Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 444

Looking at Johnson’s sad eyes, Lin Yu’s heart felt a flurry of hair, and immediately cut off the communication.

After solving the problem of how to take away the three dark star battleships, the rest is how to solve the problem of neutron War Star operation!

Be aware that Federation does not have a neutron War Star. Even if you steal a neutron War Star, you won’t know how to operate it for a while, right?

This is a big problem, but it is not unsolvable!

After all… brainwave reading is not a high-tech for the Federation, which has reached the sixth level of technological civilization.

It’s just that, because of inhuman, it’s forbidden to use it inside the Federation.

However, in the Federation’s laws, none of the laws says that it is not allowed to use the technology for the lives of other civilizations…

Everything is done in an orderly manner. As the entire combat plan was gradually improving, it was stuck in a critical link!

For the smooth progress of the entire operation, Lin Yu believes that not only the combat personnel, but also the corresponding technical personnel must pass in order to quickly deal with the various technical problems that may be encountered during the operation.

For this, Lin Yu contacted Li Lizi and asked to deploy several experts to participate in the action. However, Li Lizi’s answer gave Lin Yu a little headache.

“I will go personally!”

“No, it’s too dangerous, what if something goes wrong!”

“You make the battle plan , I believe in you!”

“But I don’t believe in myself!”


In the room, two people stare at you No one is willing to give in to the other side.

“Lin Yu, this mission involves too much technology, especially in the 3rd stage, cracking the dark star battleship phase shield, it is necessary to adapt to the actual situation!”

“There is a problem in any link, which will lead to the failure of the entire operation, and you should understand that in order to ensure the smoothness of the plan, no one here is more suitable than me for the accompanying scientific research experts!”

Seeing Lin Yu who died and refused to give in, Li Lizi sighed in her heart, no longer giving tit for tat, but said in a peaceful tone.

On this point, Lin Yu certainly understands that there is no more suitable candidate than Li Lizi in the entire fleet.

But in my heart, I just don’t want her to go!

In Lin Yu’s heart, the other party is still the little girl who ran behind him every day when he was a child, and occasionally said to himself, when I grow up, I will marry you, okay little girl!

Why would I want her to take risks?

It is still such a dangerous combat mission!

“I understand, but…”

“If you want to continue, I will submit a report to Lin Fan Uncle and tell him that you are related to the survival of the Federation. In the battle, I was swayed by personal feelings, unable to make correct judgments!”


In one sentence, Lin Yu was directly blocked by speechless.

Based on Lin Yu’s understanding of Li Lizi, this girl can really do such a thing.

It seems that it is difficult for me to stop her in this matter!

“Well, I can agree with you to go, but there is one condition!” sighed, Lin Yu looked towards the beautiful girl in front of him seriously, and said immediately .


“I will arrange a group of guards for you. If nothing can be done, I will evacuate immediately!”

Even if Lin Yu is not straight Said that Li Lizi also knew that Lin Yu arranged for herself that it was simply not a guard, but someone who could force her away when something went wrong!

However, looking at Lin Yu’s expression in front of him, Li Lizi, who is very familiar with him, understands that this is Lin Yu’s last bottom line.

If she doesn’t agree, even if she gets to Lin Fan’s side, Lin Yu will not give in any more.

“Okay, I promised!”

Li Lizi nodded, said.

After finishing talking, he stopped staying any more, turned around and left Lin Yu’s office.

However, when she walked to the door, Lin Yu’s voice came from behind, making her pretty face blush for the first time for several decades.

“Be careful, I’m still waiting for you to come back safely and fulfill the promise you made when you were a kid!”


Ten days later, all battles The units are in place.

Everyone is waiting, waiting for the moment when Lin Yu gives the order to start the battle.

“Commander Lin Yu, the opponent’s three dark-star battleships still show no signs of leaving!”

“I see, you continue to observe from a distance and report at any time! “

“Yes, commander!”

Ending the conversation with Worston, Lin Yu turned his head and looked towards the virtual silhouette on the other side.

He is a major general under Lin Yu, Johnson.

“Johnson, immediately launch an attack on the capital area of ​​the Fire Empire in accordance with the 1st Stage combat requirements, and must force the opponent to return to defense”

“Guaranteed to complete the mission, Commander!”

At the same time, it was less than 100 light-years away from the capital area of ​​the Fire Empire.

Beside a dying star, there is a fleet quietly mooring in the void. It is the feint fleet led by Johnson, with a number of 1 million battleships!

“The order has been issued, the entire fleet is notified, the hyperspace engine is activated, and executed according to the 1st Stage combat plan, and the target is the capital area of ​​the Fire Empire!”


The distance of one hundred light-years is less than one minute for hyperspace navigation.

There is no hidden advancement, and no surprise attack on the Emperor Star of the Fire Empire.

The entire fleet just used hyperspace to sail to the edge of the capital circle of the Fire Empire, and then withdrew from hyperspace.

The neat array is placed, like a military parade, slowly advancing towards the direction of the Emperor Star of the Blazing Empire.

Unscrupulous and arrogant.

As a fourth-level civilization on the surface, it is actually the fire empire of Fifth Level civilization, and it was naturally discovered immediately.

The alarm sounded immediately above the entire Emperor Star.

“What’s the matter?”

In the Imperial Palace, there was a roar. It was just a few days ago that he left the dark star battleship No. 1 and returned to Emperor Star. Carter!

“Your Majesty, an unknown fleet has entered the area of ​​our capital circle, the number is 1 million. At present, General Lanwei has led the guard fleet to intercept!”

Below, a general Take a step forward and report respectfully!

“Only 1 million battleships?”

“Well, anyway, Lanwei has already gone, so there will be no problem!”

” Go, turn off the alarm for me, it’s so noisy!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

When he heard that there was only 1 million battleship, Carter directly regarded the opponent as a mistake. Other civilized fleets in the capital area of ​​your own empire.

And General Lanwei has led the army to go, Carter is naturally not worried, but rather annoying the noisy siren, so he beckoned to the guard below!

In space, Lan Wei, who was in charge of the training of the Guards Fleet, learned of the invasion of the unknown fleet, and immediately took the 10 million battleships he was training to intercept them!

“Attention, the unknown fleet ahead, you have entered the territory of the Fire Empire, stop immediately, and notify your civilization and purpose, otherwise we will give a destructive military force attack!”

In the bridge, Johnson looked at the ten million battleship that was approaching gradually in the tactical video, as well as the opponent’s warning message broadcast by the communications officer.

A cruel smile appeared on his face.

“Old rules, give them a greeting first!”

“Yes, commander!”

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