Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 99

"This...Ryuto, are you really going to play? Fight with people in that kind of place?"

Heard here, Yuna I realized that my group of people were not here to visit, and Ryuto was also going to be in the ring.

But when I saw the extremely bloody fight just now.

Yuna quickly grabbed Ryuto by the corner of his clothes, as if intending to stop him from doing something stupid.

"Don’t be nervous, those stinky fish and shrimps can’t touch my hair yet. Just sit here and admire my heroism."

Ryuto smiled Yunyan Senior Sister brought her to an empty table and arranged for her to sit down, and then called some maids to prepare some food and drinks.

Finally, after I asked Komaki Old Master to sit here and watch Yunyan Senior Sister, Ryuto walked towards the player channel alone.

When entering the contestant passage over there, a woman dressed in standard clothing and dressed up professionally bowed and asked: "Hello, what can I do for you?"

"I want to register as an arena player and request to play immediately."

"No problem, please come here to register your personal information."

It seems that I have already seen a lot of emergencies, and the waiter is also very quick to lead Ryuto to register the players.

It's just that when he saw the name that Ryuto filled out on the registration form, the waiter couldn't help but his eyes widened.

"Your name is...Kiryu Ryuto?"


"so that's how it is, I understand Please wait in the lounge over there."

When Ryuto moved towards the lounge, the piece of information he just filled out was quickly sent to this arena. In the hands of the master.

"so that's how it is, Kiryu Ryuto, Ichima's son actually wants to register as a player, hehe."

Looking at the registration form in hand, the fat head The middle-aged man with big ears couldn't help showing a look of nostalgia.

As we all know, this area of ​​"Saizhiheyuan" was established by a homeless king named "Saizhihuashang".

In the beginning, he only hired homeless people to collect and sell intelligence, and later developed into the intelligence king of Tokyo as a whole.

It is said that within the scope of Tokyo, there is nothing he does not know.

Of course, if you want to buy some kind of intelligence, the price you need to pay is quite staggering.

On the outside, the florist looks like an ordinary middle-aged gambler.

He is wearing a gown with "Sparrow" printed on it, with two large Gold Chains hanging on his chest, he is not a serious person at first glance.

"Boss, is he genuine?" At this moment, a black robust man who handed over the registration form stammered.

This black robust man looks like a tiger-headed man.

But the strong and non-cumbersome muscles on his body and the countless scars on his face are warning others that this guy is not an easy opponent to deal with.

"Of course it is genuine. When I heard the news that he came in not long ago, I wondered if this kid came to have fun, but who knows it gave me such a big surprise."

For the florist who holds the lifeblood of "intelligence", he already knew that Ryuto came here with Yuna and Sotaro.

But the florist did not expect that a 16-year-old high school student from trifling had the guts to sign up for this arena competition.

It's really the younger generations will surpass us in time, you deserve to be your son, Ichima.

The florist turned his head and looked at the photo posted on the wall. The man in the photo was holding up a gold belt representing the king. This is the king of the underground arena. The highest honor received after defeating a hundred opponents.

So the florist quickly picked up the microphone and said to the staff: "Go and arrange for him to compete in C-Rank. The sooner the better."

"Yes, boss ."

Following the response from the microphone, Ryuto's First Stage, or "first group" competition is also under intense preparations.

"What? My game is a three-game match for a while? I have to kill three opponents in a row?"

Ryuto seemed a little surprised when he heard the explanation from the staff member.

"Yes, because this is a promotion game for the C-Rank group, you can advance to the B-Rank group as long as you win these three games."

".. .... Do I have a bonus for winning these three games?"

"Of course there is, a total of 30 million yen, but the premise is that I have to win to the end."


"Very good, I can play here anytime."

Although it’s a bit strange to be able to advance to the arena, Ryuto can’t understand why. .

After all, I am the son of Kiryu Ichima, one of the hundred war kings in this arena. From the perspective of the owner, there is nothing wrong with giving myself some special treatment.

Of course, the treatment of this entry to the promotion match can be said to be preferential treatment, or it can be said to be another test.

But since the master here is so dear to me, I'm not welcome with the 30 million yuan bonus.

In this fierce fighting atmosphere, five minutes later, Ryuto was invited to the aisle of the players who played, and moved towards the middle of the ring alone.

As his silhouette gradually appeared in the ring, the host above shouted passionately: "Ladies and gentlemen! Now there is a temporary registered fighter on the stage! And his You can never imagine your identity!"

"Ten years ago, an invincible king of the arena returned home with a gold belt. Ten years later, his son wanted to inherit his father. Here comes the status of! Let us cheer with the most enthusiastic cheers for tonight’s promotion challenge challenger! "Son of Legend", Kiryu ~ Ryuto!"

When the name was called out by the host, There was a violent shout like a landslide and tsunami on the entire arena all around the venue!

The heat wave, a heat wave that is a hundred times stronger than before, seems to blow off the round ceiling.

Almost everyone at the same moment focused their attention on the young silhouette who was on the stage, and frantically stood up and shouted. it really him? The legendary second generation of Dragon Group, Kiryu Ryuto?

When I saw the signature yellow hair and the pace of not recognizing one's family.

Many people who obviously knew Ryuto immediately cheered vigorously, and quickly called their relatives and friends to watch this game that might be recorded in the annals of history.

After all, this is huge news for the entire "Sai no Kawara", and it may mean that a new legend is about to kick off tonight.

However, when Ryuto came to the ring, his opponent had been there for a long time.

Seeing that the two players entered the ring, the host also shouted passionately: "And the first player responsible for facing the Legend of the Son in this three-game promotion match just won The Brazilian wrestler who won a match, Ivan, nicknamed "The Devil Muscle Man"~~~~~~ Byrne!"

On the other end of the ring, the face is still a little swollen but looks energetic Not bad, and the wrestler who just scrapped the entire leg of an opponent, "Devil Muscle Man" showed a fierce expression to Ryuto.

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