Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 94

When Ruri also smiled and walked towards this side, all the students around were boiling.

Good fellow, what happened to this morning? Can you actually see the dream scene of three big beauties gathered together?

In this "Metropolitan No. 1 High School", Yuna and Ruri were originally quite famous second and third grade school flowers.

At this time, with the arrival of Sonya, the vacant first-year school flower position has also been mastered, and the Metropolitan No. 1 High School school flower combination has been gathered at once.

even more how these three great beauties have their own characteristics. When they stand together, they give people a feeling that the surrounding space seems to be blooming out of thin air, and the air has become sweet. .

It's a pity that in this "Picture of Three Flowers Gathering in Beauty", there is an extremely obstructive stinky yellow hair standing.

Under the gaze of many people who dare not speak, Ryuto just stood there leisurely and even waved to Ruri.

In the eyes of everyone, this scene is like three roses, lilies, and silver chrysanthemums gathered together to fight for beauty, but there is a big-mouthed piranha on the side that begins to stir. , What kind of shit.

If there is a painter who dares to draw a picture of hell like this, then the painter must be pulled out and soaked in the pig cage.

Of course, as a "big-mouthed piranha", Ryuto is naturally unresponsive to other people's daring and unspoken gazes. He is just worried about what might happen in a while.

Okay, Ruri is here too, will they quarrel on the spot?

Just when Ryuto saw Yuna Senpai greet Ruri over, he couldn't help but smile, as if he had anticipated what would happen next.

Among the three heroines, Yuna is a natural good guy and team lubricant, so she can get along with anyone, but the attributes and personalities of the other two are actually serious offenses.

After all, Ruri is a military advisor, and Sonya is a military commander. One eats intelligence and the other eats military force.

Originally, this one civil and one military is easy to not deal with. Besides, Sonya is self-willed and likes to pretend. Ruri can see through with his eyesight and heart. It's strange that this can do well.

Conversely, Ruri is a classic Eldest Miss type that seems to have no dead ends in all directions. It is also a type that Sonya is very uncomfortable with. She will also think that Ruri is a bit too fake, and it is fake all over. .

So when the two were about to meet, their inner thoughts were like this.

Ruri: Hmph, what a fake Eldest Miss, but unfortunately the pretense is not enough, ignore.

Sonya: Hmph, this woman has a deep heart when she sees it. It's definitely not a good thing.

Although both sides think so, but in the public, they are naturally impossible to show their disgust nakedly.

So Ruri came to Sonya and asked with a flawless smile: "Hello, Sonya, my first meeting, I’m Kamiya Ruri, please advise."

Sonya also stretched out her hand and covered her mouth, pretending to be surprised, and replied: "Ah, is it Ruri elder sister, I have been looking up to the name for a long time, I never thought I would meet here."

"Sonya Classmate, you’re new to me. If you need any help, please feel free to mention it. You’re welcome."

"Really? Thank you very much. I felt a little nervous after I just transferred, but there are Ruri elder sister and Yuna elder. The sister is nothing to be afraid of then."

"he he he."

"hmph hmph hmph."

How... .what happened? It always feels like they are in a normal conversation?

Although on the surface, there is nothing wrong with the conversation between Ruri and Sonya, just very common social rhetoric.

But some of the more sensitive students around them also keenly felt the strange atmosphere that permeated them.

How should I describe this feeling? It's like in a palace battle drama. The queen and the newly promoted concubine obviously dislike each other and want to strangle each other, but they have to pretend to be in front of the emperor. The appearance of a harmonious coexistence.

And that emperor...this is Lord Ryuto.

When I think that the three big beauties in front of me are all my predetermined harems, Ryuto has a feeling of "I am a real cow".

So he involuntarily stretched out his hands and raised his waist, raised his head and chest, stood beside the three of them in an arrogant posture of "Look, this is my harem".

However, in the eyes of others, this gesture is...your mental disorder?

Three big beauties stood together and talked, why do you monster pose next to you?

Fortunately, this degree of visual torture quickly passed away. Under Yuna's leadership, Sonya and Ruri also chatted fakely while moving towards the school.

That morning, there was naturally another fierce vortex posting on the "Yi Gao BBS" forum.

As the first grade beauty Saito Sonya officially transfers to school, "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" finally has its own "Three Founding Families".

At the same time, because of Sonya’s distinguished identity, her background was placed on the forum almost within a few hours, allowing the overwhelming majority to speak to this ancient martial arts Aristocratic Family Eldest Miss has a preliminary understanding.

Of course, the things that happened in the "White Lotus Women's Academy" before have not been exposed. After all, it is a semi-closed noble Eldest Miss Academy, and the things inside rarely spread to the outside. .

In fact, Ryuto didn't have any thoughts about Sonya's transfer for the time being. At most, he planned to have time to deal with her in the past, climb friendship or something.

Who knew that while dining with Ruri at noon that day, Ryuto unexpectedly heard a new piece of information.

Ruri took a cup of tea, took a sip elegantly, and inadvertently said: "By the way, it seems that Saito Hall and the "Tenmoku Group" have been on the bar recently, and the contradiction between the two is intensifying."

"What? What's the matter?"

Hearing this, Ryuto put down his chopsticks and asked in a surprised tone.

In the third story line of the original work, "Saito Hall" and "Tenmoku Group" do have frequent conflicts in the middle and late stages, but is it still early?

Why did these two forces suddenly jump on the bar when this time period was still too early?

"It is said to be caused by an "AgustaWestland AW101" helicopter."

Helicopter? "Agusta Westland AW101"?

Ryuto couldn't help but touch his head when he heard this model, because he seemed familiar with this model?

According to Ruri, about a week ago, a helicopter belonging to the Tenmoku Group was flying around Tokyo.

Just when the helicopter was flying at a low altitude, the wind pressure that rolled up shattered the glass of a "Saito Martial Dao Club", and the glass accidentally scratched the curator's wife.

So the curator called panting with rage and called a bunch of people to chase him. When the plane landed at a maintenance point in the suburbs for replenishment, he caught the pilot and took the people. After being disabled, the plane smashed into pieces.

"Although I don’t know why the plane was dispatched, the plane was smashed and the pilot was severely disabled. Tenmoku Nagahime is said to be angry enough, so just turn around. Is your head ready to deal with Saito dojo...what do you look like?"

Ruri explained the conflict between "Tenmoku Group" and "Saito Hall", but Ryuto's face He showed a weird expression of didn't know whether to cry or laugh, so he couldn't help but asked in confusion.

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