Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 97

"Sai no Kawara Underground Arena...It’s not difficult to understand the Arena, but what is "Sai no Kawara"? Is there such a street in Tokyo? It doesn't sound auspicious."

After listening to the Komaki Old Master's trial conditions, Yuna was nodded first, and then asked suspiciously.

According to ancient myths, people will go to the "Three Ways River" after death, and take the Death God ship from the shore to the opposite shore.

And this shore area on the Death God boat is called "Sai no Kawara".

In other words, this location is the "last stop to the other shore", the closest place to Yellow Springs.

With such an ominous name, it is hard to imagine who would use this name to name a certain area.

Otherwise, take a taxi home at night, and the taxi Master will ask you where you live, and you will say "Go to Sai River", even if it doesn’t scare people to death in minutes, you think it’s haunted. It.

But in fact, "Sai no Kawara" is a Mysterious Land that only a few people in Tokyo know about, equivalent to an urban legend.

It is said that somewhere in Tokyo West Park, there is an abandoned subway station.

Because of the surrounding expansion, the subway station was enclosed in the gap between the public toilet and the park, but for some reason it was not completely demolished.

So, the homeless people who often wandered around in the park occupied this place, occupying this abandoned underground area which is said to be no less than the size of the West Park itself.

And under the leadership of the "Saizhihua Merchant", the boss of the Tokyo homeless people, the homeless people transformed it into an underground paradise dedicated to entertaining the wealthy.

It is said that after walking into the long-abandoned subway entrance, what you see is a prosperous scene like an ancient flower street.

On a narrow road of only about ten meters, there is a bright red carpet, and the red oil paper umbrellas placed on the ground every few meters exude an antique atmosphere.

There are small pink lanterns hung at the door of the wood house built on both sides, and in the partially covered room you can see from the outside are many women in Kabuki costumes and heavy makeup.

If you want to accurately describe the style and features of this "Saizhihe in situ block".

It is as if the custom flower street of the Edo period is presented roughly hundreds of years ago, which makes people feel like time and space are countercurrent.

It's just that most of the people walking on this street at this time are rich uncles with masks and expensive suits who look greasy.

This makes people jump out of the wit of the Edo period and return to a more filthy modern world.

This...Is this the legendary "Saizhihe in situ block"? The construction is quite stylish.

Shortly after, when Ryuto and Yuna walked through many alleys under the leadership of Komaki Sotaro, finally bypassed a public toilet and park, and finally came here through an abandoned subway entrance.

Even Ryuto was almost dazzled by this magnificent and bizarre Underground World, and Yuna was already excited and almost screamed.

She stretched out a trembling finger and pointed at a red oil paper umbrella in the corner not far away. There was a bed under the oil paper umbrella.

Suddenly, Yuna asked in an excited tone: "Ryuto classmate, then...what is that for?"

"This... It should be for passers-by to rest, right?" Ryuto reached out and touched his head, and said uncertainly.

"Wow, I haven't seen such a rest area on the side of the road, classmate Ryuto, come and sit down!"

So Yuna hearing this moved hop and hop Towards the red oiled paper umbrella and ran, and took Ryuto to sit down together, ready to take a beautiful picture with the phone.

However, Komaki Old Master came over and smiled and reminded: "It is indeed for passers-by to rest, but it is not a normal rest. It is for the wandering girls and guests of the Edo period to do business temporarily. Yes."

" girls and guests?"

When Ryuto heard these words, his scalp was scared, but Yuna was still curious. He asked, "What does You Girl do? Performing?"

"Not acting, but selling oneself."

"Selling...selling oneself?"

"Wandering girls are ancient prostitutes. Sometimes they will have sex with customers under the red oil paper umbrella on the side of the road to attract more customers to continue doing business."

Sell yourself? prostitute? illicit sexual relations? Do business?

Suddenly, Yuna first glanced at the red oiled paper umbrella on her head, and then at herself and Ryuto sitting on the bed. It seemed that the brain could not process such flavorful information for a while.

Three seconds later, Yuna was pretty face blushed, and then quickly pulled Ryuto up from the bed, and at the same time completely deleted the photos in the phone thoroughly.

When seeing her embarrassment, Ryuto couldn't help but smile and ask: "Yuna Senpai, are you okay?"

"Also... But this is too... too strange, right? They are on the side of the street? Are they not ashamed?"

Actually, Yuna doesn’t know that there are such "walking girls". The special profession exists.

But the ground floor and oil-paper umbrella on the side of the road are still beyond her three-view perception.

"This, you can’t understand it, because it just means that your life is very happy."

When faced with Yuna’s incredible question, Ryuto But patted her shoulder and explained with a smile.

For her from such a superior background, she has never worried about money, let alone whether she has been hungry or not, it is obviously very shameful to betray her body for money.

But for those people who may have been abandoned on the roadside at birth and have nothing but their own bodies, they have long been accustomed to such transactions that are worth spurning in the eyes of ordinary people.

In the face of the threat of existence, what dignity and face are simply worthless.

This is not only the world where travel girls live, but also the world where people who are not accommodated by society such as yakuza live.

Everyone who lives in Underground World has tried their best to survive, and there is absolutely no excess to care about other things.

Such a world is undoubtedly abnormal, but it does exist.

Not only in the past Edo period, even in this glamorous modern society, it still exists.

After listening to Ryuto's explanation, Yuna fell silent for a while.

It's not that she doesn't understand Ryuto's words, but the more she understands, the more she realizes that she doesn't seem to understand anything.

As Ryuto said, Yuna's life is very happy.

So that she did not experience the hardships of life at all, nor the bitterness of bending over five buckets of rice.

It may also be because of this ungrounded life experience that Yuna’s novels are completely beyond the norm, giving people a kind of like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies, flying on the fly. After the atmosphere, it always hovered between the sun and the fire star.

So for Yuna, this trip to the "Sai no Kawara" really gave her a lot of insight.

Especially when... I came to the center where there was a huge iron cage like the Colosseum. Many wealthy people around were drinking and chatting, and they were excited about the iron The underground fighting arena where the two robust men in the cage shouted, "Sai no Kawara Arena".

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