous Komaki Old Master. Up.

Suddenly, Ryuto sighed slightly and couldn't help hooking the head again after looking at the text message.

So far, Ryuto has signed a contract with two Eldest Miss.

The first contract is a "two-year contract" with Ruri, and the second contract is a "research contract" with Yuna.

According to the content of the previous contract, Ryuto needs to provide Yuna with her usual life situation and some Underground World information to help her write a more realistic and more powerful novel plot.

So during this time, Ryuto also often chatted with Yuna in various places, telling her something that happened around her.

Unfortunately, it included the fact that he followed his father's order to find the master Komaki.

Ryuto obviously didn't take this matter too seriously, but Yuna took seriously, even more nervous than his client.

Didn't expect Yuna Senpai to be so concerned about this kind of thing...Forget it, let's take her there in the evening.

It seemed that I didn't have the heart to let Senior Sister's expectations fall through, so Ryuto edited a "No problem, school talk" on his mobile phone and sent the text message back.

Just two seconds after sending out the text message, a very happy "好耶ヾ(✿゚▽゚)ノ!" was quickly sent back through that little emoji , Yuna Senpai's cheers also seemed to be close to her ears.

"Well...this time there is no way out to go."

After putting down the phone, Ryuto looked up at the ceiling of the familiar room and went down. The purchase option of that "blank skill book".

There is no way, since Yuna Senpai wants to see him and Komaki Old Master in the assessment contest, then Ryuto has to stack up the proficiency of "Komaki Style Martial Arts" anyway.

Otherwise, if the two sides fight, he will be brought down by the Old Master in an ugly posture, and if this kind of thing has to be witnessed by Yuna and recorded in the book, then this is really a social death Class extraordinary shame and humiliation......

With the disappearing of ten million banknotes, Ryuto's "Komaki Style Martial Arts" also suddenly rose to a "21%" proficiency level.

But this is not enough. After improving his skills, Ryuto went straight to the door and shouted to the yard next to him: "Here you are."

"Yes! Master Erdaime What's your order!"

Before speaking, three yakuza in black suits rushed in from outside the courtyard not far away.

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