Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 90

When he saw the car used to pick up Tsukimi Yuna, Ryuto understood what Narumi meant by "it looks expensive".

This is a low-key but luxurious black elongated luxury car. The body lines are upright, solemn and atmospheric, and every detail is exquisite to the point of breathtaking.

As long as someone who knows a little bit of vehicle knowledge, it’s not difficult to see that the price of this car can be calculated with seven digits... and these seven digits are still US dollars.

"Second-generation, that car is..."

"That's my friend, don't worry about going to school today. Come and pick it up after school in the afternoon. I'll do it."

After giving Narumi an order, Ryuto moved towards the car parked outside without the slightest hesitation.

Seeing Ryuto walking towards this side, Yuna sitting in the back seat smiled and greeted: "Ryuto, good morning, my presence here won't bother you, right?"

"The trouble is not enough, it just feels a little fresh."

Under Yuna's signal, the door of the back seat was opened, and Ryuto lowered his body to sit in.

As you can see from the outside, the rear seat of this stretch car is quite spacious, almost the level that can accommodate four people playing mahjong in it.

Huh...After sitting in, the middle-aged man frowned in charge of driving is coldly snorted.

"Shinagawa Uncle, you can drive."

"...Yes, Eldest Miss."

middle-aged man respectfully Nodded, but before starting the car, he turned his head and stared at Ryuto, as if conveying the meaning of "no hands or feet on Eldest Miss".

This middle-aged man Ryuto has not been seen in the game. It should be the person responsible for picking up Yuna Senpai.

But from the fact that Tsukimi Yuna is usually very well protected by family members, and he has barely interacted with boys, it is not difficult to understand why this uncle is so wary of Ryuto.

After all, this is the first time in so many years that Yuna Eldest Miss entertained a male student to go to school with him by car.

And judging from the happy expression on Yuna Eldest Miss's face, she seems to be very close to the boy.

After getting in the car, Ryuto sighed, said with a bitter smile: "Yuna Senpai, you are too..."

"cough cough." Also Before Ryuto could finish speaking, Yuna coughed, then pointed her finger at the phone.

Beep, beep. Suddenly, the sound of a text message came from Ryuto's phone.

He clicked on this text message again from Yuna and read it, and it said "Whatever you want to talk about, but tonight we have to communicate with our mobile phone to avoid being discovered by Shinagawa Uncle."


At the same time, Yuna smiled and said, "Ryuto, did you read the book "Harry Pitt and the Stone Ghost Noodle" that I recommended to you last time?"

". ..... It was very interesting, especially Demon prostrating on the ground with a stone ghost face and shouting "Pete! I'm not a man anymore! "The scene is really epoch-making."

Well, let’s play police movies here? Ryuto responded with his mouth, lowering his head quickly to type a reply.

You are too excited, do you need to drive over to pick me up? Afraid that I won't take you away?

"So you like such a big scene. In fact, my favorite in the first part is the last first-generation Pete and Demon prostrating on the ground perish together, Ginny drifting away from the sea with her child. "

Hehe, I'm not afraid that you will miss your appointment. I just want to talk to you about some details earlier, and how to pick me up later than today.

"I don’t like tragedy. I don’t like to watch the novel that the protagonist died last, probably because I died many times."

Today Do you want to pick you up later? How to connect?

"hahaha, classmate Ryuto is really joking, how can people die so many times?"

I will send you a map of home in a while, there is a special sneaking route , You can pick me up at the end.

In this way, Ryuto is chatting with Yuna on the surface of the novel, while using his mobile phone to have a two-way chat.

Ryuto's brain is buzzing with this way of talking and thinking, but fortunately, she stopped waiting for Yuna to send the map over.

Good guy... just take it out to watch an assessment, and it's so troublesome to sneak out of the house, wouldn't it be considered that I was kidnapping Yuna Senpai?

Suddenly, Ryuto felt like he got on the thief by mistake.

He thought he should tell Yuna Senpai some truth about him and let her write a novel in peace.

But didn't expect this Eldest Miss actually seemed to be more addicted as he listened, and more and more wanted to get involved, and even pried his family and male classmates to go outside to have fun at night.

To put it simply... Yuna Senpai seems to be learning badly quickly.

She has been strictly disciplined by her family, and she yearns for the outside world, especially for people like Ryuto who live in the dark world, she has an unrealistic romantic fantasy.

So after hitting the line with Ryuto, Yuna is like a bird that quietly pryed open the birdcage with a wire and stuck out its head, in the unique "rebellious period" of youngster.

Considering Yuna's inherently beautiful appearance and devastatingly beautiful charisma, this state is actually very dangerous, and it is easy to be fooled by men harboring malicious intentions... cough cough.

Fortunately, I was the one who took her out at night. Is there any youngster man in his teens who can have me as a gentleman and I am so trustworthy.

Thinking of this, Ryuto couldn't help but stretched out his hand to tidy up his hair, seeming to have completely forgotten the shocking "harem declaration" he made in front of Ruri not long ago.

However, just as the chat between Ryuto and Yuna returned to a normal state, this special car was getting closer and closer to the "Metropolitan No. 1 High School".

Just after the vehicle came to the last traffic light in the school area and stopped because of the red light.

An antique car that moved towards the school from the side intersection attracted Yuna's attention.

"Huh? Isn't it... Saito's car."

"What? Saito's?"

Suddenly heard When a familiar noun was found, Ryuto quickly looked over there.

But when he looked in the direction of the old-fashioned car, the car had already turned quickly, and Ryuto could only see a touch of silver-like color from the back seat.

Wait, is that hair? This color of hair? Could it be that...

In this World, Ryuto only knows that a person has that silver-like hair color, that is, Eldest Miss of the ancient martial arts Aristocratic Family "Saito Home", Saito Sonya.

At the same time, she is also the third heroine in the game "Scarlet Album 2: Extinction".

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