Strongest Badger in Hogwarts Chapter 286

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Although Beauxbatons and Durmstrang These two Magic schools have been glory, they have left a brilliant impression in the hearts of everyone.

So after you know that their delegation is about to reach Hogwarts, all of Hogwarts all the students are hot.

This is a little bit a little bit of a little bit of Hogwarts student.

Because the professors of various subjects are like a horses that are out of control, they are generally rushing on the road called ‘cruel’.

, especially the new Defense Against The Dark Arts professor.

He does not seem to have an idea of ​​teaching for education, so he is a unified unity of the first lesson of the whole grade to show three UNFORGIVABLE CURSE.

This will hit the students all the beautiful fantasies to the end, and then the things he do to Link will slowly pass Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, and now the entire Hogwarts students. In the HEAD and the parents protest against him.

, they are so silent.

Because from the second lesson, Moody has already enabled every student to take a platform to experience the feeling of Imperius Curse, and the beautiful name, exercise students’ resistance to Imperius Curse.

Due to Moody’s huge taste, the men and women on the stage will be hopped in the same way as a monkey.

This has left a deep psychological shadow to all students.

is really shameful!

They want to resist, but it is too late.

After all, the entire school is most likely to drive the LINK that Moody driven away by Dumbledore, a large bottle of Phoenix tears and Link and Emili do not need to participate in the privilege of the DEFENSE AGAINST The Dark ARTS curriculum training. .

In this case, students who are deeply trapped can only hope that Moody can make a convergence after the Delegation of Beauxbatons and Demurtrand.

If you know what Moody does if you have witnessed by the international friend, then the seriousness of things will rise straight.

, in the expectation of countless students, ending on October 30.

The four major house students have come out of Common Room under the leadership of their respective Head and eventually gathered in the steps outside the castle gate.

“George! Fred Germany! If you have to continue playing, I swear will let Mr. Filch take all the iron chains and whip in his office, then use it on you!”

“neville! Wipe your face clean!”

“Patil Young Lady! You’d better pick me up on your head!”


Professor McGonagall, a face of the GryffINDor team, will send a two-day cool marrow in the GryffINDor team.

can be seen from her tightly lips, she is really angry at this time.

This is not surprising, because Gryffindor’s team is almost unacceptable.

compares Slytherin and Ravenclaw’s teams to be much better.

where Slytherin has deeply engraved in their own bone marrow, while Ravenclaw is naturally quiet.

This makes Professor Snape and Flitwick, and no matter what their students can regulate the rumor of the torque.

as for hufflepuff, don’t mention it.

Professor SpRout himself is a non-arrested section, or is a little witch.

The life of the greenhouse in the greenhouse in the greenhouse makes her unfamiliar with their own instrument. At this time, she will have a mess, naturally, it will not be more chaos in the team of the students, or students. How many alternative ornaments have been wear.

In her opinion, the nobleness of the soul is far more important than the body’s cleanliness.

Professor McGonagall, I really thought about helping the Professor Sprout pipet from her group of people, but she didn’t have the management of HUFFLEPUFF HOUSE.

Just like she is now indifferent to the right to go to Pipe Link and Emili, these two unauthorized out of the team, hiding from the Slytherin team, my guy is the same.

“Professor McGonagall seems to be very angry, she is already the fourth time, we are full of eyes.”

Hold the LINK arm, and Emily said.

Link helps Emily tight Cloak, gentle a said with a smile:

“Don’t worry about her, she has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it is more important to the rules.”

The weather in October is still very cold, especially at this moment, the chilly chinensis has been shrouded through the entire hogwarts, they are like a layer of tulle, even the top of the heaven is also in their coverage. Extraordin.

The air is cold and humid, relying on Emily Took a Deep Breath on Link, but feels warm in your heart.

She reached out, Li Lin, just helped her to keep Cloak ready to withdraw your hand, somewhat apron:

“LINK, how do you think Beauxbatons and Durmstrang? PORTKEY?”

“Impossible is PortKey, first meeting, they will definitely choose a way to give us a surprise, highlight their strength.” LINK turned his hand to grab the Emily hand, put it in yourself Hand, “Beauxbatons estimates to use the god horse Carriage, I listen to Maxime said, it should be the most amazing transportation. As for Durmstrang, I will not quite Clear.”

Link Tone Barely Fell, I feel that the body of Emili is trembled. I just want to ask, Emily rose, pointing at the moon:

“They are coming! You guessed, they seem to use the god horse!”

LINK also lifted his head, see the halo center, a small black point is gradually enlarged in a slogan.

Many students around them also found this abnormality and is excited.

and under the eyes of everyone, this black point is finally falling from the moon.

Everyone discovered that this is an incomparable gigantic carriage!

It is full of powder Blue, and there is a full house so much. It is dragged by the twelve size than the flying horses of the adult elephant. The slice of the film was finally landed in front of Hogwarts.

For a while, the horseshoe built on the stone platform has taken a cluster of spark on the stone platform, and the huge carrier landing is even more deafening, provoke the Hogwarts student team confusing.

Professor McGonagall is not allowed, and some flustered and exasperated is a team that teaches those students in the team.

and at the same time, Carriage is engraved with the Beauxbatons school badge (two Golden Wand Cross, each Wand TIP also shines on the door of the three Venus).

Handsome boy wearing a white blue robe jumped with Carriage, and the movement quickly took a long section of Golden Runner from the bottom of Carriage, and then respectfully waited.

After a few days, the body is tall, but Maxime, which is full of gesture, and Ms. Maxime takes the first to walk from CarriaGe. Then there are more than a dozen young men who weigh the blue refined silk robes. Behind her, secretly looked up, some feared to land at Hogwarts Castle.

Hogwarts students are also using the same eyes, but hogwarts students’ main observations are Ms. Maxime.

They still see such a tall woman for the first time, and Ms. Maxime is still elegant, which makes them have a huge interest.

Their eyes are quickly transferred from Ms. Maxime.

Because they found a beautiful silver bun Young Girl in the Beauxbatons, she shining Silver Light is like a Magic Power, every teenager present in each of the teenagers. I saw her immediely. I feel that the heart is hit, the expression is sluggish, and there is no meaningful embarrassment, and then I will never open my sight.

Na silver sent young girl seems to be looking for something.

Her eyes are constantly moving in the Hogwarts team, and after seeing LINK and Amyi located in the corner of the team, a smile like the sun is blooming in his mouth.

Her Extend The Hand, waving towards Link, the mouth is still talking about, but it is very far away, and no one in Hogwarts can listen.

“Heavens! She said with me!”

Link is not far from a full of freck, Slytherin boys.

This is soon caught dissatisfaction with the surrounding boys.

They struggled with each other, and finally sneaked down in Snape, such as Ten Thousand Years Cold Ice.

The situation in Link is not too late.

of the Fleur just hit him with him, now Emisi is angry with angry.

“Are you talking to her ?!”

Emily said, Link Hearing this reaction quickly, lifting his fingers:

“I swear! Absolutely no!”

Emili didn’t speak, but deadly stared at the eyes of Link, and he wanted to see the traces of LIINK lie.

After half a ring, she only copily Snorted, and then holding the LINK’s arms, it seems to be a sovereignty to Fleur.

Unfortunately, Madam Maxime has been negated with DumbleDore.

For the BEAUXBATONS students who don’t want these only wear silk robes, Dumbledore has let Fleur entered the auditorium in advance.

This makes Emisi more angry, and the mouth is rushing to swaying the LINK arm.

The word LINK is not annoyed, but smiles with peaceful.

Because Emyi is very cute, even angry, it is very cute.

and link don’t think that Emily is really hot.

Emili now looks in Link. It seems that it is more like looking by the head.

does not hate this LINK.

“Ok, don’t be regenerated. You see, Durmstrang delegation is coming.”

After a while, LINK reached out and pointed to the Black Lake.

and LINK are expected, Emili Hearing this is not angry, looking up at the neck curious looking at the lake.

The air resounded in the air, a little frightened, is a bit like a submersible, and it is like Kelpie roar in the deep sea.

is also boiling on the lake.

A huge Vortex appeared in the center of the Black Lake, taking a mast to explore from the Vortex Center, then the sail, ship inhide …

In the horrified eyes, a gas-free big ship raised out of the water.

Its shape is weird and broken, just like a shipwreck that has just been salvaged, the foot of the hull even hangs some seaweed and can’t escape fish shrimp.

Under the mist, the ‘Ghost Boat “whiteling the faint Green Glow is so slowly.


A large iron anchor full of rust is thrown into the black lake.

It immediately sees the Silhouette in the porthole of the slightly, and many people don’t have many people drilled out from the cabin, and the shore is on the gate.

Link can clearly see that people on the shore are all burly big.

They wore a fur coat in the brush, and the hair is fluffing. It looks dirty, and then matches their serious expressions, and a wild fierce feels ass.

Link even thinks as long as they distribute themselves and armor, they can go to COS Viking Pirate.

and other Durmstrang students are different, and the old man who is going in the most in front is a plug-in whit.

The Old Man laughed and shouted toward Dumbledore:

“Hahaha! Dumbledore! My Old Partner, how are you?”

“Good, thank you, Karkaroff.”

Dumbledore smile responds.

The two are gradually close, and the enthusiasm is hugged together.

Rely on the light emitted in the Hogwarts auditorium, LINK finally saw the appearance of the other party.

This is a high and thin white beard Old Man, but the Dumbledore is different. This guy is very short of white hair, and the beard is also trimmed into a clustered goat beard, the end is also hit .

The eyebrows of Link have been wrinkled.

He doesn’t like this lyd man called Karkaroff.

If Durmstrang’s students are a strong Snow Wolf, this Karkaroff gives Link feel like a cunning timid white hair Old Fox.

Both of these binds to a strong violation of Link.

“Igor Karkaroff, Durmstrang’s headmaster.”

Amyi said, “I don’t like this guy, he is a chameless opportunity! When Voldemort ran in the country, this guy is the core character in Death Eater, through the vOLDEMORT. After earning Gold Galleon .voldemort, he was caught by Mad-Eye Moody. But in the end, by providing other Death Eater, it escaped the punishment, and finally became durmstrang’s Headmaster! “

“Repairman Karkaroff, Ha, you believe that this guy is ministry of magic deliberately stuffed into durmstrang? For the Durmstrang all students all become the same as Karkaroff.”

Link disdain.

“I certainly believe you.”

Emili slightly said, then two people smiled.

Link and Emily talking did not stop the sound, but at this time, the crowd had no effort to listen to LINK and Emiti said something.

They are now in the heart behind Karkaroff.

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