Strongest Battle Emperor Chapter 1750

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Xuanyuan Mobai laughed wildly: "Heavenly Dao, many thanks for the power you give me!"

" Now I will return all the power to you..."

In a flash, Shen Lang Avatar stretched out his left hand and grabbed Xuanyuan Mobai's vest.

With a boom, he grabbed two illusory silhouettes...

That was the Life Source Divine Soul of Xuanyuan Mobai and Jun Thousand Tribulations!

Life Source Divine Soul that incorporates Soul Seal!

If this Life Source Divine Soul is destroyed, Jun Thousand Tribulations and Xuanyuan Mobai will scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, consigned to eternal damnation!

Shen Lang pulls out the Life Source Divine Soul of the two of them, and slams them backward!

On the other side, Shen Lang grabbed it with one claw, penetrated the layers of space, and grabbed the Life Source Divine Soul of the two in his hands.

"Let's go!"

The deity of Shen Lang shouted violently and threw the two to the blood coffin that was only half of it!

Xuanyuan Mobai and Jun Thousand Tribulations, like two streams of light, instantly caught up to the blood coffin and escaped into the blood coffin!

The blood coffin sent out a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering rumbling sound, which squeezed the life and death disk, broke a big hole in this universe, moved towards the universe and rushed away.

Outside the life and death disk, the Light King, facial expression grave, which can sense everything in the life and death disk, reached out and explored the seventh realm.

She grabbed the blood coffin and pulled it out!

"hong long long!"

The huge blood coffin broke through the cosmic space and appeared in the void where the Bone Sky Road is located!

violent wind erupted, endless blood mist centered on the blood coffin, moved towards all directions, drifting away, the whole void is red!

An unimaginable terrifying aura was released from the blood coffin, making Heavenly Venerate stunned: "What is this? How is it terrifying?!"

" A Heavenly Dao Incarnation, as well as the power of countless chaotic Divine Race." Light King indifferently said: "Use this power to make up for the lack of power in the life and death disk!"

"Lets do it together. This force is drawn out!"

She stood on top of the blood coffin, turned around, and embedded with the blood coffin into the center of Zhutian Great Array!

The power of the Zhutian Great Array immediately extracted the unpredictable power from the blood coffin and gathered it on the disk of life and death!

After that, Light King moved towards the blood coffin below the five-finger virtual grasp, grabbing out the Xuanyuan Mobai and Jun Thousand Tribulations in it.

Without waiting for everyones reaction, she grabbed something and threw it back: "Yanfeng, take care of your body!"

The last days that were put away by Shen Lang The skeleton of Emperor Qilin, from small to large, flew over with the howling wind moved towards Chi Yanfeng.

"This is the real body of Emperor Qilin in the last days?!" A Heavenly Venerate exclaimed.

Emperor Qilin in the last days is the red wind of the year!

The supreme existence of the Qilin Divinity clan since ancient times!

"What? The big brother found out even my body?!"

Chi Yanfeng's face was so weird, it turned into a light, and he sank into the Qilin Among the bones.

His Qilin Emperor of the last days, to rebuke Heaven and Earth, was invincible, but now the power of this bone has been extracted almost by the Divine Race of Chaos.

When accepting inheritance, Shen sword edge cried and said that everyone else has a fleshy body, but he only had a pair of dry bones. The red wind and wind comforted him... because only the red wind was left. A bone!

There is not much left in this bone power, but it is better than nothing...

As soon as the Chi Yanfeng takes over this body, the aura immediately rises wildly!

At this time, Zhu Tian's Great Array was running frantically and began to use the power in the blood coffin!

Use the power of Heavenly Dao to deal with Heavenly Dao!

above heaven under earth, there is nothing better than Shen Lang and Light King!

Everything seems to have been rehearsed countless times.

Quick and ruthless, moving clouds like flowing water, no weak spot!

In the seventh realm...

Xuanyuan Mobai grasped Longyou Heavenly Venerate, Shen Lang Avatar grasped Yankang Heavenly Venerate, and it was already in the blink of an eye. At the center of the life and death disk!

"Give me, blow it up!"

In the soft voice of Shen Lang Avatar...

Shen Lang Avatar, who has mastered the nine laws, is in charge Xuanyuan Mobai, who has mastered the Eight Principles, and Yankang Heavenly Venerate and Longyou Heavenly Venerate, who have mastered the Eight Principles, are like an atomic bomb on Heavenly Dao, exploding!

Endless storms bloomed from Heavenly Dao, moved towards the seventh realm all directions swept through.

Wherever the storm passes, patches of Star Domain instantly turn into ashes!

Countless Divine Races of chaos, have not figured out what is going on, they are completely annihilated!

From a distance, watching the endless storm sweeping by, the deity of Shen Lang swept away, cutting down the arm of Heavenly Dao that was entangled in the chain!

As soon as Heavenly Dao's arm fell, it immediately turned into flying ash under the impact of the power of the Heavenly Slaying Blade, and drifted away.

After that, Shen Lang used the Heaven-Slaying Blade in his hand to split three times, breaking the engulfing storm directly!

He touched the humanoid Xiaotian, and the facial expression grave said: "Children, with Daddy's power, it is still impossible to crush the Heavenly Dao... Daddy still needs your help!"

Little poem fiercely a nodded: "Daddy, we understand."

The four children looked at each other, slightly nodded.

After that, Xiaotian, Xiaoshi, and Xiaodi formed a circle holding hands, surrounding Xiaoxuan in the middle.

Xiao Xuan blinked his eyes and turned into a five-color Xuantian ruler.

The three of Xiaotian closed their eyes and remained silent for a moment, turning them into a book of heaven, a book of earth, and a book of people.

The book of the sky, the book of the earth, and the book of the man sent out ten thousand zhang rays of light and began to move towards the convergence of the five-color Xuantian ruler.

In this storm, the four chaos Spirit Treasure will be completely integrated!

Shen Lang carries the Heaven-Patient Blade with his guard on one side.

A little bit of time passed.

Light King, with the gods, as well as Shen Langs billions of Avatars, is still in a tug of war with Heavenly Dao through the disk of life and death.

After Xuanyuan Mobai and Shen Lang used a Self-destruction method, Heavenly Dao's power has fallen sharply and weakened a lot.

The Light King side has the absolute upper hand!

In the universe where the six realms are, sentient beings are rejoicing.

A group of gods and demons, each of the gods and demons races, all spontaneously moved towards Shen Lang Avatar to gather, give out their power, and then send them to the Light King.

While World Tree controls the universe where the Six Realms are located, every single trace of energy is in its control!

Everything went on surprisingly smoothly!

If this situation goes on, maybe ten years, maybe a hundred years, maybe 500 years...Heavenly Dao will eventually be shattered!

The despair brought about by the devastation was quickly forgotten by people.

Instead, it is hysterical ecstasy!

And the seventh within the realm, Shen Lang's deity, has a sense of anxiety in his heart, gradually raised.

Under such a good situation, when the four Chaos Spirit Treasures are completely integrated, combined with the Heavenly Jade Blade, plus the power of the Hongmeng universe and the universe where the Six Realms are located, Heavenly Dao will be completely wiped out soon , How could such an uneasy feeling be born again?

"It went so well..."

Shen Lang brows tightly frowns: "There seems to be something wrong."

"But what's wrong? "

Shen Lang's gaze fell on the four Chaos Spirit Treasures that were being merged.

A strange faintly discernable breath was released from the five-color Xuantian ruler.

This aura is very strange and unfamiliar, but it feels a little familiar.

"This is..."

Shen Lang expression moved slightly, racking his brains to find the familiar feeling.

At this moment, all the Shen Lang Avatars in the time vortex of Hongmeng Universe opened their eyes at the same time: "The breath of time! The breath of Time Law!"

The four chaotic Spirit Treasures that have been thoroughly fused have the same breath of time as the vortex of time!

"Not good, it was counted!"

Shen Lang complexion greatly changed, his left hand protruded like lightning, moved towards the book of the sky grabbed the past: "Xiaotian, stop now Fusion!"

Just when he grasped the book of Xiangtian with his palm...

"chi chi chi!"

Huge tentacles , As if already prepared, penetrated the space, entangled Shen Lang's limbs!

One after another The power of law, the power of law fusion, instantly suppressed Shen Lang on the spot!

Shen Lang's arms shook, trying to break the tentacles, but he was entangled more tightly by the tentacles!

"Sure enough! Heavenly Dao's power is still so strong, the life and death disk has not really suppressed it... All his weakness is just a disguise!" Shen Lang's eyes changed, and he said eagerly: " Xiaotian, Xiaodi, stop fusing!"

"It's too late." Heavenly Dao's voice came from the depths of the universe: "I only found out all this now, it's no longer useful. They can't stop either."

"With your hands, I awakened the spiritual wisdom of the three Chaos Spirit Treasure, and sent the Book of Man to your hands, just for the four Chaos The last moment of Spirit Treasure fusion!"

Heavenly Dao hehehehe sneered, unspeakable joy in the voice: "You can make arrangements, why can't I make arrangements?"

"hmph, the fusion of the four chaotic Spirit Treasures, why can threaten Heavenly Dao?"

"Because their fusion will trigger Time Law!"

"Trivial ant things , And dare to plot against Heavenly Dao? Really act recklessly!"

Heavenly Dao seems to know that Shen Lang is difficult to break free at this moment, so he speaks freely: "I have countless time vortex in this seventh realm. Hundreds of millions of years, now its the last moment."

"At this last moment, you did it."

"And I, did it too!"

"The moment the'Sword of Judgment' appears, I will seize the Time Law. When the time comes, even the sword of Judgment can't help me at all!"

" The principles of Taoism, integrated into the Great Perfection, control time and space, the past and the future, are all in my control!"

"I will become, the supreme existence above countless parallel universes!"

< p>"hahahahaha!"

Heavenly Dao's impudent mad words resounded in the seventh realm.

Shen Lang's heart sank completely.


Outside this seventh realm, the body of Light King also completely froze.

Plot against Come and plot against. After all, didn't you escape Heavenly Dao's plot against?

I have planned countless years. Is this the end in the end?

This Heaven and Earth Chess Match, the final winner, is still Heavenly Dao?

No matter how complicated the game is, the last key steps have fallen into the hands of Heavenly Dao...

The real awakening of the four chaotic Spirit Treasures requires a sincere and good one. A heart requires a person who is the most passionate and sexual, and Shen Lang is this person;

After the four Chaos Spirit Treasures are awakened, they can truly merge;

And the four Chaos Spirits When Treasure merges into the "Sword of Ruling", Time Law will be triggered!

Heavenly Dao does not even need to seize the sword of judgment, nor does it need to seize the Time Law......

Heavenly Dao, who has reached the last step, only needs to get it from this Time Law With a little power of Time Law, you can truly control Time Law, and then integrate the nine laws into Great Perfection!

Nine by Nine Returns to One, the rule of Great Perfection.

Time and space are under your control!

By then, who else can resist?

Light King stayed for a while and closed his eyes.

After a while, she suddenly opened her eyes and opened her hands!

"Calling the awakening of the soul with the soul, you who have fallen, Heavenly Venerate, millions and millions of creatures, please wake up!"

Light King called affectionately The voice sounded not only in the universe where the Sixth Realm is located, but also in the Bone Sky Road, and also in the Seventh Realm!

"Heavenly Venerate, millions and millions of creatures who have fallen before, I dont want to disturb the rest of your souls, but the world has come to an end. Please everyone, please help me..."

Light King tears down like rain, praying piously.

In the hearts of Heavenly Venerate around, a feeling of sadness and desolation rose up.

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