Strongest Battle Emperor Chapter 1751

Just below the summon of Light King…

The vast soul fluctuations, first rippling from the white bones road!

The white bone sky road paved with the bones of Heavenly Venerate began to flash one after another dazzling rays of light!

One by one the breathtaking silhouettes began to appear!

When Shen Lang set foot on the Bone Sky Road, the soul of Heavenly Venerate, once a hundred million absolute war soul, began to wake up!

Not only that.

The universe where the Six Realms are located, and within the Seventh Realm.

It also starts to flash one after another rays of light!

A powerhouse that fell over 10,000 years ago, one by one, the supreme who had thrown their heads and sprinkled blood, has awakened!

“Repair my magic knife, kill me for nine days, sprinkle my blood, press forward!”

“Forge my war sword, burn my Divine Soul, all Life Power, add me Body!”

“Hundred Thousand Tribulations, my soul will not die, I will not kill Heavenly Dao, and I will swear not to be a man!”

Ancient vicissitudes singing, unyielding unyielding words, firmness The idea of shifting is circulating throughout the universe.

One Inextinguishable Battle Soul, returning from in the sky!

After that, countless souls of war in the universe where the Six Realms are located gathered around the Light King.

Light King turned around and glanced at the gods, his eyes were firm, and there was a deadly determination!

“Chang Feng, except me, only you and Xian’er can control the Zhutian Great Array. You and Xian’er rate hundreds thousand Heavenly Venerate to control this Zhutian Great Array, and continue to obliterate with life and death. Heavenly Dao power.”

Light King indifferently said: “The rest, follow me into the life and death disk, and fight for the last time for Xiaolang!”

The gods raised their hands of the gods , Yelled: “Kill!”

“Ding Dong!” Murong Changfeng’s eye socket cracked.

Xianer Zhuge cried out…

Light King slowly raised his head and muttered: “I remembered a sentence Big Brother Chu said when he left. .”

“If you go here, if you dont go back…”

“Then you wont go back!”

“Everyone, please do well Ready?”

All Heavenly God demon fighting intents ascended, shouting in unison: “I wish to follow the adults, enter the seventh realm, and never return!”

Light King tears Like rain, suddenly turned around!

As soon as she turned around, the seventh realm of the disc of life and death opened a door!

Light King without the slightest hesitation, step in!

Behind her, countless war souls, countless gods and demons, all have an expression of death, one after another turned into a escape, and escaped into the seventh realm!

Light King led the army of gods and demons, and in an instant, they gathered together with the countless souls of war awakened in the seventh realm.

Immediately, the gate closed instantly, blocking the countless Shen Lang Avatars who rushed behind, one after another!

Shen Lang, countless Avatars, came to stop them.

Unfortunately, its still a step too late…

Next moment, the huge illusory shadow that suppressed Heavenly Dao’s life and death disk, suddenly moved away.

The life and death disk that originally suppressed Heavenly Dao, there was a loud noise, and the moved towards Shen Lang fell!

“hong long long!”

The disc of life and death carries the power of the seventh realm, and combines the power of the six universes, as well as the power of the Shen Lang Hongmeng universe. With such a bang, Shen Lang’s Heavenly Dao tentacles were crushed, and Shen Lang and the upcoming “Sword of Judgment” were covered in them!

Heavenly Dao played the idea of Time Law when the “Sword of Judgment” was formed.

And Light King, it is the sword of judgment and Shen Lang, at the same time circled in the life and death chart!

The huge disk of life and death encircles Shen Lang and the sword of judgment, and crushes the only Heavenly Dao power in it, completely isolated from Heavenly Dao!

“Light King!”

Without the suppression of the life and death disk, Heavenly Dao roared, and the entire seventh realm immediately set off a storm of destruction.

A large piece of Star Domain, instantly shattered into nothingness!

A humanoid monster with tentacles grows up in the depths of the universe!

He stepped in the void, with a storm of destruction, moved towards here!

At this time, the billion absolutely fighting souls led by Light King, as well as countless Heavenly Venerates and gods and demons, all blocked the life and death disk!

They are ready for the soul flew away and scattered.

They came here to burn this last bit of strength and buy time for Shen Lang!

The Light King floats in the air, and his robe is hunting in the storm.

Together with Nalan Ziyan and the others, she looked back at Shen Lang in the life and death chart.

Shen Lang’s eyes are completely red, and he strikes that life-and-death plan with a punch and punch!

It’s just that, much weaker than Heavenly Dao, how can he break the game in a short time?

Be aware that on this life and death disk, there is the power of the 3rd-layer universe, as well as the power of his own billion absolutely Avatar!

Light King and Nalan Ziyan and the others looked at Shen Lang affectionately, and soared into the sky, moving towards Heavenly Dao and rushed over!

“courting death!”

Heavenly Dao coldly snorted.

Countless tentacles coiled up, and moved towards Light King and the others grabbed it!

“Ding Dong, stop!”

The deity of Shen Lang who was sealed in the disk of life and death, with eye socket cracked, roared with sorrow and anger!

Light King did not dare to turn around. Instead, he flicked his sleeves and accelerated his speed. Together with the gods, like flying towards the fire, the deity moved towards Heavenly Dao rushed over!

Their this move is exactly the same as Xuanyuan Mobai’s move!

They want to use this perish together method to weaken Heavenly Dao and delay Heavenly Dao’s control of Time Law!

“boom~ boom~ Bang…”

Countless powerful silhouettes, moved towards Heavenly Dao under the plate of life and death rushed down.

Like brilliant fireworks, one after another terrifying energy ripples rippling away.

Among them, Chu Suixin held tightly the stone sword that Mo Ge had turned into. A sword was inserted into Heavenly Dao’s head, but Heavenly Dao’s hand was beaten into nothingness!

Swallowing Heaven Beast transformed from Chongyang, with tears in his eyes, fiercely bit Heavenly Dao’s right foot, but Heavenly Dao punched his spine!

One by one, Heavenly Venerate, without hesitation, detonated themselves at the place closest to Heavenly Dao!

The humanoid monster stomping on the ground, humming, keeps going backwards, backwards!


Shen Lang’s eyes are completely red, and his body’s strength bursts out, frantically strikes life and death!

Under his crazy thoughts, guarding the World Tree sitting in the universe in the six worlds, with anger and domineering, coming through time and space!

Countless dragon-like branches are madly entangled with the tentacles of Heavenly Dao.

The two Heavenly Dao are facing each other head-on!

“bang bang bang bang!”

The battle to destroy the world is really crazy!

Shen Lang’s eyes were completely red, and the power of the whole body became very unstable, as if going crazy.

How many years have passed…

He has experienced countless times, reborn in the fire, and three lives.

Except for the previous life vanished fragrance and crumbled jade, Shen Lang has never been so uncomfortable, never so desperate!

This kind of despair makes him crazy and crashes him!

For the first time in how many years, he has lost his mind and is at a loss for the first time. He doesn’t know what to do!

After saying that you want to protect them, when it comes to the end, do you still want them to protect?

I have said that I will never allow the people around me to be harmed, but in the end I have to watch them the soul flew away and scattered?

Did you lose? Am I really going to lose?

Will they, whom I love so much, turn to ashes in front of me?

Bearing the trust of my partners, the sacrifices of my partners, and the faith they gave me, 100 million years absolutely… After all, is it still defeated?


“I will never allow it, never allow it!”

Shen Lang roar towards the sky, a black hair is instantly white!

The horror fighting intent, hatred, and love never seen before, fuse together, soar into the sky!


At this moment, there seemed to be something broken.

A mysterious holy light suddenly enveloped Shen Lang’s body.

The breath of Time Law…

Primal Chaos Divine Physique broke the last layer of restraint before the sword of ruling really took shape, reaching Peak!

Nine principles, completely integrated!

One hundred million absolutely Avatars, all turned into cosmic embryos!

The power of Shen Lang’s deity is increasing!

“It turns out that it is like this… The Great Accomplishment state of Primal Chaos Divine Physique is the birth of countless parallel universes.”

“It is indeed involved in Time Law, but not in Time Law, there is still some distance.”

Shen Lang exhaled gently, then slowly raised his hand.

The life and death disk that originally enveloped him and isolated him from the outside world, as easy as blowing off dust, was lifted up by him!

next moment, the illusory shadow of the life and death disk turned into a small grinding disk, which fell on the palm of his left hand, and then disappeared!

“This impossible, how could you be one step ahead of me!”

Heavenly Dao in Absolutely-in the Self-destruction of the gods, lose one’s head out of fear , Yelled hysterically!

Shen Lang remained silent, gently moved towards that Heavenly Dao with a finger!


Above the void, the hundred million absolutely Avatars who were originally blocked outside the seventh realm have all turned into life and death disks, moved towards the Heavenly Dao. Down!

“boom~ boom~ Bang…”

Countless life and death disks, countless cosmic embryos, knocked the Heavenly Dao to the ground and completely suppressed it!

Even a tentacles can no longer move!


At this time, a light sound, the fusion of four chaotic Spirit Treasures, finally succeeded!

The “Sword of Judgment” that revealed Time Law appeared in this universe!

Shen Lang stretched out his left hand and held the sword of judgment in his hand.

He held the sword of judgment in his left hand, and his right hand held the Heaven-Zhuying Blade, but he immediately attacked not at all. Instead, he closed his eyes and silently began to feel the Time Law in the sword of judgment.

Heavenly Dao has been suppressed by billions of embryos in the absolutely universe, so there is no need to rush to kill him.

If you want to find Ding Dong and the others, you can only thoroughly penetrate Time Law!

Primal Chaos Divine Physique has grown to Peak, which indeed turned countless Avatars of Shen Lang into countless parallel universes.

But it is still so short of Time Law!

At this moment, Shen Lang seemed to have forgotten everything.

Even the feeling of blood rushing to the sky just now, the feeling of pessimism and despair to the extreme, has completely disappeared.

The sword of verdict, shaking lightly, seemed to resonate with Shen Lang.

Heavenly Dao in the endless distance, looking at all this, is furious and desperately trying to struggle away!

However, it is useless.

Though these countless cosmic embryos have not yet been born Heavenly Dao, they are still a universe!

Heavenly Dao can support the universe of life and death, but how can it withstand the absolute suppression of the universe?

And the countless remaining battle souls, under the control of Murong Changfeng and Zhuge Xian’er, have been moved back and appeared behind Shen Lang.

All Heavenly God demons, countless souls of war, all know what happened.

No one speaks, everyone is waiting, silently waiting…

A little bit of time passed.

I dont know how long it took.

Suddenly, the Shen Lang Avatars in the time vortex in the Hongmeng universe all stood up, and then gathered into one person.

He glanced at the time vortex quietly, and gently a finger pointed.

The horrible time vortex suddenly continued to diminish, turning into a blurred vortex, falling into his palm.

And here in the seventh realm, on Shen Lang’s deity, bursts of holy light spread out, illuminating the entire universe!

“No, no!”

The suppressed Heavenly Dao, with despair in her eyes, yelled hysterically!

next moment, that huge Heavenly Dao suddenly becomes smaller suddenly.

After that, a stream of light suddenly escaped, moved towards the seventh world and escaped wildly!

This Heavenly Dao has abandoned all his power and his true body, wanting to escape with a ray of Spiritual Consciousness!

At this time, Shen Lang opened his eyes and said sensibly: “Time, stop!”

Suddenly, whether it is the seventh realm or the universe where the sixth realm is located, It was the Hongmeng universe of Shen Lang…

Time, completely stopped.

Immediately, in the minds of the Heavenly God demons, there seemed to be another voice: “Time, rewind.”

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