Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 92

An art in the great motherland is called "face changing". It is said that experts here can change a face in 0.5 seconds.

Although everyone knows that Sonya impossible has learned to change face, the speed at which she puts on a fake face at this time is not slower than a professional face changer.

"Oh, isn't this Yuna Senpai? Gui'an, it's really a hearty morning."

After changing into the "Eldest Miss face", Sonya smiled calmly Walking calmly, she came to Sonya gracefully and was slightly nodded to her.

One of Eldest Miss’s rules: "Use honorifics when talking, even if it’s a bit redundant, don’t care about it."

The second Eldest Miss’s code: "Stretch sentences when talking. And slow down the pace to create a stable and elegant image."

Eldest Miss Rule Three: "When talking, you must be dignified and quiet, virtuous and elegant, look steadily forward, face natural, back straight, hands Put it in front of you."

From the perspective of assessment, Sonya's "Eldest Miss" at this time can be said to be quite standard.

But after listening to the sordid remarks made by Saito Eldest Miss before, no matter who she is at this fake.

From cursing street shrews to elegant Eldest Miss, Sonya really turned too fast, like a catapult after getting in a car, it felt like it reached a speed of two hundred per hour.

So Yuna, who had seen all this with her own eyes, was stunned by her, she could only be stunned and nodded, and asked as peacefully as possible: "Sonya classmate, long time no see, you are coming to school today Do you report it?"

"Yes, I heard that "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" has a simple school spirit and a large number of talents, so I asked Sir Father to let me transfer to school here, hoping that it won't cause you trouble That's great."

Speaking of this, Sonya bowed slightly, the smile and expression on her face always gentle.

It's just that when she heard her pure talk nonsense, the corners of Ryuto's mouth twitched.

Why did you ask father to transfer after hearing that the school is simple and talented? It was obvious that a few hooligans were beaten up at the original school before they had to transfer.

According to Ryuto's understanding of the game, the reason for Sonya's transfer is very simple.

She originally studied at a private aristocratic Eldest Miss Academy, yes, the kind that specializes in cultivating Eldest Miss ladies.

Not long ago, when Sonya was out shopping with friends, she encountered a few gangsters who were scornful and teasing them, so Sonya started.

That hit it so hard that the hooligans knelt on the ground and begged for mercy, and almost didn't give them the sort of stuffing them directly into the ashes.

However, although she played well, this exaggerated violence was known by the school, and Sonya was criticized.

"Principal, I did nothing wrong, why should I be punished?"

"Saito classmate, our "White Lotus Girl Academy" aims to cultivate ladies, where is it on the street? What about the lady who beat others up?"

"That lady deserves to be molested? If someone is insulted and can't fight back?"

"If someone is rude, then you turn around and leave That is, why bother with those barbarians?"

"...Fuck You."

"What? Saito classmate, you just said.. ...."

"I said Fuck You, if you are a lady, you have to submit to humiliation, then this lady, I don’t care!"

bang! At the end of the legend Sonya punched the table in front of the Principal and scared the old Principal into urinary incontinence on the spot.

Since she has done such an outrageous thing, she must not be able to stay at this "White Lotus Girl Academy". This is also the reason why Sonya transferred to this "Metropolitan No. 1 High School".. ....

At this moment, Sonya actually thinks so when he pretends to be an Eldest Miss with Yuna.

It’s really annoying. I just don’t want to meet acquaintances. Although Yuna Senpai is not bad, I always feel tired when I stay with this natural type of Eldest Miss.

Looking at Yuna's body completely different from her own, 100% pure, without any pretentious Eldest Miss posture, Sonya felt very puzzled.

She thought she could get out of the Eldest Miss hell. Who knows that this kind of Eldest Miss will be encountered after transferring to another school? It's too bad.

But when I finally noticed Ryuto on the side, Sonya finally curled one's lip slightly.

Wait, who is this kid? Why go to school with Yuna Senpai? Is it her servant?

But what the hell is that? Super tasteless, although he looks a little handsome, he just feels that his head is a bit problematic.

Sonya glanced at Ryuto without a trace, and immediately defined him as "a handsome idiot with no taste".

But on the surface, she still said with a smile to Ryuto politely: "Hello, I’m Saito Sonya, I’m meeting for the first time, please give me some advice."

See Sonya Ryuto grinned when there was a faint contempt in his eyes.

"I’m Kiryu Ryuto, "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" and even the No. 1 bad student in Tokyo. Please advise."

I have to say, Ryuto’s this time The self-introduction is still very unpretentious and very detailed.

Kiryu Ryuto? Isn't it the yakuza Young Master? Is it me?

Although Sonya has always been studying in an all-boarding school in the suburbs of Tokyo, it is not even that the name has never been heard.

After all, whether on the Internet or in other people’s conversations, rumors involving this yakuza Young Master are always very impressive.

It’s just that because the rumors are a bit distorted, Sonya has always thought that Ryuto is the kind of eight feet tall and eight feet waist circumference, fists bigger than a casserole, big Dipper scars on the chest, and a knight behind The kind of tattoo.

Unexpectedly, Daoist is so much more normal than the rumors. It looks like a normal person, which is really disappointing.

After secretly disappointed by Ryuto's normal performance, Sonya pretended to look like Eldest Miss and walked towards the school gate with Yuna.

I have to say that at this moment, the two beauties, one big and one small, are walking together, and the scene is almost like a painting.

Tsukimi Yuna is tall, with soft eyebrows, and her brown hair is draped over her shoulders with a single ponytail, giving people a gentle and big elder sister feeling.

Saito Sonya has a petite figure, delicate features, and her silver-white hair tied into a double ponytail and falls behind her, giving people a cute Little Sister feeling.

From various angles, these two beauties have formed a sharp contrast. It can be said that Chunhuaqiuyue has its own characteristics.

With such a beautiful scenery, the surrounding students naturally couldn’t help but look at it, but after a glance, the overwhelming majority quickly turned around and didn’t dare to take another look. .

The culprit that caused this situation was naturally Kiryu Ryuto, who walked behind Yuna and Sonya.

"The culprit. Kiryu Ryuto"

It's really a good title. Ryuto still likes people calling him that way.

Only at this moment, his attention was actually on Sonya's exaggerated and bizarre attributes.

Why use "exaggeration and bizarre" to describe it? Because Sonya’s five-dimensional attribute is like this:

Name: Saito Sonya

Age: 15 years old

attribute: Wisdom LV1 Physical LV4 Courage LV3 Insight LV1 Charm LV2

Yes, Sonya's physique has actually reached the level of "LV4. International Warrior".

Because this little loli has an extremely rare "superman physique" in the world... or "super physique".

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