Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 95

"’s okay, just feel that the people in Saito Hall are really tough."

"No, even though they are just private organizations , But there are a lot of connections in the political and business circles, and there are hundreds of thousands of disciplines across the country, and the strength is quite strong."

With Ruri's intelligence collection and control capabilities, she naturally knows the "Saito Martial Dao Hall". Private organizations have a profound background.

In the ancestors, the group of warriors was a professional warrior who was responsible for guarding big names and high-ranking officials. Although they left the officialdom to stand on their own in modern times, they still maintained deep relationships with various institutions.

It's not surprising that such a large force dares to challenge the "Tenmoku Group", even though Ruri doesn't think they can handle Tenmoku Nagahime.

After all, in Ruri's view, Saito Hall belongs to the stubborn old school. Although it is powerful, its thinking is rigid, and it still maintains the old style in this era.

The style is ancient and the mind is rigid. No matter how strong such a force is, in the eyes of Nagahime, it is similar to a pile of non-recyclable garbage.

If Nagahime really wants to engage in Saito Hall, her various vicious methods are definitely beyond the imagination of the conservative warriors, and even more unmanageable. Saito's family will definitely eat some big deficit.

Compared to Ruri’s thoughts, Ryuto is thinking about another thing at this time, that is, "Saito Hall" beat the Tenmoku group driver and demolished "Agusta Weiss". The origin of the "Tran AW101" helicopter.

First of all, this special event never happened in "Scarlet Album 2: Extinction".

The only reason it happened... it was because of Ryuto's survival.

Because Ryuto did not die in the "Tokyo Bay Small Warehouse", Nagahime sent someone to fly a helicopter to catch him in the school.

"AgustaWestland AW101" is the helicopter that tied Ryuto to "Freedom Tower" before.

At the same time, because Ryuto backtracked and killed the mercenaries who had been sent to catch him, the only surviving helicopter pilot had to flee in embarrassment.

Perhaps because of the serious psychological stress caused by not completing the task, the driver somehow burst his brain and burst the glass of "Saito Hall", and the cracked glass cut the curator. The face of the lady.

The result was that the pilot was severely beaten and the plane was demolished to a mess, leading to the premature overturn of the "Tenmoku Group" and "Saito Hall".

Okay...The two organizations that originally everyone minds their own business were doing it indirectly because of me. It's really a big butterfly reaction.

When he understood all the entire process of development, Ryuto suddenly felt like didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

Obviously, because he has lived alive to the present, the timeline of this game world is changing rapidly.

But fortunately, "Saito Hall" angered Nagahime, which caused Nagahime to temporarily look away from Ryuto.

Before, Ryuto was still wondering why no one came to engage in this week. Now it seems that Nagahime has focused his attention on "Saito Hall".

Suddenly, Ryuto also reacted at once, why the driver and bodyguard who escorted Sonya to school this morning was so nervous.

"Eldest Miss, please remember to press the emergency button immediately if something happens, and we will rush in to protect you at any time."

From the words of the bodyguard, it should be It was the father of Sony who knew that the "Tenmoku Group" might use some dirty tricks, such as kidnapping Sonya or something, so she strengthened her security work and alert level.

But it's fine anyway, it's a matter between the two Great Influences for the time being, and it's not Ryuto's turn for the time being.

Anyway, he should eat, play, sleep on his stomach in the familiar Class 2B to replenish energy, and wait for the night to come.

At around eight o’clock that night, a car was speeding across the wide road in Tokyo as night fell.

The person driving in front is Ryuto's right-hand man Narumi Otani, and their destination at this time is Yuna Senpai's home.

The "Tsukimi Betsuin" where Eldest Miss from the "Tsukimi Group" lives is located in Tokyo "Minato", very close to Metropolitan No. 1 High School, which can be reached quickly by walking. Distance, but she will still be escorted by a dedicated vehicle every day.

It didn’t take long for this dark car to slowly drove into the rich area of ​​this mansion compound stand in great numbers, and it stopped at a distance of the “Tsukimi Courtyard”. Half a street away.

When he got to the neighborhood, Ryuto got out of the car and walked over there slowly, like a thief, against the wall.

Well, according to the map given by Yuna Senpai, should I wait for her here?

When he came near an unremarkable iron fence on the side of "Tsukimi Villa", Ryuto looked at the map on his phone again and confirmed that there was no problem with the location of Yuna Senpai.

According to the results of today’s discussion with Yuna, she will sneak out of here around 8:30, get in Ryuto’s car and go to Ginza-Hachichome to find Komaki Sotaro Conduct assessments.

By the way, can Yuna Senpai really come out of here? This fence is three meters high.

Ryuto couldn't help but feel a little puzzled by looking at the fence next to him that was so high that he couldn't even say that he could climb over it casually, and there was a spiked fence above it.

But just after he waited for a few minutes, a slender silhouette ran over here quietly with the cool breeze at night.

It is Yuna Senpai, but at this time, she is not wearing the usual uniform, but wearing sportswear that is easy to move, and she has tied her cloud-like soft brown hair into a refreshing High ponytail.

When seeing such fresh Yuna Senpai, Ryuto only feels that spring is here, as if the surrounding air has become fresher.

Yuna also ran to the edge of the fence under Ryuto's gaze, waved said with a smile: "Sorry, have you waited for a long time?"

Look at her happily She looked like a girl who sneaked out to date her boyfriend, which made Ryuto nodded first, and then reacted quickly to hook the head.

"It's okay, I just came here, so how do you plan to get out of here?"

"This, hehe, actually this fence is a bit problematic."

Yuna smiled and came to the edge of the fence, reaching out and pushing one of the seemingly strong but loose railings, and then pushed out a gap of about 30 centimeters.

Hey. Then she squeezed her soft body toward the gap, and slowly squeezed out the gap in the railing under twisting left and right.

Originally, Yuna’s jailbreak method was fine. The problem is...well, she is in good shape, and she wears tighter sportswear.

So when she squeezed over the railing, the two soft and towering "slimes" on Yuna's chest showed a wonderful shape under the squeezing of the railing.

Especially when the slime on the right squeezed through the railing and sandwiched the cylindrical railing with the slime on the left between the two peaks, the scene was nothing short of a man. Lore.

"Okay, Ryuto classmate, let's go...what's wrong with you?"

After Yuna finally squeezed her body out, she looked and was covering her face Ryuto, who was squatting on the ground, seemed to be a little puzzled by his sudden change.

"'s okay, it's just a little low blood sugar."

This is too natural, right? You want to make money and kill this person.

After a few seconds, Ryuto couldn't help but sighed, and quickly got up and took Yuna towards the car.

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