Strongest Badger in Hogwarts Chapter 315


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When Harry gasping for breath ran to the referee’s bench, the big hourglass on the table representing the countdown to the start of the game happened to leak out.

“Yes, I’m sorry, Professor Dumbledore. Me, I overslept.”

Harry said in shock.

He was almost late, and once he was late, even if he was only one second late, the best result was a zero score.

The most terrifying thing is that other students may treat him as a deserter!

After apologizing, Harry lowered his head in shame. He felt that he had committed a very serious mistake, which caused Hogwarts to lose an adult in front of the other two schools.

However, the scolding and humiliation he expected did not appear.

Dumbledore just smiled and comforted him a few words and it was over. The other referees beside him did not say anything, even the students in the audience were very indifferent.

It doesn’t matter if he comes or not.

This weird scene made him a little confused for a while.

In fact, Harry’s guess was not wrong at all.

It really doesn’t matter if he comes, whether he is late or not.

After all, Hogwarts already has a hexagram warrior like Link who can crush all other champions.

With the Link pearl in front, Harry seemed a bit redundant.

Seeing the scene seemed to be a little embarrassing for a while, Bagman immediately opened his mouth to rescue, and brought a bewildered Harry to Link and the others.

As he walked, Bagman was still talking to Harry quietly.

“Are you okay? Harry.”

Seeing Harry clutching his stomach in a painful run, Link asked by the way.

However, at this time, Harry was already speechless in pain. He could only squeeze a grateful smile at Link, waved his hand, and signaled that he was okay.

The Bagman on the side didn’t give Harry much chance to relax. He put a Sonorus curse against his throat with wand, and then explained:

“Well, the game is about to start, but please allow me before that, Ludo Bagman, first explain the rules of this game for you.

Since cracking the secret of the golden egg is also a part of the game, I can’t tell you how to complete the game now. Only after you all officially start the game, I will announce the final goal, so that the audience can understand.

What I can say to the champions is that your competition venue this time will be within the Black Lake. Later you will be divided into the four shores of Black Lake East, South, West, and North to launch your missions in the water.

One thing is particularly noteworthy. It is forbidden to carry or use magic items with a degree of danger exceeding xxx except wand in this competition. It is also prohibited to bring or drive your pets and war beasts.

If you have any illegal items, please hand them over now, and Headmaster Dumbledore will be happy to help you keep them. “

Bagman was very polite and sounded extremely pragmatic, without any specific meaning.

It’s just that after he finished speaking, his eyes looked towards Link.

The meaning of this is self-evident.

Whether it is arranging the champions to scatter into the water, or not allowing the use of pet war beasts, they are all weakening specifically for Link.

Unchecked sighed, Link eventually gave Arkham and Yo-Yo to Dumbledore.

No way, Bagman didn’t have the guts to pick up Basilisk and Curly Wing Demon, two terrifying creatures called wizard killers. As soon as Link took out the Little Brat, Bagman trembled with fear, and Link could only Give it to Dumbledore personally.

Of course, this is also related to the dissatisfaction of the Little Brat being forced to separate from Link and deliberately flaring their teeth to frighten people.

In fact, not only Bagman, but the faces of the other referees on the referee’s bench also changed.

Link has a very powerful magical creature. Everyone has heard about Dumbledore. Knowing this, they will work together to set the rules for Link.

But they really didn’t expect Link The pets in their hands are so terrifying to this extent!

Forget about Basilisk, it’s not surprising that a snake like Link controls a Basilisk.

But what about the Curly Winged Demon?

Can anyone really tame this dangerous creature?

Oh, it seems to be there.

The last man to tame seemed to be Newt Scamander.

In the horrified eyes of everyone, Dumbledore smiled and took Arkham and the yo-yo.

Then, a shocking scene appeared.

Just now, he even opened his teeth to catch a pair of Arkham and Yo-Yo, who would choose and eat at any time. As soon as they arrived in Dumbledore’s hands, they became extremely docile in an instant.

The yo-yo even shrank into a shell ball.

“They are all good children.” Dumbledore smiled and touched Arkham’s head, and then stared at Link with a faint smile, “But, have you forgotten something?” [ 19459002]

“Well, I don’t understand what you are talking about?”

Link shook his head and pretended to be stupid.

hearing this Dumbledore’s smile grew thicker, but his eyes fell on the cloak wrapped in Link.

So, under everyone’s shocked gaze, Link sighed gave Dumbledore the Volterra bat he was wearing as a cold-proof cloak.

Like Arkham and Yo-Yo in front, Voldebat struggled violently as soon as it got out of Link’s body, but fell silent again after Dumbledore wand turned on slightly.

“You, you actually put a Volterra bat on your body!?”

Karkaroff, who had been silent from beginning to end, couldn’t help but speak.

The expressions of the other referees also became a little gloomy.

Voldebat, Basilisk, Curly Winged Demon plus Link itself.

This kind of power can almost alone challenge and assassinate their powerful headmaster and Ministry of Magic Official.

Is it a bit too bully to participate in the Triwizard Tournament with this configuration?

Link and Dumbledore naturally don’t care about them.

Link didn’t wear much clothes for the convenience of the game. After removing the Voldebat, he directly exposed the one-piece swimsuit on his body.

The whole swimsuit is pure black, and the surface is densely covered with various streamlined strange patterns, and it is extremely smooth, with Profound Light glowing under the sun, as if coated with special paint.

The most important thing is that it is tight!

Link has been paying attention to physical exercise and diet control since coming to this World. Coupled with the unique developmental advantages of puberty, Link already has a strong body like an ancient Greek hero statue.

At this moment, being so wrapped in tight swimsuits, many girls in the stands who were watching with magic telescope screamed involuntarily.

Even Maxime and Fleur, who was immersed in worry, couldn’t help but look at Link a few more times.

Dumbledore is also watching Link.

To be precise, I was looking at the swimsuit on Link.

“Very nice clothes, you look handsome when you wear them!”

Dumbledore smiled and praised.

But Link had other meanings from his words.

He took a deep breath, some helpless explanation:

“This is a pure muggle technology product, not a magic item.”

“Oh, that’s it.”

The curious light in Dumbledore’s eyes dissipated in an instant. Although he did not look down on muggle like other noble wizards because of the influence of Grindelwald, he was still affected by some inherent thoughts after all.

He felt that most of the things made by muggle were useless except for weapons.

In the same way, it is speculated that the swimsuit on Link should also be the appearance of Gold Jade.

People with his thoughts accounted for the majority of the entire wizard group. Karkaroff and old Barty were not interested in this swimsuit after hearing Link’s explanation.

Among them, Karkaroff, who still advocates pure blood supremacy, even disdains coldly snorted.

However, what they don’t know is that the swimsuit on Link can be said to be the highest level product of muggle technology.

Not only does it have an excellent heat preservation effect, but the strange patterns on the exterior are also arranged according to a special rule, which has a part of the effect similar to shark skin.

Fleur is obviously a good knower.

Because she also wore a pink swimsuit, but it was not that high-end, it was an ordinary item that’s all.

Therefore, her gaze looking towards Link now becomes very weird, mixed with various complex emotions such as joy, surprise, and envy.

The clearance of contraband is over, and the game can finally continue.

Bagman instructed Percy and other Prefects to take the other three champions to other entry points in the distance, and he personally led Link to the waterfront in front of the referee’s stand.

“Link, don’t blame me. No pets are allowed and other restrictions have nothing to do with me. They are all discussed by Dumbledore!”

As soon as he walked away, Bagman leaned into Link’s ear and whispered.

This Link didn’t feel surprised.

The scene when he handed in something just now was seen by other viewers. Now the stands have become a scene. Most of them feel that the referees are deliberately targeting Link, and some Slytherins even threatened to go to the referees. The trouble to maintain the dignity of Link, their cheap boss.

Bagman’s fear is normal.

His strength and power are far from other referees. A few Slytherin nobles are enough for him to eat a pot.

So what he meant was that he wanted Link to help him say something fair.

However, even though Link understood, he didn’t have the intention to help.

He smiled evilly, pretending not to understand the way:

“It’s okay, I can win the championship even without Arkham.”

After speaking, the path went straight to the shore.

Bagman opened and closed his mouth a few times, his expression was finally gray and defeated, and he used wand against his neck to beat his spirit again:

“Now, I announce that the game has begun!”

The cheers of the mountains whirring and tsunami resounded from the stands again.

Link can imagine Harry at the other three entry points. They will definitely dive into the water desperately at this time, trying to get the first mover advantage.

But Link did not intend to do this.

This is winter swimming!

Even with the protection of top-of-the-line swimsuits and thermal insulation and moisture-proof spells, it is still dangerous if you don’t warm up well.

So, he did radio gymnastics slowly on the shore for a while, and then walked to the surface of the water under the gaze of others hate iron for not becoming steel.

Before entering the water, he also tapped his head with wand.

In an instant, a huge bubble automatically wrapped his head, causing him to look no different from the Heavenly Dragon in an anime in the previous life.

The water in the Black Lake is very cold.

Although he was fully prepared, the chill continued to spread upward as he walked towards the deep water area.

Link was still walking slowly. He stepped on the slippery sand and gradually approached the center of the lake. After his body had fully adapted to the cold, he plunged into the lake.

In an instant, Link felt that everything around him was quiet.

The transparent bubble he wears on his head is the product of Bubble-Head Charm. Although it looks fragile, it is effective waterproof and provides enough oxygen for people to be underwater or where the poison qi spreads. Action is a necessary spell for Aurors to perform certain special tasks.

With its help, Link can use spell as freely underwater as on shore, and Link also has a good vision.

What now appears in front of Link is a wonderful underwater world.

Large tracts of undulating black water plants form a large forest, which is constantly dancing with the current.

They are a good food source for the fishes. Many small silver white fish are constantly swimming in them. The gray protection color on their bodies makes it difficult for Link to distinguish the difference between them and the sand. Occasionally, when they reverse and turn at a certain angle, the scales on their body will reflect a bright silver light.

These fishes are not afraid of people, some even swim to Link’s side, sneaking under Link’s crotch and ribs as if playing Link deliberately, and then swim towards the distance.

And as long as you look in the direction in which they are moving, you can see that there are many strange shadows hidden in the gloomy lake in the distance.

These black shadows are so huge that they stand in Link’s field of vision, like giant beasts hiding in the dark, they may rush to launch an attack at any time.

In the farther bottom of the lake, there is even a hazy green light shining slowly, like clusters of Ghost Fire.

But even in such an environment, Link did not feel the slightest panic.

The reason is simple.

A few days before the start of the game, he had already wandered most of the bottom of the Black Lake with the help of Arkham.

The dark shadows in the distance are not monsters, they are just big rocks or rotten wood.

Those green lights are not the eyes of sea monsters, but the lights from the Slytherin common room.

As for the ending point of this competition, Merpeople Village Link is even more familiar.

Just staying in the water for a while, Link has found the right direction.

After that, Link wand lightly flicked, and a large amount of cursing power sprang from its tip, forming a pair of huge wings in the water in the form of pale black light, hanging behind Link.

The wings flicked fiercely, and the huge force pushed Link to swim towards the destination like a torpedo.

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