Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 434

The Andromeda galaxy, the former Crimson Federation Capital Circle Saka.

Looking at the hundreds of millions of weird orbs that are moving slowly, but are gathering towards themselves from all directions.

Blue River has a very bad premonition, but can’t do anything!

We can only hope that these strange balls will be completely destroyed after entering the absolute damage range of Neutron War Star 1AU!

With the ebbing of time, these things Li Lizi called quality balls are about to enter the 1AU range.

Moreover, as these mass balls get closer and closer to the neutron War Star, their approach speed is gradually increasing. Not surprisingly, after 3 hours, they will completely contact the neutron War Star contact!

Within the 1AU range of the Neutron War Star, it is also called the Absolute Kill Domain by the Ziyun Empire.

In this distance, due to the super gravitational effect of the neutron War Star, it will continue to cause distortion and tearing effects in the surrounding space. All battleships that enter this range have absolutely no chance of surviving!

However, there are exceptions to this too!

“How is it, can it be repaired?”

Looking at a group of battered technicians in front of him, Lan He asked.

“I’m afraid it will be difficult, Marshal!”

“So far, we have not even figured out the cause, and there is no way to repair it. After all, we have no idea about the neutron War All the technologies on Star are completely ignorant!”

One of the technicians said to Blue River shook the head.

In fact, let alone not knowing the reason, even if they know what the reason is, this group of technicians absolutely do not know how to solve it.

After hearing such a reply, Blue River was also very anxious.

He is now trapped in a cage.

You must know that if you want to leave the Neutron War Star, the only way is to return to the outpost, isolate the Neutron War Star by its gravitational barrier, and connect to the internal command center, so that you can safely get from the Neutron War Star. Come out of War Star, otherwise, there is no way to safely leave Neutron War Star!

In addition, now, the entire neutron War Star unable to move even a little bit is really no different from being locked in a cage!

“Marshal, those strange spheres are expected to enter the neutron War Star’s absolute killing field in 1 minute!”

“Got it!”


Blue River didn’t have any excitement, but just faintly replied.

In his opinion, since the other party has a way to prevent the Neutron War Star from acting, it is natural that he knows the Neutron War Star very well.

And a civilization that knows the neutron War Star extremely well, will it throw so many useless things over?

Obviously, not!

Therefore, although Blue River has hopes, it does not hold much hope.

“Marshal, those strange spheres have entered the neutron War Star’s absolute kill domain, but…the absolute kill domain has no effect on it!”

Report by the adjutant , As if to confirm Blue River’s speculation, it was hopeless.

“I seem to remember that scientists in our empire once guessed that if the mass of the neutron War Star continues to increase, when it reaches a certain critical point, a black hole will form!”

“At that time, the scientist was laughed at by the entire empire’s scientific community, and was eventually arrested by your predecessor Your Majesty for slandering the empire’s sacred relic, and ended up depressed in prison, right?”

I didn’t have much surprise with the adjutant’s report, Blue River sighed, but instead recalled an incident in the empire more than three hundred years ago.


“You said, was the scientist’s guess at the time correct? And these unresolvable spherical objects that are gathering towards us, and Could it be…”


The adjutant sucked in a cold breath severely, and instantly understood.

Why does his own marshal remember that event more than 300 years ago at this juncture!

If this is true…

Suddenly, the adjutant looked at the image again, the strange spheres that were gathering together, the whole face was full of horror. .

“Marshal, this…what shall we do?”

“There is no way, I can only hope that my guess is wrong…”

Three hours later.

After a long movement of hundreds of millions of quality balls, they finally approached the seed War Star and hit them one after another.

As time goes by, I will no longer see the seed War Star anymore. All I can see is the scene where countless quality balls are piled up together.

The harsh siren blew, and scarlet lights flickered everywhere.

In the command center of Neutron War Star, there is already a mess.

“Marshal, the pressure on the gravitational barrier has increased sharply, and I am trying to obtain more energy!”

“Marshal, the energy crystal (zero-point energy) is rapidly consuming, and its consumption rate has been It has reached more than ten thousand times the normal!”


In the entire command center, bad news is like no money, constantly reporting from the subordinates. .

Even if it is protected by a gravitational barrier, everyone seems to feel that the pressure on their bodies is increasing, and they seem to be torn into pieces at any time!

“Sure enough… the other party really wants to directly turn us into a black hole by increasing the mass of the neutron War Star!”

Blue River smiled bitterly.

He never thought that the neutron War Star, which cannot be penetrated by any weapon, would be destroyed in this way. It is simply…

“Marshal, follow At the current rate of evolution, our gravitational barrier can protect us at most for an hour, and it will exhaust all core energy, and this is based on the premise that the gravitational barrier does not collapse prematurely!”


At the same time, Heather Star Domain, the star system Wharton.

“Team leader, the fusion of the neutron War Star and the mass ball has begun. It is speculated that the mass of the neutron War Star will reach a critical point after 29 minutes.”

A female The scientific researchers were reporting to Li Lizi with some excitement.

She has followed Li Lizi for a long time. She has witnessed the laboratory being blown up, the planet being torn apart, and even the star system being destroyed.

However, to create a black hole, I have never seen it before…

Now, a black hole will be born in the hands of my own research group!

For him as a researcher, you can imagine how excited he will be.

Li Lizi did not answer, but simply nodded, her eyes were still staring at the observation screen sent back by Saka.

In the image, the huge individual with hundreds of millions of mass balls wrapped around the neutron War Star as the center is slowly shrinking at the speed that naked eye can see.

Li Lizi knows that in the center of the individual where the neutron War Star is located, the mass ball is constantly merging with the neutron War Star.

As this process continues, after 29 minutes, the neutron War Star will reach the critical point of its mass and collapse into a black hole!

Time is constantly losing minute by second, and the individual in the image composed of the neutron War Star and hundreds of millions of mass balls is also shrinking.

“It’s time to become a black hole, neutron War Star!”

29 minutes later, when the circular individual in the image suddenly stopped and stopped shrinking.

The corner of Li Lizi’s mouth raised a radian!

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