Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 450

The Andromeda Galaxy, at the end of the back spiral arm, the capital area of ​​the Fire Empire.

“Silver Fox General, the hyperspace engine has been charged and can be started!”

“Okay, let the third ship attack first!”

” Yes…General, received a Crimson-level order from Your Majesty!”

“What? Crimson-level? Don’t read it!”

As the General of the empire, Silver Fox naturally understands What does the Crimson-level command represent? This is the first priority command of the Fire Empire. Under this command, all tasks must be left aside, without exception!

In Silver Fox’s more than a hundred years of military career, the Crimson-level command has only been heard, and has never been seen.

Now, he has received this legendary order. How can this make him less nervous?

“The ST outpost loses contact, immediately stop all combat plans, and lead the ship to assist the ST outpost!”

The command is very intermittent and there is nothing special.

However, after Yinhu listened to the adjutant’s order, he suddenly felt a little in his heart.

The ST outpost is missing?

Perhaps, 99.99999999…% of the people in the entire empire don’t know where the ST outpost is, but Silver Fox is one of the few people who know.

The outpost code-named ST is not elsewhere, but the outpost where the neutron War Star is located.

As the highest-level secret of the empire, the outpost must contact the imperial palace once every hour, without interruption for thousands of years!

Now, the outpost is lost!

This is a major event like the sky is falling down. As the empire’s biggest backing, the neutron War Star is absolutely not allowed to have any accidents.

In Carter’s words, Imperial Capital can be destroyed, but War Star must not have an accident!

“Cancel the previous order and issue a new combat order at the same time, let the second and third ships set off with us, and immediately go to the ST outpost for assistance!”

” Yes, General!”

The three dark-star giant ships activated the hyperspace engine one after another. Suddenly, three incomparable gigantic vortex-shaped hyperspace windows were forcibly opened in front of the three giant ships.

As if being sucked into it, the three ships disappeared into the void together.


As an exhibition-colored barrier appeared, the outpost where the Neutron War Star was located was instantly wrapped in a huge gravitational barrier.

The gravitational barrier that originally wrapped the port of call disappeared at the same time.

However, this makes no difference to those pilots who have not entered the Neutron War Star and are still guarding the entrance of the port of call.

Originally, there was a barrier in front of them, a barrier that wrapped the mooring port, and they were outside the barrier.

Today, there is still a barrier in front of them, but it is a donut-like barrier that wraps the entire outpost, and they are within the barrier this time.

Just after the barrier of the port of call was closed, the super-gravitational field, which belonged to the neutron War Star, was instantly expanded by the super-gravitational effect.

Fortunately, the nine Federation battleships left after putting down Su Yan’s troops, so they were not affected.

However, the unmanned battleship was still outside the outpost, and it was directly torn to pieces by the neutron War Star’s unreasonable field!

There is only that, the outpost, which has been completely enclosed by the gravitational barrier, is still intact.

Neutron War Star started, but Su Yan’s expression in the War Star command room looked very ugly.

“Leader Li, all our communication methods have failed, and we can’t get in touch with Commander Lin Yu at all. What can we do?”

At this moment, Su Yan is already in desperate death Up.

Seeing that the 3rd Stage battle is about to start, suddenly a fatal problem was discovered!

After the Neutron War Star is started, all communication equipment is unavailable.

What does this mean?

You need to know when the opponent’s three dark-star battleships will return. It is impossible to predict the exact time at all. It can only be calculated, and it will return in 380 seconds at the earliest.

But this is only a maximum value, not a precise time!

This also means that the 3rd stage operations must be adjusted at any time according to the actual situation, and the exact time of each stage cannot be preset.

But now I can’t communicate with the outside world, how can I fight together?

It’s so sad!

“Sure enough, I knew it would happen. Due to the influence of the super-gravitational field of the neutron War Star, which is formed by the super-gravitational effect, the conventional communication methods may not be able to be used normally.”

“Huh? How can this be good? If you can’t get in touch with Commander Lin Yu, we simply can’t talk about combat in 3rd Stage!”

“Relax, I’m just talking about regular communication Means are unusable, not that all communication methods are unusable!”

What’s the difference? Aren’t all communication methods ineffective now?

Su Yan looked at Li Lizi with a dazed expression, completely unable to understand what she meant by this.

Li Lizi didn’t say anything, but took out a strange device from the pocket of her combat uniform, and then touched it a few times.

“Lin Yu, can you hear me?”


Su Yanzheng on the side looked at the little girl in Li Lizi’s hand with a bewildered expression. equipment.

I seemed to have heard the voice of Commander Lin Yu just now!

Isn’t it an auditory hallucination?

Li Lizi ignored Su Yan who was in self-doubt, but went on talking!

“Well, we have now taken the Neutron War Star and successfully activated it. At the same time, as I guessed before, once the Neutron War Star is activated, the communication by conventional means will be All have lost its effect!”

“Now, only by relying on this phase communication device can we keep in touch. I will give the communication equipment to Su Yan now!”

When Lin Yu spoke, Li Lizi threw the phase communicator in her hand to Su Yan, and then continued to turn over the operation manual!

And Su Yan, who took over the communicator on the side, took it cautiously, like a Supreme Treasure, and began to report his situation to Lin Yu.

It’s just that, standing behind Li Lizi, he couldn’t see the solemn expression on her face.

Li Lizi quickly flipped through the operation manual, while turning her idle thinking into a frantic motion, thinking about another question.

Such a detailed operation manual, absolutely impossible is written by the Fifth Level civilization of the Fire Empire.

The level of detail in this manual gives Li Lizi the feeling that she is the person who built this neutron War Star. What I wrote is too detailed, and even if there are any problems, How to solve it is clearly stated.

If it were not for the builder, it would be impossible to understand this neutron War Star!

But if it is written by me, what is the text of the Empire of Fire?

This is too contradictory.

What is going on here?

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