Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 445

In the battleship, Lan Wei’s eyes were a little gloomy.

If the other party said that it was Trek who entered here by mistake, he has issued three warnings, but he has not responded at all.

But if it is not a mistake, but an intentional invasion.

This is too arrogant. It did not go directly to the depths of the capital circle, but went directly to the edge, and then placed a neat array of attacks, slowly advancing towards the Emperor Star!

It’s really unscrupulous!

“Lanwei General, the other party still did not respond, the distance is close to 3.2AU.”

“Has the other party’s affiliation recognized?”

“No , There is no matching battleship in the database, and it is impossible to confirm which civilization it belongs to!”

“Unknown civilization? Tell the guards stationed in Legion to leave the airport immediately and prepare for battle. Just in case!”

“Yes, General!”

Speaking of which, Federation’s battleship information, there is really no empire of Fire!

Although Ziyun Empire fought several times with the Federation before, and passed basic information such as the appearance of the Federation battleship to Carter.

However, the imperial hell is the second civilization of the Ziyun Empire, and only the emperors of the past know about it. Therefore, the information given by Byrne, Carter did not enter the public database of the Fire Empire. .

And the recent time, due to the involvement of three planet-class battleships and the outpost of the neutron War Star, the information Carter of that battle was also not entered into the public database of the Fire Empire.

This led to the fact that Lanwei couldn’t compare the civilized battleship of the other party from the public database of the empire!

At the same time, in the Imperial Palace of Emperor Star.

“Your Majesty, Blue Granville General has sent a message that no battleship matching the opponent was found in the database, and the civilization cannot be identified!”

“And, the opponent is very concerned about Lanwei Several warnings issued by General have no response!”

What’s the situation?

If it’s not lost, then just 1 million battleship is like invading the capital of the empire?

Is it too arrogant?

Wait, can’t find a matching civilization in the database?

Speaking of which, in the Andromeda galaxy, there is indeed a civilization that does not exist in the database of the Empire of Fire.

Isn’t it… such a coincidence?

Carter’s heart suddenly thumped.

“Quickly, immediately release the observed battleship image of the opponent!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Not good, this is It’s really bad, if it’s that civilization…

It’s really possible to use only 1 million battleships to attack the capital area, and that civilization does have such strength!

But, why did you focus on the Agni Civilization?

That’s right…

It was for revenge. Before the revenge, I destroyed three of their battleships.

Damn it, damn it, there is no planet-class battleship in the metropolitan area, and no neutron War Star. If it were that civilization, it would simply be impossible to resist!

Carter’s whole person is bad for an instant, so he can only not send out expectations, not humans, never humans! !

At this time, a guard had opened a virtual image, and Carter, who saw the screen, suddenly staggered and fell back onto his throne.

“Your Majesty?”

“Quickly, inform Lanwei and retreat immediately!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Although the guard didn’t know why Carter changed so much, he didn’t hesitate to Carter’s order, so he immediately followed suit.

“There is no variety in the goal route, the distance is 3.1…Blue River General, Your Majesty’s latest order requires us… to retreat immediately?”

“What? Right now Order to confirm!”

“Yes…The order has been confirmed, Your Majesty asks us to retreat immediately!”

What happened?

For this sudden order, Blue River couldn’t understand it at all, and didn’t understand why Your Majesty issued such an order?

However, this is the order of His Majesty, even if you don’t understand it, you can only execute it!

“Well, since it’s the order of His Majesty, then…”

It’s just that, just halfway through what Blue River said, his eyes widened and he stared hard at it. Looking at the scene outside the front porthole, his face was unbelievable!

The space in the entire huge area seems to have been cut out of a crack. A large number of battleships located on this crack were all destroyed in an instant. The shield of the battleship was cut directly like tofu. Open, there is no resistance.

This is the first time that Blue River has seen this horrible sight, and even made him feel the instinct, fear that has been forgotten for many years!

However, all of this is far from over. There is no battleship on the Space Crack. The crew was fortunate the moment before that they escaped a catastrophe, and then the next moment, they appeared again. Another Space Crack instantly sent it into the abyss of death.

Not just one area, the same scene is happening in multiple areas in the entire fleet array, the space is being repeatedly cut, and the battleship in the Blue River Fleet is constantly being harvested!

At this time, Blue River seemed to understand a little bit, why Your Majesty had to retreat by himself, but it seemed a bit too late!

“Quickly, order the fleet to withdraw as quickly as possible…”

“No, retreat is not safe, you can do it wherever you want, start all the jump engines, and leave immediately! “

Blue River, who just wanted to order an evacuation according to Carter’s order, was taken aback for a moment, and attacked at a super long distance and a super wide range.

It seems that retreating can’t escape at all, okay?

The only way to survive, maybe only the jump to escape, no matter where you go, as long as you enter the jump, you will win!

Therefore, Blue River did not specify the jump coordinates, but ordered all battleships to jump immediately. As for the goal, it doesn’t matter at all!

“Yes, the Blue River General… command has been issued, and the ship’s transition engine has been started!”

“The transition cannot be performed, it is suspected of being interfered by the transition blocking device!”

Like being poured from a bucket of ice water, Blue River, after just remembering what fear is, now recalls what despair is!

Yes, Blue River is desperate.

In the face of such a terrifying attack, and unable to escape with a leap, Blue River naturally knows what his fate will be.

The latter is just a matter of time!

Of course, this time is not long, just more than ten seconds later, another space slash attack, directly enveloping the area where the Blue River flagship is located!

A full ten million Fifth Level civilized battleships were slaughtered before the enemy even saw them.

The gap in civilization levels is like a bottomless chasm, difficult to bridge!

“Your Majesty, the fleet led by the Blue River General, the signal of the entire ship is lost!”


Hearing this news, Carter looked gloomy and uncertain, but soon, he made up his mind and started operating on his own communication device.

“Your Majesty!”

“Silver Fox, the capital area is being attacked by a human fleet, immediately lead three planet-class battleships to help!”

“What, humans are attacking our imperial capital area? I will help immediately!”

Without any hesitation, Silver Fox immediately ordered the three ships to rush to the capital area by means of hyperspace navigation!

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