Strongest Battle Emperor Chapter 1749

in a flash _

A chubby little hand suddenly stretched out from the top of Shen Lang’s head and grabbed the Heavenly Book on top of Shen Lang’s head. .


Xiaotian’s chuckle came out, and the little hand holding the Heavenly Book slid, and then he put it back into Shen Lang’s head!

In an instant, Shen Lang regained his strength, brushing his body into a cloud of gray mist, scattered everywhere!


Heavenly Dao Incarnation’s knife fell into nothing and cut the space into pieces.

“This is impossible!”

That Heavenly Dao Incarnation both shocked and angry, furiously shouted.

“What is impossible?”

A circle of gray mist gathered and formed, turning into the appearance of Shen Lang, indifferently said: “You want to use the book of humans to suppress me, and then completely Exterminate, but in fact, I am also looking for the book of man!”

“Speaking of which, I have to thank you, thank you for sending the book of man.”

“travel far and wide looking for something, only to return and find it easily!”

tone barely fell, four lovely children crawled out of Shen Lang.

Xiaoxuan made by the five-color Xuantian ruler, Xiaotian made by the book of heaven, Xiaodi made by the book of earth, and the book of people who have just been awakened to spiritual wisdom by Shen Lang The little girl who made it!

The four children hugged Shen Lang and giggled happily.

“I am Xiaoxuan!”

“I am Xiaotian!”

“I am Xiaodi!”

People The little girls eyes turned into a spinning in the book of the book: “I am a villain… Bah! You all bully me!”

“Daddy, they bully me, I dont want to be a villain!”


Shen Lang laughed dumbly and touched the little girl’s head and said, “Daddy will give you a name. You can call it Xiaoshi.”

“Little poem? Yeah, I have It’s a name, I have a name!” The poem turned into by the Book of People cheered.

The Heavenly Dao Incarnation on the opposite side looked at all of this, with a face distorted into a devilish look, hissed and screamed: “You unexpectedly…you actually took all these Innate Spirit Treasures Have you got it? You actually awakened their spiritual wisdom?!”

Shen Lang sighed said: “I have planned for millions of years, and Dingdang has been deployed for millions of years. Unexpectedly, the opponent we face , Is it such a fool?”

“You have known the fact that the Innate Spirit Treasure was hidden by the four Heavenly Venerate people.”

“And they were destroyed by me. Kill, you already know, why would you ask such an idiot?”

Xiao Shi shook his head and said, “Its not my dad…”

It is not difficult for us. The difficult thing is to awaken our spiritual wisdom and let us recognize it before we can exert our strongest strength.”

“Want to awaken our spiritual wisdom, in addition to controlling In addition to the Nine Principles, the most important thing is to have a sincere and benevolent heart, a pure and flawless heart, and love and sex, which can awaken our spiritual wisdom and gain our approval!”

“This Old Monster’s heart has long been corroded. It is the darkest and most dirty old bastard between this Heaven and Earth.”

“So he worked hard for countless years, and It was unable to awaken us spiritual wisdom, and in the end it simply separated us.”

“I also left it to Light King and they deliberately, wanting to wake us up through Light King.”

“But Light King caught the fragments of the future in the long river of time and saw you awaken us, so it has not awakened us, leaving us to the future you.”

Shen Lang suddenly realized: “so that’s how it is !”

Just when I was talking, the severe expression flashed in the eyes of Heavenly Dao Incarnation, across the layers of space, is moved towards the weakest and most critical of them Xiaoxuan grabbed over !

The key to the merger of the Book of Heaven, Book of Earth and Book of Man lies in the five-color Xuantian Ruler!

Without the five-color Xuantian ruler, these chaotic Spirit Treasures are impossible to merge!


The little poem was lightly snorted, turned into a light and shadow, and escaped.

I saw Heavenly Dao Incarnation’s head, the book of man appeared out of thin air, and instantly suppressed it on the spot!

Heavenly Dao Incarnation’s arm that broke through the air, straight out like this, motionless!

Shen Lang gave a long laugh, turned around, and the Heavenly Jade Blade fell with a knife, cutting off the arm of Heavenly Dao Incarnation!

Immediately, the three of Xiaotian and Xiaodi sprinted out, one holding their hands and the other holding their legs, completely binding the Heavenly Dao Incarnation!

The power of the four chaotic Spirit Treasures circulated on Heavenly Dao Incarnation, suppressing the Law Power of Heavenly Dao Incarnation!

“ji_ ji_ ji_, even these little beasts together will not restrain me for long.”

Heavenly Dao Incarnation laughed strangely: “And this demon in your hand The knife is just a projection, and the power is not enough to kill me!”

While speaking, the arm that Heavenly Dao Incarnation was cut off immediately grew again!

Although he was unable to move, the projection of Heavenly Jade Blade was still too weak in strength, unable to damage it severely, let alone kill it.

It’s just…

Shen Lang grinned.

Under his induction, the deity has arrived.

Behind the Heavenly Dao Incarnation, a black hole appeared silently. The deity of Shen Lang carried the Heavenly Jade Blade, expressionless, and stabbed it directly!

“Pu chi!”

The Heavenly Jade Blade of pitch-black as ink stabbed him from behind Heavenly Dao Incarnation, and instantly penetrated his body.

That Heavenly Dao Incarnation groaned, a mouthful of blood came out!

He watched the tip of the knife on his chest. Around the tip of the knife, a big hole appeared in his body. Flesh, strength, and even the laws were constantly melting!

Shen Langs deity standing behind Heavenly Dao Incarnation, coldly said: “Projection can’t kill you, what about the body?”

After saying this, the Heavenly Jade Blade is there Pull down on Heavenly Dao Incarnation to divide Heavenly Dao Incarnation into two!

Countless spells immediately spread all over the body of Heavenly Dao Incarnation, completely sealed and suppressed!

Four cute children jumped down and hugged Shen Lang’s deity in one hand: “Daddy!”

Shen Lang lovingly touched several childrens heads, said with a smile: “You did a great job.”

Immediately, he lightly patted the Heavenly Dao Incarnation’s forehead with a palm of his left hand, erased its mind and cut away Heavenly Dao The connection between Incarnation and ontology.

After doing all this, Shen Lang moved towards Avatar slightly nodded.

Avatar smiled faintly, the projection of the Heavenly Jade Blade in his hand was gently pushed out, and scarlet rays of light flashed out.

In an instant, the projection of the Heavenly Jade Blade turned into a huge blood coffin!

The blood coffin emits a vortex-like suction, and directly installs the Heavenly Dao Incarnation, who has been wiped out of consciousness.

And when Avatar came to the Seventh Realm before, all the energy light clusters collected went into the blood coffin.

In the huge blood coffin, a terrifying aura of destroying heaven extinguishing earth burst out!

It seems that the chaotic and terrifying power within it will explode at any time and destroy everything in front of you!

At this time, the deity of Shen Lang touched the blood coffin with a single palm, stimulating the power of the nine laws, laying down layers of Formation, and completely sealing the power inside.

Countless runes spread all over the blood coffin, suppressing the chaotic power inside.

After that, he stretched out his palms, grabbed the blood coffin, moved towards the void in front of him, and slammed!

“hong long long!”

As if the whole world was shaking.

A huge black hole appeared out of thin air, and the blood coffin moved towards the black hole slowly passing through!

This is a teleportation from one universe to another. With the powerful power of Shen Lang’s deity today, it still feels a little bit difficult!


Over the universe, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering anger sounded, and a huge palm moved towards the blood coffin and grabbed it!

Shen Lang looked at that giant palm indifferently, expressionless.

Even if is this Venerable coming, his power is indeed inferior to that of Heavenly Dao in large section, and it is even hard to make up for.

But at this moment Heavenly Dao is fighting against the suppression of life and death, but how much power can be extracted?

It’s a joke to want to deal with him with such a little strength!

Shen Lang’s eyes flashed brightly, and lightly shouted: “Children, seal him up!”

The four children giggled, transformed into four chains, and instantly penetrated He took that huge arm, and wrapped that huge arm firmly!

And this end of the chain fell in the left hand of Shen Lang’s deity!

Amidst the movement of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, the deity of Shen Lang no longer cared about the huge palm of Heavenly Dao, but moved towards the side and cut it down!

A huge crack appeared, and the Shen Lang Avatar next to him turned into a stream of light, scoffed, and walked in!

At this time, in the depths of the Seventh Universe, a rare beast illusory shadow with countless tentacles and a body stretching for hundreds of millions of miles is sandwiched in the grinding disc.

One of the huge tentacles has penetrated the space, and is being locked by four chains, unable to break free!

The speed of the grinding wheel is turning faster and faster, and it is madly obliterating his power!

Heavenly Dao, where the Six Realms is located, actually looks like this!

It looks like a huge Strange Octopus!

On the side of Heavenly Dao, Xuanyuan Mobai and Yankang Heavenly Venerate, lose one’s head out of fear!

At this time, the three people have already controlled the eight laws.

But the three of them worked together, but they couldn’t move that huge grinding wheel at all!

The power of the disk of life and death is the power of the entire universe in this seventh realm!

The current life and death disk also brings together the power of all beings in the universe where the six realms are located, and the power of all the Avatars of Shen Lang!

The loud sound of hong long long is endless.

That Heavenly Dao constantly lifted the millstone, and was constantly pressed down by the millstone.

A tug-of-war has formed between the two sides!

In such a scene, a crack appeared out of thin air!

The rays of light flickered, and Shen Lang’s Avatar escaped from the crack!

“Shen Lang!”

Heavenly Dao, who was suppressed by the life and death disc, felt the threat and screamed.

A huge tentacles, like a dragon-like sky, rolled towards Shen Lang Avatar!

“Lao San!”

Shen Lang Avatar lightly shouted.

Immediately, Shen Lang’s castration, which had been impossible to change direction, suddenly turned out of thin air. It was as fast as the wind and swift as thunder. He suddenly bypassed the Heavenly Dao tentacles and appeared in front of Yankang Heavenly Venerate!

At the same time, Monster Emperor Huang Xuanyuan Mo Bai, who was pretending to push the life and death disk, appeared behind Long You Heavenly Venerate!

The actions of the two brothers are exactly the same, they grabbed the necks of Yankang Heavenly Venerate and Long You Heavenly Venerate, soaring into the sky!

All of this, when its too late, then its faster…

As soon as the two rushed to the sky, they immediately moved towards the hollow in the middle of the life and death plate below, and fell, fast as lightning!

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