Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 439

Three months passed quietly.

“Commander, we are about to arrive at the mission coordinates, and we will launch hyperspace navigation in ten seconds!”

“Well, notify other battleships and be prepared for sudden occurrence!”


On the bridge, Worston sat in the captain’s seat with seriousness on his face.

About this mission, I have to talk about it from a week ago…

Just a week ago, Lin Yu was still busy integrating the civilization of the Andromeda galaxy’s back spiral arms. Li Lizi developed a set of galaxy-level anomalous quality detection equipment based on the data obtained by destroying the neutron War Star of the Ziyun Empire.

And when the instrument was started for the first time, it was detected that there is an abnormal point on the end of the spiral arm of the galaxy, and it is extremely abnormal, as if it was…

There is a neutron War Star on this coordinate, so normal!

When this report was handed over to Lin Yu, it immediately attracted his attention.

This is not a trivial matter. If Li Lizi’s inference is not wrong, the location is either a neutron War Star, or a neutron star!

In the Andromeda galaxy, there may be a second neutron War Star, which makes the scalp numb.

Fortunately, this location is not within the Ziyun Empire, but within the territory of a fourth-level civilization, and it may even have not been discovered.

After thinking of this, Lin Yu immediately opened the star map and civilization distribution map he obtained from Emmany.

“Fire civilization?”

“When it first appeared in front of all civilizations, it was a thousand years ago, and it was already a four-level Early-Stage technological civilization, and now , It is suspected to be a technological civilization of the late fourth level!”

“In the past thousand years, there have been many surrounding civilizations. Because of the lack of tribute materials, the idea was hit by this burning civilization. But the strange thing is that these civilizations were destroyed by the Ziyun Empire before they started for various plausible reasons.”

“It seems that they have been in danger, but But every time I can unfathomable mystery turn peril into safety, until today, no civilization has the idea of ​​daring to fight the fire civilization. For other civilizations, the fire civilization is simply a bad luck civilization. Whoever goes is bad luck!”

After reading the information, Lin Yu frowned.

good luck?


There is obviously a problem with this raging civilization!

The most important thing is that no matter which civilization provokes the raging civilization, it is the Ziyun Empire that makes the final shot, although every time it is a plausible reason!

However, Lin Yu has already connected these two civilizations in his heart.

Is it the diehard civilization of the Ziyun Empire?

Is it a civilization thoroughly controlled by the Ziyun Empire by special means?

Or, this Blazing Empire is simply the Ziyun Empire in disguise?

In an instant, Lin Yu thought of many possibilities.

Regardless of whether there is a real relationship between the Fire Empire and the Ziyun Empire, the abnormal coordinates detected by Li Lizi cannot be left alone.

It seems that someone must be sent to take a look!

Soon, under Lin Yu’s order, a task force of only a hundred battleships set off.

The commander is Worston, who is now looking serious.

For this mission, Lin Yu explained to Worston very clearly.

Therefore, he knows very well how important this mission is, and likewise, how dangerous it is!

This is a star system with no life planet. It has not undergone any development and is very desolate.

In its peripheral zone, in the sky, many vortex-like window passages suddenly appeared, and then a hundred battleships quickly sprang out from the inside.

“There is no deviation in position. We are currently 10AU away from the mission target, and no abnormal gravitational field has been detected!”

“Turn on all scanning devices and observe the target position!”

“Yes…all the scanning devices have been activated…the target position has been acquired. There is this large man-made object, which is suspected to be a space base. The observation image is also available, and it is put into the bridge!”

Just under the operation of the command team members of the bridge, a large virtual image appeared inside the bridge!

That is a large flat space base, its style is very sci-fi!

Obviously, it is totally inconsistent with the architectural style of Agni Civilization in the materials, but the center of this base immediately attracted Worston’s attention.

If you want to describe it simply, this base presents a hollow disk shape in the middle. At the hollow position in the center, there is a spherical blue barrier. It is impossible to see what is inside the barrier. what.

However, Worston was keenly aware that the size of the spherical area enclosed by this blue barrier was almost the same as the neutron War Star of the Ziyun Empire before.

No, there is really a neutron War Star, right?

Thinking of this, Worston’s face became more solemn!

“Are there any other civilized fleets around?”

“Not found, Commander!”

“Whether there is life in that unknown base Signs?”

“Commander, the target seems to have an isolation method that we don’t understand, and it’s impossible to scan its internal situation!”

This answer, Worston is not so good Satisfied, frowned deeply.

The most disliked thing about him is that the situation is unknown, you know, the unknown represents danger!

“Commander, found that at a distance of 7 million kilometers from our fleet, three hyperspace windows are being formed, and the scale of their windows is extremely large!”

It is in Worston Frowning, thinking about what to do next.

In the command group in front of him, the radar officer’s shout suddenly came.

“Activate the space radar, sound the Level 1 combat readiness alert, and the entire fleet will be prepared for combat according to the encounter preparation plan three.”

“Yes, commander!”


Hyperspace windows, this is not a good thing!

We must know that hyperspace navigation is the technology of level 7 civilization. The reason why Federation can possess is actually learned from the dark star of the Milky Way.

And this is unlikely to be the battleship sent by Lin Yu, otherwise Lin Yu will definitely tell himself as the commander of this mission.

Finally, coupled with the extremely large hyperspace window, a sense of crisis arose in Worston’s heart in an instant.

Soon, the battleships of the Three Giant Warships sprang out of their opened hyperspace windows.

This is not generally huge, even if the 100 battleships led by Worston are added together, compared to these three battleships, they are as small as ants.

In the bridge, Worston looked at the three giant battleships as huge as planets in the observed images, his eyes widened, his face was unbelievable!

This size, this shape!

No matter how you look at it, you are very familiar!

Same as the one now stored in the Large Magellanic Cloud…

Dark Star… or three?

How is this possible! ! !

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