Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 448

In the Central Region of the outpost, there is a huge berthing port, which is completely enclosed by a blue barrier.

On the outside of the barrier, dozens of people from the Fire Empire lined up waiting for who.

At this time, a suspended vehicle sprang out from a passage at high speed and rushed towards the crowd. Soon, it decelerated and stopped firmly in front of the team.

“Are you all here?”

Opening the car door, Bai Yu flew down and asked in a deep voice.

“It’s all here, Commander Baiyu!”

“Okay, don’t hesitate, enter the Neutron War Star immediately!”

“Yes !”


At this time, the passage that Bai Yu passed just now is currently closed.

With a loud noise and the shock wave generated by the explosion, it was completely blasted away!

The fragments of the gate splashed everywhere, and even a fragment directly hit the floating car Bai Yu was driving just now, causing it to be hit hard and hit the ground with a stray electric arc.

“It’s not good, everyone immediately enters the Neutron War Star!”

Seeing this scene, Bai Yu couldn’t help but slam in his heart. He didn’t expect that the other party was so fast. Then the breakthrough is here.

In his original thought, even if the guards were not able to use it anymore, it would be okay to stick to it for a few minutes, but he didn’t expect…

Just want to enter Neutron War Star is so easy, the necessary procedures still have to be carried out step by step.

“Yes, the gravitational barrier is being adjusted to synchronize with the neutron War Star control room…”

Be aware that under normal conditions, the gravitational barrier of the port of call presents a circle Shape, enveloping the neutron War Star.

If you want to enter the neutron War Star, the first thing to do is to adjust this gravitational barrier to synchronize with the gravitational barrier inside the neutron War Star, which is to isolate the neutron War Star from control The one in the room.

Then, between the two gravitational barriers, through adjustment, a channel formed by the gravitational barrier is shaped.

Only in this way, personnel can use this channel to safely enter the Neutron War Star.

And this process, no matter what, it must be at least one minute!

But obviously, Bai Yu and others have not had such a long time…

A large number of mechas have been leaping out from the opening just now, one after another towards Bai Yu waited for someone to rush forward quickly.

It seems that it only takes a few seconds at most to come to Bai Yu and the others, but Bai Yu and the others have no means to resist.


is destined to be a dead end.

“Damn it, there is no time, immediately overload the gravitational barrier generator!”

Looking at this completely dead situation, Bai Yu’s eyes were red, and he roared loudly.

“Commander, no!”

If the gravitational barrier generator is overloaded, what will happen?

There is no fool here. As everyone knows, everyone, who wraps the entire outpost, will be completely destroyed at the moment the gravitational barrier collapses, and there is no possibility of escape!

At the same time, without the cooperation of the outpost, the Fire Empire can say goodbye to the neutron War Star forever.

After all, without the suppression of the gravitational barrier in the outpost, the Fire Empire has no way to get close to the neutron War Star, let alone enter it.

The gravitational barrier is obviously not something that the Fifth Level civilization of the Fire Empire can create!

“Go away, I’ll do it myself!”

Looking at the front of the console, the soldier who was hesitating, Bai Yu kicked him away, and Step forward to the front of the console, and just when it raised its hand to prepare for operation!

“xiu …”

A flower of blood spurted out of Bai Yu’s head instantly, and then, the whole person looked towards and fell down on the right side.

In this scene, not only the members of this group of fire empire command team were shocked, but even the Federation pilots who were rushing in were also shocked.

Especially Su Yan. Just now, he saw Bai Yu kicking the soldiers in front of the console, and personally stepped forward to prepare for the operation.

At that moment, Su Yan felt that something was wrong, and was hesitating whether to send a beam cannon directly to kill the console and the group of Fire Empire people. He witnessed it now. One scene.

It’s so beautiful, who is it?

I saw the head of the greedy wolf Mecha driven by Su Yan, turning left and right to scan continuously, and soon the source of the shot was determined!

It’s just that after discovering the source of the attack, Su Yan’s mouth grew too large to close for a long time, and even his chin almost fell to the ground.

Behind the assault array, there is a very special wolf mecha.

Speaking of special, it is not that this mecha is special, but because around this mecha, there is a whole mecha squad guarding it in the middle, which is highly vigilant!

And this mecha under protection has opened the cockpit of mecha’s abdomen at this moment. The pilot is in the cockpit, holding a very sci-fi rifle, and still retains the shooting posture.

Looking at Li Lizi, who is wearing combat uniforms and holding an unknown model firearm in a very cool posture, a pair of valiant and formidable looking Li Lizi.

Su Yan was stunned, but at the same time, it was shocking!

No way …

Isn’t she a researcher?

Who would have thought that a beautiful and beautiful scientific research expert could suddenly do such a thing on the battlefield?

“Commander Su Yan, you are too careless, be careful not to let anyone approach that console anymore!”

At this time, Li Lizi came to Su Yan’s ears That nice but somewhat cold voice.

He who was a little distracted, instantly pulled him back to reality.

“I see!”

“Attention everyone, no enemy personnel are allowed to approach the console, repeat, no personnel anywhere near the console!”

” p>


In fact, the scene where Bai Yu was shot and killed just now has shocked the members of the War Star command team of the neutron of the Fire Empire.

Until the federation’s mecha troops controlled it all, no accidents happened again. Everyone was obediently and honestly!

The suppression of the entire Central Region of the outpost was completed, and the first platoon led by Su Yan completely controlled the berthing port of the Neutron War Star.

And the good news is not just for Su Yan, the other eight platoons are also getting good news.

The third platoon has taken control of the control room of the outpost.

The seventh platoon is the energy storage that controls the outpost.

A raid, fast as lightning, in less than 3 minutes, all important areas in the entire outpost have been controlled, and the rest is cleaning Remnants and complete control of the neutron War Star!

Just when Li Lizi had come to the console and was studying how to use it.

Looking at the dozens of fire empires under control in front of him, Su Yan showed a smile of harboring malicious intentions.

This smile made the dozens of members of the neutron War Star command team sweat.

Have a very bad premonition!

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