Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 446

In the Pangu battleship, the Chief-In-Charge of several combat units still maintains the mode of multiplayer virtual combat meeting with Lin Yu, and maintains contact at all times.

“The three dark-star battleships have taken action. They are opening the hyperspace window… they have been confirmed to leave!”

As Wolston’s report, Lin Yu His eyes lit up.

It’s time!

“Now I order, the 2nd stage of combat is officially launched, Su Yan!”

“I understand, Commander!”

“Remember, you may only have 385 seconds!”

Lin Yu nodded, and finally reminded again.

This time is calculated by Lin Yu. The shortest time it takes for the other three ships to discover that they are fooled and return again, rather than an absolute time, may also be 500 seconds, 1000 seconds, or even simply not. return!

In short, within the range of 385 seconds, it is safe. Once this time is exceeded, you are always in danger.

The task of Su Yan is to break through the outpost within 380 seconds and take control of the neutron War Star!

There are very few battleships led by Su Yan, only ten ships.

After all, in this battle, battleship did not have much effect, and it mainly relied on mecha and cosmic Knight.

Also, one of the battleships is unmanned!

“The zero ship has locked the predetermined coordinates and is starting the hyperspace engine…successfully launched and entered the hyperspace!”

Just less than 3 light-years away from the Neutron War Star At the place, ten battleships are lurking here, as if blending with the starry sky.

And one of the battleships, without any crew on it, is completely controlled remotely by other battleships!

Although it is impossible to carry out detailed and comprehensive combat behavior, some simple mechanized operations are completely okay.

At this time, the unmanned battleship suddenly moved, opened a hyperspace window, and quickly flew into it.

More than ten seconds later, at the outpost where the neutron War Star was, mutation suddenly emerged!

A vortex-shaped spatial window appears out of thin air, and even a small area on the edge of the outpost is included in the open window.

Suddenly, as the hyperspace window unfolded, the area touched by the edge of the outpost was instantly wiped out, as if it had been bitten off, revealing its internal passage.

Immediately, a Federation battleship quickly sprang out of the hyperspace window and came to the side of the outpost.

“Report that the entrance has been successfully opened without affecting the gravitational barrier in the center of the base, confirm safety!”

The first bridge of the assault formation outside Three Lights year Inside, the adjutant was reporting to Su Yan with excitement.

This is why we have to prepare an unmanned battleship!

After all, neither Lin Yu nor Li Lizi knew the internal structure of this outpost, although the hyperspace window could be used in reverse to accurately open a gap in the opponent’s outpost.

However, no one can guarantee that after destroying part of its structure, it will cause damage to the gravitational barrier in the center.

If the gravitational barrier is gone, then the entire assault formation will be instantly destroyed by the super gravitational effect of the neutron War Star.

Therefore, the battleship used to open the assault landing port at the opponent’s outpost must be unmanned. Only after the safety is confirmed, the rest of the battleship will go to launch the real assault operation. !

And if there is any special defense on this outpost, Ship Zero cannot open the landing port, or opening the landing port will cause problems with the gravitational barrier of the outpost.

Then, the entire War General will be stopped directly!

“Okay, ships No. 1-9 will set off right away, hurry up!”

After confirming safety, Su Yan also immediately issued the start order.

Be aware that the safety time for the 2nd Stage of the entire battle plan is less than 380 seconds, and now it is only 362 seconds. Every second must not be wasted!

At this time, the entire outpost has been messed up!

“What’s the matter, report the situation immediately!”

Walking quickly into the control room of the outpost, Bai Yu spoke out.

“Commander Baiyu, an unknown battleship appeared suddenly, and it seems to have collided with the outpost, causing serious damage to the E61 area!”

“Impossible, we are all day long!”

Open this Spatial Shield, you told me that I was hit and was seriously damaged?”

Originally, this outpost did not have a defensive shield, and some were just a large gravitational barrier generator. , And a medium-sized gravitational barrier generator.

Among them, the medium-sized generator is located in the center of the outpost to isolate the berth of the neutron War Star.

The large generator is used to wrap the entire outpost to avoid damage to the outpost when the neutron War Star strikes or returns before entering the berth.

As for the Spatial Shield mentioned by Bai Yu, it is something that the fire empire self-organizes, not the defense measures that this outpost comes with.

Now, Bai Yu feels very uncomfortable. If you tell me what fleet attacked and then broke the Spatial Shield, I will believe it too.

As a result, you told me that I was hit by a battleship?

Is Spatial Shield really paper?

“Get me the image of the impact location!”

“Yes, commander!”

Soon, the screen of the impact location was displayed come out.


Bai Yu took a breath as he looked at the screen.

I saw a battleship still there, but from its appearance, there was no trace of impact.

The edge of the outpost, that is, the E61 area in the report just now, has disappeared, as if a piece of ice cream was dug out with a spoon.

Wait, this disconnected place is too flat, right? Can an impact produce such an effect?

“Commander, there are 9 unknown battleships again…no good, the opponent is releasing the combat vehicle and pounces directly towards the gap in the E61 area.”

The subordinate who was staring at him was ready to scold him, but the real bad news came!

“No, they are here to snatch the neutron War Star!”

Suddenly, Bai Yu understood that what happened between the trek battleship and the outpost. I don’t know what method they used to break the Spatial Shield and opened a hole in the outer wall of the outpost. Now they have sent out assault troops to attack it!

No, there must be no problems with Neutron War Star!

“Order all the guards in the outpost to go to meet the enemy immediately, and let the members of the neutron battleship command team meet me at the War Star passage!”

“Yes , Commander!”

After giving the order, Bai Yu turned around and ran out of the control room quickly, towards the berth of Neutron War Star.

At this time, Bai Yu had already thought very clearly.

As long as you enter the seed War Star, no matter how the opponent makes trouble, you will have captured the entire outpost.

It’s useless!

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