Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 93

Since the day of birth, Sonya has been so different.

This difference is not all from her father who is the world's top Martial Dao family, nor is it from the mother of the world's top dancers, it is an innate talent given by God.

From a general medical point of view, the birth weight of newborn babies is mostly five to eight catties, but Sonya weighs 20 catties at birth. This made her mother thought she was pregnant. twin or triplets.

The weight that is different from ordinary people does not mean that this baby is particularly big, but that the muscle density in her body is extremely high, which is equivalent to dozens of times the value of ordinary people.

Such a strange symptom is called "superhuman physique" in modern medicine. It is a special physique that can only occur in hundreds of millions of people.

Sonya, who grew up with such a special physique, actually contains terrifying power in that seemingly slender body.

This is also the reason why the weird attribute of "LV4 physique. International warrior" appears in Sonya's five siege.

Indeed, if you only look at physical abilities, Sonya is even comparable to Tenmoku Nagahime, which is the kind of monster that can crush human bones as jelly beans.

Compared with Nagahime’s very ruthless shot, Sony has always kept hiding its special superman physique, and has never even used real power against humans, lest it become irreparable. Tragedy.

Like when Sonya beat the hooligans before, she needed to exercise restraint so as not to turn the hooligans into a bunch of broken body parts in front of everyone... .

Good guy, now I don’t know if I can beat her, it’s a little monster.

While walking behind Sonya, Ryuto looked at her Loriluo petite body from top to bottom. It seemed hard to imagine where this guy's strange power was squeezed out.

Although, Ryuto was only curious about how strong Sonya's body is, so he quietly followed behind and stared at the little girl's body.

From the third-person perspective of the onlookers, this guy looks like a pervert who has fallen after this lovely girl with top looks, and then forcibly follows behind.

This...Should we call the police?

On the road less than 300 meters away from the main entrance of "Metropolitan No. 1 High School", countless students passing by with their heads down and turning their heads all thought of it.

Look at the eyes of the typical criminal who seems to be looking at the target.

Look at, that strange figure swaggering behind the two beauties.

Look, there is no shameless expression that feels that I am doing bad things at all.

So early in the morning, many people have silently held their mobile phones in their hands, ready to dial 110 for emergency help, lest the two beauties fall into the clutches of the demon unfortunately.

Especially the kouhai who is supposed to transfer to school today and looks as pure and cute as a humanoid doll. If she is bullied by that bastard Kiryu Ryuto, she will cry pitifully.

When I think of Sonya being bullied and crying silently, I see the pity, and many students around me can't help but feel heartbroken.

Of course, if you tell them that this innocent and lovely kouhai can punch Ryuto's brain out of his nostrils, then no one believes it, right?

So, when the students looked at Sonya with the eyes of the unlucky heroine possessed by something dirty, they themselves felt very confused.

What's the matter? Why are they looking at me with such eyes that are mixed with pity, sorrow, and helplessness? Is the brain shell collectively broken?

For Sonya, who has just transferred to this school, she still can’t understand that the four words "Kiryu Ryuto" and "scum scum" can be marked as High Level, so naturally she doesn’t understand. Why do you encounter such a look.

For a while, Sonya also became uncomfortable when she was walking. After all, she had never tried to be watched by a group of people early in the morning, which made her feel herself As if walking towards the execution ground.

However, just in front of these two great beauties, followed by an evil spirit, there is a group of people around in a weird atmosphere that is ready to call the police at any time.

Two beautiful silhouettes happened to rush over from the other side of the road, making this already chaotic situation even more chaotic.

"Huh? Eldest Miss, the atmosphere over there seems to be weird? Something has happened."

Although it is tens of meters away, as Kamiya Izayoi Mai, Ruri's bodyguard, still keenly felt the anxious air.

The eyes of the students contained restlessness and panic. There were also many people who unconsciously pinched their mobile phones, as if they didn't know where to take their steps.

This situation is similar to the previous scene when Mai was following the Tunomaru sensei to the battlefield to feel the tension. this a battlefield? Why does the school gate turn into a battlefield early in the morning? Why do they hold their mobile phones with their guns drawn? Are you crazy?

Just when Mai was puzzled by the weird situation there, she first saw Tsukimi Yuna and Saito Sonya who came out of the crowd first, and then Kiryu Ryuto followed.

In almost a second, she understood everything.

The martial attendant of the Kamiya family couldn’t help but said with a bitter smile: "That seems to be the Eldest Miss from Saito’s family, didn’t expect that she was spotted by Ryuto as soon as she transferred to school today. It’s really unlucky."

"Unlucky.......Hmph, it’s not necessarily who is unlucky."

But when Mai also looked sadly. While looking at Sonya, Ruri on the side was coldly snorted, and turned around to walk around them towards the school.

If anyone in this school can see the true face of Sonya at a glance, it must be Ruri.

If Sonya is a Small Fox who is only covered with tendon flesh, trying to wrap herself in lace and disguise, then Ruri is already a fine, even the disguise is not needed for a long time. fox.

So how could this Saito Eldest Miss's disguise on the facade be hidden from Ruri's eyes.

The kid has a fake and shoddy posture, it's better not to have anything to do with her, even more how Yuna and Ryuto are there, let's fleeing is the best first.

When he noticed that something was wrong, Ruri almost wanted to leave without the slightest hesitation.

It's just that, although she has a good brain and sharp eyes, the speed of turning around is indeed a bit slower.

"Ah, isn’t that classmate Ruri, good morning."

Before Ruri slipped away quietly, Yuna, who was walking not far away, had already spotted her. , And then waved to him in front of everyone and greeted him.

Are there any mistakes! Why do you have to stop me at this time! Will it depend on the atmosphere? Natural idiot!

After hearing Yuna’s words, Ruri, who had originally planned to run, could only turn around in embarrassment, moved towards the weird trio over there and waved with a smile, but he couldn’t stop. Scold the mother where he lives.

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