Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 442

Just as the power of the zero bomb continued to wreak havoc, more than 10 light years away, a small fleet was observing its location.

In fact, the fleet led by Worston only carried out a hyperspace flight for 5 seconds, but this was enough for them to fly more than 10 light-years away.

After exiting hyperspace, Worston immediately ordered observation of their previous coordinates.

After the Federation captured the dark star, it conducted many tests, including the shield test!

Therefore, the Federation has long known that the dark star possesses a shield that is very powerful, even so powerful that it cannot even be hurt by space attacks.

It’s just a pity that even if Bai Zixuan spent a lot of energy, he didn’t produce any results.

After all, Bai Zixuan is only very innate talent in space and dimension, and phase is a completely different concept from these two goods.

Even Bai Zixuan’s innate talent for phase technology is almost zero.

After that, after Li Lizi took over the project, a lot of results have been achieved, but there are still a lot of technical barriers without a breakthrough. If you want to create it, you don’t know how much time you will be able to do it.

Well, an entire star system was indirectly blown up during the process, completely making her a scientific research lunatic!

Although the Federation has conducted a lot of tests on the Dark Star, it really has not tested whether its phase shield can withstand the power of the zero bomb!

Worston’s ship happens to have a small zero-point bomb newly developed by the Federation that can be used alone.

This was authorized by Lin Yu before departure, just in case!

And now, it was really used by Worston, and I also helped Federation test it in an instant, something that I wanted to test but didn’t dare to test until now.

As the observation continues, Worston’s face doesn’t look good.

If even the zero bomb can’t cause any damage to it…

Then Federation is dangerous!

Be aware that this thing has a hyperspace engine, which spans a small size. For it, simply means trivial.


It’s too dangerous, you must notify Commander Lin Yu immediately!

“Help me connect to Commander Lin Yu!”

“Yes, Commander!”


Wharton forearm arm.

“If you count the time, Worston should get to the target location. If there is another neutron War Star…”

“Don’t expect to use the previous The way, no one is stupid enough to be fooled twice!” Just when Lin Yu was talking to herself, thinking about whether to let Li Lizi go to the black hole again.

A clear and pleasant voice came from the door of the office.

“Why don’t I knock on the door, it’s like this through childhood!”

“Then why don’t you close the door, it’s like this through childhood!”

“pu. ..hahaha”

The opening dialogue was awkward, but when the two of them finished speaking, they laughed impudent at the same time.

Speaking of which, when the two met, neither of these two opening sentences had been known hundreds of times.

Lin Yu is okay, but Li Lizi looks like this, if other people, especially those in his group, see it, she will definitely drop her jaw.

“It’s alright, don’t laugh. If this is seen by those little girls in your group, then your image will collapse completely!”

“What The image is not imagery, and I don’t usually do that on purpose.”

As Li Lizi said, she stepped forward and sat down opposite Lin Yu.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this, what did you mean?”

Stopping his impudent smiling face, Lin Yu looked towards Li Lizi, seriously Asked.

“Well, how do I say, using the neutron degenerate mass ball I made, it is indeed easy to get a neutron War Star, and I can hardly think of anything to counteract it. Way!”

“However, to use this method, there is an important premise!”

“And this premise is…Neutron War Star motionless There, let you kill!”

After Li Lizi finished speaking, she shook the head!

Lin Yu does not understand.

“Isn’t there your super-gravity against the system?”

“Although the mass sphere of the neutron degenerate state has no solution, the super-gravity against the system has a solution. Yes, and it’s very easy to crack! The first time, the other party didn’t prepare and didn’t have enough time, but if it’s the second time, it probably won’t work!”

“Is there anything else Fang…”

Lin Yu, who just wanted to ask a key question, was interrupted by his communicator, and then he made an apologetic gesture to Li Lizi and connected to the communication.

Suddenly, a silhouette appeared in the room. It was Wolston who Lin Yu sent to perform the task.

“Commander Lin Yu!”

“Worston, your face is so ugly, isn’t there something wrong with the mission, right?”

Looking at Worston’s somewhat pale face, Lin Yu’s heart shook for a moment, and he asked immediately.


Worston did not answer directly, but turned his head and glanced at Li Lizi in the room.

“It’s okay, the neutron War Star’s work is the responsibility of the leader Li, you can report directly!”

Lin Yu naturally understood what Worston meant, and then Said.


“First of all, we found a space base at the target location, and there was a suspected neutron War Star in this base, but it was The barrier is blocking, I am not quite sure that this is the image at that time!” While talking, Worston passed a copy of the image and opened it directly in Lin Yu’s office!

In the picture, there is a round pie-shaped space creation, very sci-fi, in the middle of which is a huge circular hollow, and the hollow is covered by a blue barrier, which makes it impossible to see The contents in it, but its size is indeed about the same as a neutron War Star!

“This should be the Neutron War Star!”

At this time, Li Lizi on the side spoke!

“What’s the basis?”

“It’s very simple. Around the neutron War Star, there is always a super-gravity field, so how do the crews get in and out? How to dock?”


Listening to Li Lizi’s words, Lin Yu couldn’t think of it for a while.

Yes, how does this person get in and out of the Neutron War Star?

“So, every neutron War Star must have a tailor-made base for it, and this base must have the means to isolate the super-gravity of the neutron War Star!”

“And in this image, the blue barrier in the middle is probably a technology that can completely isolate the super-gravity!”

After Li Lizi explained, so did Lin Yu nodded, which means approval.

It seems that nine out of ten times this is the base of a neutron War Star!

“Commander Lin Yu, I still have one important thing to report, which is worse in nature than this neutron War Star!”

Just when Lin Yu was preparing to let Voss When he came back first, Worston spoke first!

And this opening shocked Lin Yu.

Something worse than the neutron War Star?

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