Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 98

This...what the hell is that place?

When Yuna followed Ryuto and Sotaro into this domed building, which was not particularly big, but the atmosphere was much more lively than outside, she was almost blown by the turbulent hot wind. Too immobile.

In this "Sai no Kawara Arena" is like a lively party that never stops. There will never be a shortage of fierce roar, flying blood, and broken bones. The voice of the rich businessmen, drinks and women at the round table.

This is a field almost the size of half a football field.

In the iron cage with a diameter of about ten meters in the middle of the field, two robust men are fighting desperately.

One of the robust man, dressed in the tight-fitting clothing of a wrestler, is desperately trying to hug his opponent and throw it to the ground.

But his opponent took a very standard boxing posture, dodged with a flexible pace, and punched the wrestler from various angles.

When Yuna just walked into the arena, she happened to see a scene where the wrestler was hit in the cheek by the opponent, and a burst of blood flew out along with the broken teeth.

This is not a movie or a performance, but a real fight, or a fight.

Although Yuna has probably heard about the situation here, when she really saw such a tragic match, she was still shocked and her legs were numb.

Of course, with the exception of newbies like Yuna, the audience sitting all around in the cage roared excitedly.

"Well done! "Little Tyson"! Get that guy's brains out!"

"Stand up and fight back, "Devil muscle man"! I'm here! You have a million on you! You have to win if you die, bastard!"

"Fight over and fight over! Not intense enough! Try harder!"

At this moment, sit down The spectators on the round table around there are only a hundred people at most, but the roar and imposing manner of the more than one hundred people is like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

There is no place to spend money, so it will stimulate the rich who carry it through to the end.

I can't get satisfaction in daily life. I need bloody stimulation to get the metamorphosis of existence.

The wandering girls and bodyguards serving this group of customers, as well as the underground fighters who fight each other on the court and exchange their lives for rewards.

The place where these strangers gather, this is the deepest place of "Sai no Kawara", the death arena only one step away from Yellow Springs.

After seeing such a place where the sins and desires of human beings were exposed nakedly, Yuna's body trembled uncontrollably.

But just when she was almost unable to stand, Ryuto reached out and took her slightly trembling hand.

After holding Yuna Senpai's hand, Ryuto turned her head and gently said in her ear: "Don't worry, you don't have to be afraid of anything if I am here."

"...cough cough, I am not afraid."

Suddenly, Yuna also took a deep breath and responded stubbornly.

But even so, she didn't let go of Ryuto's hand, and obviously felt a little uncomfortable with the illegal fighting arena and the chaotic surroundings she saw for the first time.

When Yuna barely calmed down, Komaki Sotaro on the side said to Ryuto: "How do you think the two guys in the ring are strong?"

".... .. Very general, that is, the standard of playing ordinary games in the watch world, it is not an expert."

It is not the fighters who look down on the watch world by Ryuto, but in fact there are no rules here. In the battlefield competition of the language, the world player Innate has a huge disadvantage.

The disadvantage is that they can only play games and will not kill.

If Ryuto understands correctly, the rules of "Sai no Kawara Arena" are that there are no rules. As long as you don’t bring weapons, you can do anything, even if it’s piercing, kicking, or biting your throat. problem.

In this case, it is normal for a competitive player who is used to playing world games to lose to a criminal killer who is not as strong as his own.

After all, the awareness and hands-on habits of the two sides when fighting are completely different. Competitive players are rushing to win the game, and criminal killers are rushing to kill.

"Yes, what is going on is only a "C-Rank player" game, so the strength of both sides is not very strong, and the stakes and bounty are not very high."

""C-Rank"? That means there are higher-level "B-Rank" and "A-Rank"?"

"Yes, your father Ichima was the "A-Rank" here. Rank", he is also the defending king, and the first person in history to achieve the achievement "Hundreds of Battles Undefeated"."

Hundreds of Battles Undefeated...Be stronger in this place The opponents were never defeated.

Seeing that the arena is getting more and more brutal, and both sides have already fought a bloody battle, Ryuto can't help but imagine the heroic appearance of Ichima when he took turns here.

That is really a man of iron and blood, a tough guy in a cage, and he deserves to be the king of all battles in the underground arena.

So Ryuto couldn't help but smile. He smiled and asked: "If you play a game here, how much money will you get after you win?"

"C- Rank is 10 million per game, and B-Rank is 30 million per game. A-Rank can only get one-tenth of the total gambling pool, and at least have a revenue of over 100 million."

"...What if I bet on myself to win?"

"Of course it is not allowed. Players are not allowed to participate in betting in any form, even if they are placed by relatives and friends. If you find it out, you will be immediately expelled and deprived of qualifications forever."

Okay, it's really tightly guarded, is it to prevent fake matches?

In this case, it should be impossible to make a lot of money by pressing oneself, but it is pretty good to earn some pocket money by winning the game and getting bonuses.

ka-cha! aaahhhh!

In Ryuto nodded, when I understood that I understood the rules here, there was a burst of crisp skeleton noise and miserable cry from the cage ring.

"Ah! Ahhhh! I surrender! I surrender!"

Ryuto cast his sights on the ring, only to see the one who had been making a fierce attack before, nicknamed "Little Tyson" The boxer had already rolled continuously on the ground with his leg.

His legs are distorted from below the knees.

It doesn't look like a human leg, but a thick twist. Obviously, the opponent's knee was broken by a knuckle lock technique.

But even if the boxer has yelled to admit defeat, the wrestler who was beaten with bloody nose and swollen face still jumped up ruthlessly! The thick body, which is at least two hundred jin, slammed into the past!

hong long! Accompanied by a loud noise, the "little Tyson" who was crushed by a jump spit out a mouthful of blood and fainted, and the game was pronounced. The official end.

"Then...Is that person alive?"

Seeing the iron cage slowly rising, the medical team carried "Little Tyson" away for treatment At that time, Yuna asked anxiously.

"That's none of our business, let's go, kid, go over there to register as a player, and then ask for a temporary extra game."

After watching a thrilling game Later, Komaki Sotaro pointed his finger at another channel not far away and signaled to Ryuto that he was ready to play.

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