Strongest Battle Emperor Chapter 1752

The world is changing…

Time goes back directly to the moment when Light King led the Heavenly Venerate and prepared to enter the seventh realm!


Only one step is short of entering the Light King of the seventh realm. He lifted his foot and retracted it again.

A feeling of hard to describe flows in her heart.

Also circulating in the hearts of all gods and demons.

This kind of feeling is really indescribable…

It seems to be a moment, and it seems to have passed through the cycle of the universe.

The moment and eternity seem to overlap at this moment.

It seems that a lot of things have happened, and it seems just an illusion.

The bloody battle, the never-returning decisiveness, and the scenes of Shen Lang eye socket cracked crazy strikes life and death disc…

Still in Light King and the Circulate in others’ minds.

At their level, even Heavenly Dao can hardly create such a real illusion.

“What the hell is this…”

Light King seemed to sense something and slowly turned around.

At this moment, it has since become eternal…

Behind the gods, on the blood coffin, a white-haired Shen Lang standing on the blood coffin with his hands , Is looking at her with a smile.

At this time, Shen Lang, in addition to the whitening of his hair, also has a slight change that is unimaginable.

He didn’t speak, he just stood so quietly, but everyone can feel a kind of majesty, a kind of majesty that commands the world to do not dare not obey!

If Heavenly Dao is a single Lord of Universe.

The current Shen Lang, I am afraid, should be the only master of the endless plane!

Control the existence of time and space!

Past, present, future… Infinite universe, billions of planes, Supreme Existence!

At this moment, behind Shen Lang, the four Little Brat poked their heads out and looked at them curiously.


Light King’s nose was sour, tears came out of his eyes, and he ran a few steps, and moved towards Shen Lang rushed over.

People are still in the middle, Light King divided into two, turned into Xue Shiyin and Xue Dingdong, and fell into Shen Lang’s arms at the same time!

As for Nalan Ziyan, Lan Mengling and the others, at this moment, they completely ignored the others. They all rushed over, hugged Shen Lang, and cried bitterly!

“Exactly, what happened? Why don’t I understand?” Shen sword edge looked at his hands and said with a little puzzlement: “I clearly remember the soul flew away and scattered. Why is it okay?”

“And, I haven’t entered the seventh realm yet?”

An explosive chestnut from Chongyang knocked on Shen sword edge’s head: “You Idiot!”

“My big brother has already taken control of Time Law, turned the time back and saved you all, dont you understand?”

Sword edge suddenly realized: “What about Heavenly Dao?!”

Murong Changfeng said: “The countless Avatars of Third Brother, suppressed in the seventh realm, are in a dilemma.”

“We , I won!”


The gods who reacted to the sky cheered.

One after another idea, immediately moved towards every corner of the universe, spreading away!

The six worlds are jubilant, and everyone is celebrating!

“Ah! So many beautiful mothers!”

Just when the gods were overjoyed, a milky voice rang.

Nalan Ziyan and the others, who were holding Shen Lang and crying bitterly, stayed for a while and went back sobered up.

I saw four children including Xiao Shi, looking at them timidly, with expectations and shyness in their eyes.

Nalan Ziyan with tears on his face, changed into a smile in an instant, and hugged Xiao Shi and Xiao Xuan: “Our child? This is our child!”

Lan Mengling and Xue Dingdong are also fast, they hug one, and hug Xiaotian and Xiaodi.

Alice and Donghuangji stomped their feet in popularity.

“Pretty mother, if you give birth to a child in the future, will you not want us?” Xiao Shinai asked gruffly.

“hahahahaha!” Everyone laughed.

Looking at this scene, Shen Lang’s mouth also has a smile.

He moved towards Void and grabbed a little, and caught a small thing.

The thing seemed to be a little blurred octopus, shrunk into a ball in Shen Lang’s palm.

Sword edge sinking sharp eyes, ran over immediately, the thief said with a smile: “There are four children, you get a toy, but its a bit troublesome? Is it too eccentric?”

Shuirou on the side was impatient, and kicked Shen sword edge with one kick: “Are you blind? Is that a toy?!”

Sword edge is angry Broken: “You or him, don’t just kick me at every turn? It’s not a toy! Is it a pet?” Dong Huang tilted his head slightly and said, “That’s Heavenly Dao.”

“Oh, Heavenly Dao, treat Heavenly Dao as a toy, put… Fuck!” Shen sword edge said as he reacted, he jumped three feet high!

Isn’t it the Heavenly Dao who appeared in the palm of Shen Lang, who crossed the universe and brought despair to countless creatures!

“Shen Lang, please, it’s still useful for you to keep me.” Heavenly Dao made a faint and inaudible voice and said, “At least, you can let me manage a universe for you. I can swear to acknowledge allegiance, forever not to betray!”

The joyous scene just fell silent again.

In the eyes of countless gods and demons, anger burst out again!

Shen Lang stayed silent, his palms closed slightly, and he muttered: “Two-by-two, rolling in the dust for an instant. The past and the future, the robbery is endless.”

“Broken Come on!”

With a bang, Heavenly Dao burst like a soap bubble.

The entire timeline, past, present, and future, the traces of Heavenly Dao, have been wiped out completely!

The destruction in the true sense, the destruction that is always impossible again!

This unprecedented battle between heaven and earth ended with the destruction of Heavenly Dao.

The entire between Heaven and Earth, completely plunged into jubilation.

The hope after despair, the wandering on the edge of life and death, brings people uncontrollable excitement and ecstasy.

Many gods and demons who have lost their loved ones or relatives and friends around are crying with joy.

At this time, Xue Shiyin glanced at the countless war souls standing on the periphery without speaking, and said softly: “Xiaolang…”

Xue Shiyin immediately caught Xue Shiyin. Said: “Pretty mother, don’t worry.”

“God is not almighty, but Daddy is almighty!”

Shen Lang smiled slightly nodded.

I didn’t see what he did. Whether it was the countless battle souls in the cracks of the universe or the countless battle souls in the seventh realm, all began to become solid, and then regained the fleshy body!

Not only that, but even those powerhouses and Heavenly Venerates whose Spiritual Consciousness was wiped out in the past are all being reborn!

Even the Buddhas who entered the Ruthless Knife, as well as the Star Nine Dragon King, Demon Dragon Clan…all appeared on the spot!

The cheers sounded again.

The whole universe is rejoicing again!

Shen Lang flicked his sleeves and brought everyone back to Monster Realm in the Six Realms.

The entire Monster Realm is boiling.

In the Monster Realm, the Monster Emperor Temple rises from the ground, and gods and Buddhas from all walks of life are swarming!

Since the opening of the world, there has never been such a joyous, so lively!

More than two months later…

In the Temple of the Monster Emperor, there are ambitions and joy.

Xiao Shi clasped both hands and said to Shen sword edge: “Sword edge Uncle, guess how many gems I have in my hand? If you guess it right, I will give you both of them. You guessed it wrong. Just go and help me break off the two horns of Chi Yanfeng Uncle.”

Shen sword edge laughed contemptuously and said to her: “Two pieces!”

Little poem After listening, he spread out his palm and shouted loudly: “Wrong, it’s a piece!”

“…” After hearing this, Shen sword edge fell silent.

“oh!” Everyone around Heavenly Venerate shook their heads.

Being played like this by a child, there is no one except this one.

Sword edge was also very depressed.

Its fine if someone else says its a second product. Why cant you find your face in front of a little child?

How could you be so embarrassed on a big day?

He rolled his eyes and put his gaze on Xiao Xuan, who looked the most honest, and ran to hold Xiao Xuan and said, “Xiao Xuan, I dare to call your father’s name directly, do you dare? “

Xiao Xuan scratched his head and said: “I dare to call him daddy, do you dare?”

Sword edge smacked his lips and didn’t say a word for a long time.

The surrounding Heavenly Venerate couldn’t help it anymore, and one by one laughed heartily.

At this time, Shen Sword Edge, his father, Shen Haoxuan, couldn’t stand it anymore.

Shen Haoxuan holding the wine glass, stride proudly ahead, walked over, and everyone said: “Aiya, my son is Heavenly Venerate, and Heavenly Venerate is my son!”

“…” All Heavenly Venerate’s faces turned black.

Sword edge hurriedly stopped him: “Father, how can you say that? Not all Heavenly Venerates are your sons.”

All Heavenly Venerates The face is darker.

Sword edge felt the murderous-looking gazes around him, and almost cried: “I didn’t say anything, did I say something wrong? My father is really not your father?”

Red flame wind and water like smoke rushed over, and it was a violent beating to hold his head.

Let him continue like this, everyone’s advantage is taken up by him, and I don’t know what heaven-shaking, earth-shattering he will say!

That’s not the same as this guy back then?

Is there a problem during samsara reincarnation? Have brain issues?

3 months later _

The world has changed greatly, and the world has also recovered.

Shen Lang re-planned the world when he turned his back.

Countless parallel universes exist on various timelines without interfering with each other.

The structure of every universe is divided into three realms by Shen Lang.

Mortal World, Immortal World, God World.

Every realm can be said to be a universe, with countless stars, extending endlessly.

And Six Roads of Samsara, exists in the long river of time, connecting every universe.

In each universe, Heavenly Dao is being born.

The illusory shadow of a sword of ruling, hanging above the universe, is equivalent to hanging above the heads of all Heavenly Dao.

When a Heavenly Dao in the universe is corroded by the power of darkness, the sword of judgment will fall.

The new Heavenly Dao will be born again.

A powerful Heavenly Venerate, with the mission entrusted by Shen Lang, guards the universe one by one.

Heaven and earth, stability, harmony…

On this day, Shen Lang, with Xue Shiyin, Nalan Purple Smoke, Lan Mengling and the others, appeared in God Worlds In the void.

Xiaotian and other four children were also held in their arms.

Mo Ge, Chu Suixin, Xuanyuan Mobai and Chongyang are all among them.

Below, thousands of gods and demons are reluctant to give up.

“elder sister…”

Shen Lang called out softly.

Shen Moran flew over, the melancholy in his eyes, as strong as ever.

Even Heavenly Venerate, which was countless years ago, has been reborn.

But she not at all saw the silhouette of Chu Qingcheng.

She knows Shen Lang has arrangements, so she has been waiting.

At this time, Shen Lang moved towards the void and gently a finger pointed.

A picture immediately appeared above the void.

A lazy young man, with Erlang’s legs folded, lying in the white clouds in the sky, looking bored at the sky in a daze.

Who is Chu Qingcheng?

Shen Moran has a sore nose and covers his mouth with both hands.

“Elder sister, you go, he said, I will pay you back forever.” Shen Lang is slightly nodded.

Shen Moran pursed his mouth, took a deep breath, moved towards the scene stepped into the scene, and entered the world deliberately created by Shen Lang.

When the light curtain disappeared, Shen Lang moved towards the bottom waved and turned around.

The true body of Emperor Qilin of the last days appeared out of thin air from under their feet, and took Shen Lang and a group of people into the void.

The Heavenly God Buddhas watched them leave and said nothing for a long time.

Between Heaven and Earth, there is such a myth that is enduring.

But no one knows where Shen Lang went.

Some people say, Shen Lang everywhere.

In the past and the future, any universe has his silhouette.

Some people say that where Shen Lang went, he created an interface that surpassed God World.

That interface exists and does not exist.

Only after being cultivated to that level, everyone can go to that interface before they can see him again.


Finally finished.

Two years and four months.

I experienced a lot of things in the middle, and it was ups and downs. I was really moved.

Very reluctant, but there is also a feeling of relief.

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

The ending may not satisfy all readers, nor may it be perfect.

Many characters, many details, no one after another description…Of course, if you want to describe, you can write a lot.

But those details, each of a nobody’s things, let everyone imagine for themselves.

I have told many readers before, I dont write about tragedies, I hate tragedies… Its hard enough to live, so why use tragedy to make us uncomfortable?

What I want is comedy, a happy reunion.

What I want is for the protagonist to fight, and finally the dream comes true.

love will find a way.

In the end, Chu Qingcheng didn’t show up again, which was a suspense.

Because he will appear again in my new book.

Shen Moran went to that world, that world, there is another legend.

Thank you everyone for staying with Lao Hai for so long. So far, the strongest war emperor has come to a curtain call.

I hope that in this process, we have gained laughter and moved together.

Sometimes, reading a book is not just seeking such a process?

Thank you all.

Please let us, see you in the new book!

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Brother sisters, we are in a new world, goodbye!

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