Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 91

In "Scarlet Album 2: Extinction", the appearance, personality, family background, and characteristics of the three heroines are very different, so it is easy to distinguish them.

The first heroine, Kamiya Ruri, belongs to the bureaucratic Eldest Miss, and her family has inextricable connections with various government officials.

The second female protagonist Tsukimi Yuna belongs to the capitalist Eldest Miss, and her family is inextricably linked with various business people.

The third heroine, Saito Sonya, belongs to Eldest Miss, the doctrine of quacks, um...the family is basically the kind of quack.

Of course, this is not to say that Sonya is the same underground as Ryuto.

In fact, the "Saito Martial Dao Hall" is an ancient martial arts Aristocratic Family that has been handed down hundreds of years ago, and it can be regarded as a mess in another sense.

Saito Hall is for "modern Martial Dao" including karate, judo, kick boxing, sword dao, Iaido, and Aikido, or for "modern Martial Dao" including warfare, warfare, and water. The "Ancient Martial Dao", including art, bone art, spear art, and Jiu-Jitsu has been deeply researched.

After hundreds of years of development, its guild halls have already covered the whole country. Saito Hall is almost where there are martial cultivators, which can be said to be like the Holy Land of martial arts practitioners in China.

It can be seen from this point that the Saito family is a very old and traditional family, and its long history is even higher than that of the Kamiya family.

Therefore, when the patriarch of this generation quietly married a bear ballerina in Northland and gave birth to a white-haired hybrid Eldest Miss, it is said that the Saito family experienced an earthquake at that time.

For the Saito family, which has always been known for its long history and tradition, a mixed-blood white hair appeared in the house. It felt like a big bear suddenly rushed out of a nest of Shiba Inu. The shock was imaginable. know.

If it weren’t for Sonya’s father who is the most famous martial artist in contemporary times, and his own strength can hold the curry people, he might be thrown directly to the Northland of World of Ice and Snow to fend for himself. Up.

But even if the father is still there, Sonya, who comes from this kind of family, is naturally not well-received since childhood. This is not news anymore, even Yuna knows it very well.

"Silver white it Saito Sonya? By the way, she seems to be transferring to "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" too. It should be today."


When Ryuto told Yuna what she had just seen, she also immediately guessed the identity of the Eldest Miss in that car.

Yuna sometimes attends some banquets or something. She also met Sonya once or twice in it, and she was very impressed with the child who was as cute as a doll.

"Yuna Senpai, have you seen Sonya?"

"Sonya? Called so kindly, do you know her?"

"I... ...cough cough, I just heard her name."

After Yuna glanced suspiciously, Ryuto hurriedly shook the head.

Actually, where did Ryuto know Sonya, he is already quite familiar with that guy, after all, in the third line in the game, he is not less tossed by Sonya.

If Ruri is a Tsundere female protagonist and Yuna is a natural healing system, then Sonya is a naughty little devil system.

The innate talent of the white-haired loli in teasing people and acting is absolutely innate. It deceives people every minute, and when she is sold, she has to turn her head to help her count the money. Kind.

For the character of Saito Sonya, sand sculpture netizens once used the phrase "lack of love since childhood, grow up deserves a beating" to make an accurate description.

And everyone still agrees that if it weren't for Sonya's good-looking, she would have been killed hundreds of times because of her character.

But there is no way. In this kind of game, the value of face is justice, and it is not a problem for someone to follow the five senses. It is so simple that even Nagahime has a lot of perversions. Fanatic believers are really brave and never died.

However, when Ryuto and Yuna were talking about the Saito Eldest Miss, the vehicle slowly drove into the "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" school area.

Because the street at the front entrance is a pedestrian path, vehicles are not allowed to enter, so all the vehicles that pick up students can only stay here.

When the two got out of the car, they happened to see a little beauty that was as meticulously crafted as a jade stone coming out of the old car that was not far away.

Although all the students here wear standard school uniforms, no matter what kind of people they are in, Saito Sonya is definitely the most eye-catching one...The premise is that she is petite The body was not completely obscured by the crowd.

As a bearded Shiba Inu hybrid, Sonya’s skin is almost transparent, and her long silver hair, which is as smooth as silk, is tied behind her back into a pair of lovely double ponytails, naturally hanging down there. The back of the slender waist with a grip.

The small but well-defined features and the Greecat's Eye stone-like jade green pupils give this petite Eldest Miss a kitty-like sharpness and inaccessibility.

From the overall point of view, if the Saito's Eldest Miss does not speak, it looks like a dainty and delicate ceramic doll.

It's a pity...she has a talking mouth.

As Sonya stepped out of the car door, the bodyguard who was following in the car hurriedly pointed out and said: "Eldest Miss, please remember to press the emergency button immediately if something happens, and we will rush in at any time Protect you."

"You have said this for the third time today. You are so stupid that you think I’m the same as you, and you have to memorize the six words "emergency button" to play. A good pig, hum."

Sonya hearing this slightly stopped, then turned her head and replied with her voice that was as crisp and sweet as a lark.

....... Right, it's a pity that she has a talking mouth. It would be great if she was stuffed with something, such as a mouth ball or something.

If it’s a normal person, it’s hard to imagine. Such a cute little loli like a pink jade is such a crude word, but the bodyguard in the car seems to be used to listening. nodded.

Okay, "Poison Tongue Loli" really has the name is not in vain. Unless it is in a disguised state, she usually speaks with her tongue.

The vulgar words just now happened to be heard by Ryuto and Yuna who walked over here. The former immediately showed a tacit expression.

It’s just that the other Yuna Senpai, who heard Sonya’s slap for the first time, didn’t look so natural.

"This...Am I wrong? Why did Sony speak this way?"

"I probably didn’t wake up early in the morning, so I was in a bad mood Right."

"It's possible that I talked to her for a while at a banquet, but she was not like this at that time, she was obviously a very polite child."

Just as Yuna recalled the chatting situation with Sonya at the time, the white-haired double ponytail who had just released the vulgar words also seemed to notice Yuna and Ryuto behind.

At the moment when she saw Yuna, Sonya first eyebrows slightly frowned, and then quickly twisted her face muscles, and immediately put on a peaceful and elegant face of Eldest Miss with a non-smiling smile.

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