Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 96

"Ginza" at night, exudes charming colorful rays of light.

Red, green, yellow, and colorful, all kinds of signs compete at the intersection, and the door to attract customers is also continuously walking in the crowd.

"Wow, is this the entertainment street at night? It looks so special."

Yuna, who was sitting in the back seat with Ryuto, looked at it excitedly all the way The scene I have never seen before, almost the entire pretty face is pasted on the car window.

In the past so many years of life, Yuna has never been allowed to run out shopping at night, let alone come to such a place, it is not difficult to understand that she would be excited.

When I came to the entrance of the alley where I had studied with Komaki Old Master before, Ryuto instructed: "Narumi, stop here."

"Second generation, this With fish and dragons mixed in together, if you want to take Miss Yuna with you, it’s best to do some disguise."

Before getting off the bus, Narumi looked at Yuna’s appearance that she was fledgling at first glance, and she couldn’t help but remind her. Tao.

The insiders all know that Tokyo at night is a magic cave, especially in the streets and alleys, no one can guarantee that they will encounter what the hell at the corner.

Wearing sportswear like Yuna, with pure eyes and an innocent expression, Eldest Miss is definitely the most troublesome type of person in the Tokyo Magic Cave at night.

"I know...Yuna Senpai, come and wear this."

Ryuto is naturally very aware of this kind of thing, so he deliberately took out one before getting off the car The mask and a hat were handed over.

The mask can cover most of Yuna Senpai's appearance, and the hat can also tuck all the cloud-like hair in, it is almost foolproof.

Wow, this is really new.

After covering most of her peerless appearance and temperament, Yuna followed Ryuto to the depths of the alley.

Looking at the gloomy alleys around you who can reach both sides by reaching out, Yuna, who came here for the first time, couldn't help but look around curiously.

And Ryuto taught as he walked: "Just turn your eyes around to observe all around, don’t wobble your head around. If it reveals that you are a novice in dark alleys, you will be easily stared at at night. It’s on."

"Yes...Is that so."

"Also, it’s best to put your hands in the bag as much as possible and put in a handy set Take the feeling of a guy."

"so that's how it is, is this the common sense of Underground World."

Yuna followed Ryuto through the alleys while quickly jot down These underground knowledge may be useful for her writing.

It didn't take long for the two to come to the empty space in the alley where Ryuto and Komaki Old Master studied "Komaki Style Martial Arts".

At this time, Komaki Sotaro seems to have been waiting here, with his back to the alleyway and his hands on his back, posing a high-competitive posture of "expert in the world".

If I didn't come, he wouldn't plan to stand like this all night, would he?

Seeing Komaki Old Master's addictive appearance, Ryuto couldn't help but think with the worst of malice.

After hearing Ryuto's footsteps, Komaki Old Master, who was dozing off his back, said without looking back, "Are you here?"

"Well, I'm coming Now."

"Since you can come here, it means that you must have confidence in yourself and be able to...Hey! Who is this!"

Originally, Komaki Sotaro planned to insert a handsome turn in the middle of speaking, and put the Master's tall posture in front of Ryuto, but the moment he turned, he was stunned.

Because he turned halfway, he saw a slim silhouette standing beside Ryuto? Looks like a girl?

Are there any mistakes? In the middle of the night, is it okay for you to bring a woman out to participate in the martial skill test?

I seemed to feel the surprise of Komaki Sotaro, Yuna also said with a smile: "Master Komaki, hello, my name is Tsukimi Yuna, I am very interested in the martial skill assessment of the two, so please refer to classmate Ryuto Bring me here, I hope I won’t bother you too much."

Yuna bowed to Komaki Old Master as she spoke, her manners and manners were flawless, matching the Divine Immortal-level charm. , People can't speak bad words to her at all.

This dangerous.

Yuna has the same level 1 magical charm as Nagahime. If used properly, becoming a bringing calamity to the country and the people level Demoness is not impossible. Komaki Sotaro can see through it at a glance. Up.

After realizing that this woman is not simple, Old Master walked over and pulled Ryuto standing next to him, whispered seriously in his ear: "Your horse?"

"Just a friend Relationship, or "temporarily"."

"I advise you, the water here is too deep, you may not be able to grasp it."

Although just listen to Komaki Sotaro's This remark is like driving a classic car, but in fact, he really reminds his back that after all, with Yuna, there will be countless troubles.

But Ryuto smiled and replied: "It's okay, I'm not short of two hundred troubles, counter soldiers with arms, and water with earth weir."

"...I'm so courageous, I just don't know if your strength is worthy of your courage."

Understanding Ryuto's determination, Sotaro backed up two steps slightly, using Yuna Said the voice that could be heard.

Difficult... Could it be said that this is about to begin!

After feeling the seriousness that quickly filled Sotaro's body, Yuna couldn't help but swallowed her saliva, and looked at the pair of master and disciple nervously and excitedly.

Ryuto also rolled up the sleeves of his shirt casually, and lightly asked: "Just start here? Your opponent is you?"

"No, your opponent is not here. In the "Kawara Underground Arena"."

The Kawara Sai... Underground Arena?

Ryuto raised his brow slightly when he heard this similar name.

Not long ago, when he was chatting with Komaki Sotaro about the history of father Ichima, he talked about that Ichima once swept Tokyo's largest underground arena.

And the arena where Ichima set a record of "100 victories and unbeaten" is called "Sai no Kawara Underground Arena."

so that's how it is, does Komaki Old Master mean to let me challenge the underground fighting world that Ichima once swept across?

Ryuto once heard of some unconventional fighting games hidden underground in Tokyo. They are primordial bloody fights that have no rules and no Sect, as long as they don’t use weapons.

It's not so much fighting, it's more fighting.

Because there are no rules, contestants often live up and die.

So those who will play in these games are either retired world fighters, or gangsters, fugitives, mercenaries or similar outlaws.

However, Komaki Sotaro's first trial for Ryuto was to challenge the everyday all in the dead man’s "Sai no Kawara Underground Arena" and defeat in the "C-Rank" competition opponent.

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