Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 89

Near Ryuto, there are always more than three "Dragon Group" elite members under protection.

Although Ryuto has always been skeptical of this group of "elites" who can't even find him sneaking out, it is undeniable that this group of yakuza members are really good at fighting.

After seeing the three people appearing, Ryuto followed his finger at the nearest one, instructed: "Come here, and punch me fiercely."

Fiercely face Erdaime... a punch?

"Yes!" Even after receiving such a strange order, the black suit Yakuza still chose to obey unconditionally.

From the perspective of this obedience, it is indeed not unreasonable for Fujiki to say that they are elite members of the "Dragon Group". It feels a bit like soldiers.

So this tall black suit yakuza moved quickly, walked up to Ryuto and raised his fists, clenched his fists, and a fierce light flashed in his eyes.

In the next second, the black suit turned his right foot slightly, slammed on the ground to exert force, belted his waist with his feet, belted his shoulders, and punched his back with his shoulders. A very standard right straight fist blasted towards Ryuto's face was touched.

Obviously, he should have practiced boxing for a long time. After all, the movements of this fist are quite standard. The arm between lashes is smooth and vigorous, and he has played vaguely for a while. Crisp sound.

Ah...Is that so? I understand.

But at the moment when the black suit punched, Ryuto's figure almost instinctively synchronized with him to make corresponding movements.

The young man’s feet were padd forward, his right knee crouched quickly, and his body sank to the front right, while his left arm fiercely pulled out like a whip, and struck a fist in a black suit. Midline of the abdomen!

wu! After being hit by a punch in an instant, the black suit only felt that the air in his lungs burst open, his breathing stopped on the spot, and the whole body's coherent punching movements were also strange The posture was still in place.

No...Can't move? What am i?

Before the black obedience to the "stasis" effect brought by this fist slows down, Ryuto has quickly moved to the side of his body, and he has pulled out a "dragon tooth jagged" from nowhere. The saber was placed on the man's neck.

From the time the black suit punches until the knife rests on the neck, at most one second has passed.

For a while, the fear of being killed engulfed the body in the black suit. He didn't even have time to feel the pain of bursting lungs and the pain of difficulty in breathing, but a few drops of cold sweat fell on his forehead.

"...How about it, okay?"

After feeling his fear, Ryuto quickly took off the knife and reached out to patted the black suit Shoulder, asked with concern.


Suddenly, the man in black suit who was punched pressed his abdomen and took a few deep breaths, and said admiringly: "Second generation, you are really... I really admire it."

Although the boxing man in black suit didn't use his full strength just now, Ryuto is the same in this respect.

If the two sides really fight, the result will definitely be a punch in the black boxing suit, and then the saber will directly end it.

Especially in the eyes of the two stunned yakuza on the side, Ryuto's dodge play just now was really wonderful.

Almost the moment when the opponent punched, his body had already completed the dodge action, and at the same time he made a preemptive punch.

The most terrifying thing is that Ryuto's counterattack just now is almost impossible to defend. This is also one of the three Profound Truths of Komaki Stream, the core technique of "Profound Truth. Tiger Fall".

The essence of "Profound Truth .Tiger Fall" is a short-distance, small-strength shot action. At the moment of an enemy's attack, it will come first and hit the opponent's diaphragm with an inch of strength.膜处。 At the membrane.

If the position, angle, and strength are all qualified, the "diaphragm" that is hit will produce a "temporary spasm" phenomenon, resulting in an instantaneous stagnation of breathing, and the body will fall into a rigid state. People slaughtered.

From the first time Ryuto used this trick "Profound Truth. Tiger Fall" in actual combat, he has a pretty good control over "Komaki Style Martial Arts". .

Don’t look at the current proficiency of this skill is only "21%", but this proficiency is also considered a dignified entry level, which can be used in actual combat.

If you want to slowly cultivation to this point under normal circumstances, it is impossible to do it in a few years...Except for the natural weird like Ichima .

That's it. For the next hour, Ryuto let these three black-clad bodyguards act as helpers for the move.

To put it bluntly, in fact, I have been using "Tiger Fall" to hammer their three people on the ground in turns.

Through using this skill over and over again, Ryuto also quickly grasped the key to this trick. With the now quite strong physical fitness, it can exert an excellent effect.

After upgrading all the attributes not long ago, the benefits of attribute enhancement can be said to be immediate.

"LV3 Courage" can help Ryuto calm down in any situation, even in the fierce battle, he is still incredibly calm.

"LV2 Insight" can have stronger dynamic vision and observation ability, can see the opponent's movements more clearly, and cooperate with "Profound Truth. Tiger Fall" is like a tiger that has grown wings.

If you add those newly acquired skills and a few high-end equipment that can be taken out at any time hidden in the body.

It can be said that Ryuto is now at least three to four times stronger than a week ago, and it has reached the point where it can truly be dignified and be reported as "Dragon Group 2nd Generation. Kiryu Ryuto".

As time passed, the eight o'clock alarm clock for ready to go to school also sounded as scheduled.

"Huh, you are almost ready to go to school...Okay, the three of you go take a good rest, and report a work injury if you feel uncomfortable."


Seeing that the second generation of adults walked out leisurely, the three black suits who had fallen to the ground at this time responded with a weak tone Dao, obviously being trained a bit miserably.

However, just as Ryuto was about to walk towards the door, as always, he got into the car driven by Narumi Otani and ran towards his youth, Narumi ran over here with a heavy step.

"Second generation! No...not good!"

Early in the morning, Otani's tone was very solemn, as if he saw something that made him turn pale with fright stuff.

Ryuto was also frowned when he saw his expression, "What's the matter? Is there an enemy attacking?"

"The enemy is not, but there is a car at our headquarters that looks Just a very expensive car parked, and the owner of that car said he was waiting for you to go to school with you."

A very expensive car? Waiting for me to go to school together? What the hell?

After hearing Otani's words, Ryuto walked out the door with doubts and curiosity.

As soon as he walked out the door, he saw Yuna Senpai sitting in that very special black car, smiling and waving to this side......

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