Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 437

The red energy body in front of me slowly transformed into a human form and condense the entity.

“What are you…?”

“Hey, say I am a thing, you are a bit too much!”

Look at There was a horrified Byrne in front of him, Faun said with a smile.

“First introduce myself, my name is Farn, I am the former chief scientist of the Alphat civilization.”

“Ah, by the way, if you count according to your civilization level, Alphat civilization is a Level 12 civilization, commonly known as an ultra-restricted civilization!”

“There is another news, I think you will be interested, that is the two neutron War Stars in your hands, oh yes Now it’s one. It’s actually left behind after our Alphat civilization was promoted to an ultra-restricted civilization 100,000 years ago.”

Shocked, extremely shocked! !

Level 12 civilization? What is this concept?

Byrne is not clear, but it does not hinder his understanding of the gap, that is, if others want to pinch themselves, it is even easier than trampling on an ant!

Moreover, the other party actually knows that Ziyun Empire has more than one neutron War Star!

Speaking of this secret, apart from the past emperors, only the Chief-In-Charge of the Fire Empire knows about it.

After all, when the Second Civilization was established, the selected location was the Star Domain where another neutron War Star was located.

The most important thing is that this person actually said that they created and left the neutron War Star?

If this is true…

Suddenly, a cold sweat broke out on Bourne’s forehead.

“Speaking of which, you are really awkward. After we got our neutron War Star, we were even brought to this point by a sixth-level civilization. Even the neutron War Star was It’s ruined!”

“Sure enough, even if you get our little toys, it’s not something you low-level civilizations can play around.”

Speaking, Faen’s eyes In, flashed a touch of contempt.

For the Alphat civilization that was once a super civilization, the Neutron War Star is really a small toy. It is just a patrol ship placed by the Alphat civilization in the outposts of various galaxies.

Yes, for the Alphat civilization, the Neutron War Star is used as a patrol ship, not even a battleship, let alone the main battleship.

If it weren’t for some characteristics of the neutron War Star, it would be more convenient for them to suppress various galaxies at that time, and they would not even bother to build.

After all, this thing is too backward for the Alphat civilization.

“Let’s do this, I’ll help you make some adjustments to the remaining neutron War Star to avoid being destroyed by humans in the same way, and you can only rely on you for the rest. It’s me!”

“Why do you want to help us?”

“Help you? You think too much, I just don’t want humans to go too smoothly, after all, my former friends But I am very optimistic about their future!”

This kind of answer directly stunned Byrne.

What kind of operation is this, I don’t understand it at all!

Because your friends are optimistic about the future of mankind, you don’t want them to go too smoothly?

Is the logic of advanced civilization so strange?

Or, is this treating our Ziyun Empire as a grindstone?

Suddenly thinking of such a probability, Byrne showed a slight look of anger, but was quickly suppressed.

No matter how angry, no matter how unwilling it is, it is absolutely impossible to show it now.

Since we want to use our Ziyun Empire as a sharpening stone, then I will sharpen it for you. If the knife is broken, don’t blame me!

Actually, what Bourne didn’t know was that he really misunderstood what Faun said. He was talking about ex-friends. The key point is the word “before”. If you want to say the present, it’s the enemy. !

Although Byrne’s anger was suppressed quickly, he still didn’t escape Farn’s eyes.

The wise Finn naturally knew that Byrne wanted to be crooked, but he didn’t care. He didn’t care so much, but rather, the more he did, the more satisfied he was.

Anger is right!

Achieved his goal, and Faen didn’t say much any more, and it was directly transformed into a mass of energy, which just disappeared out of thin air.

And at this time, a voice of Faun was directly transmitted into Byrne’s brain.

“By the way, let me tell you a good thing. In fact, in this galaxy, these three planet-class battleships of the seventh-level civilization are also sealed up. I have set the highest control authority to you. !”

“Don’t let me down!”

Not only is the sound coming in, there is even a set of spatial coordinates that have been burnt in Bourne’s mind. He can’t forget even if he wants to.

After Faun disappeared, Burne suddenly felt the pressure on his body lighten and he was relieved.

Is all this true or false?

At this time, a communication request suddenly flashed in front of Byrne. This is a communication request that he has not received for decades, and sent this communication request. The location, on the virtual interface in front of Byrne, shows…

The Outpost of the Agni!

“Imperial Brother, there is a problem with the War Star of the Agni!”

As soon as the communication was connected, the person on the opposite side said anxiously.

And this person is the Emperor Carter of the Fire Empire. At the same time, he is also the younger brother of Byrne.

“What’s wrong with the Agni?”

Hearing that there was something wrong with the War Star neutron of the Agni, Bourne couldn’t calm down. This was its final killing move. Up!

“Imperial Brother, I really don’t know how to describe this…The command room of War Star, the neutron of the Agni, has undergone major changes, as if it was rebuilt!”


“And the weirdest thing is that a detailed instruction manual appeared in the command room, even written by the civilization of our Ziyun Empire!”

Carter’s expression is indescribable It’s weird, this thing is too weird!

But Bourne, who listened to this, was shocked. It shouldn’t be…

“By the way, Imperial Brother, there is one more strange thing! “

“What else, come on!”

“In the energy storage compartment of the outpost, there were originally only 8 energy crystals left, but just now the neutron War After Star had such a strange incident, I asked my subordinates to inspect the entire outpost, and finally…”

“What happened in the end?”

“Finally, we found , There are 100 more energy crystals in the energy storage warehouse!!!”


At this point, Byrne was almost certain that they were all Just now the person named Farn wrote.

It’s worthy of being a Level 12 civilization, it’s worthy of being an ultra-restricted civilization!

The methods are terrifying!

“Carter, I already know what’s going on, all investigations are over!”

“Imperial Brother, what are you?”

Byrne’s sudden order made Carter stunned. You can explain it to me anyway!

“Okay, I said, you don’t care about this anymore, there is another thing on my side that needs you to do it right away.”

Byrne’s side While speaking, he sent Carter a set of spatial coordinates.

“This is related to the survival of our Ziyun Empire!!!”

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