Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 452

In War Star, there is no hyperspace engine this thing installed.

On the one hand, even if it is installed, it cannot be used.

On the other hand, Neutron War Star simply does not need to rely on the hyperspace engine. It can forcefully break the barriers between dimensions by relying on its own characteristics and freely shuttle between all dimensions.

Even the small universe built by some advanced civilizations (referring to scientific and technological civilizations above level 9) cannot stop the neutron War Star.

It can be seen how terrifying its ability in this area is.


The entire void was torn apart, which is different from the hyperspace engine.

The hyperspace engine just creates a window channel between the two dimensional spaces, and the neutron War Star does directly tear apart the diaphragm between the two dimensional spaces!

These are two completely different methods, one can be regarded as Qiao Jin, the other is brute force!

Through this forcibly torn open, the neutron War Star rushed out of the hyperspace. Before everyone could react, he had already arrived at the three dark stars. In the middle of the character array formed by battleship!

Of course, for the three giant ships that have activated phase shields, even if the Neutron War Star has been placed so close, it still cannot cause damage to them!

After all, although the two sides are within the same dimension, they are on different aspects.

Different phases cannot interfere with each other. This is the iron law of the universe. Even the only transcendent civilization in the universe today, the Alphat civilization, cannot violate this iron law.

However, this is not to say that the phase shield is invincible. As long as this thing is turned on, no one can get it.

If this is the case, then the seventh-level civilization is directly invincible, isn’t it?

“Start to adjust the supergravity mode to synchronize with the multidimensional gravity in the hyperspace…”

“The synchronization rate has reached the standard line, and the multidimensional space has begun to pull each other. …”

“The absorption begins…”

“The all-phase super electromagnetic pulse is ready!”

In the command room of the Neutron War Star, Li Lizi stood in front of the main console, kept operating, and said something from time to time.

Although everyone present did not understand (well, the author did not understand), but it does not prevent everyone from knowing that Li Lizi’s big move is ready.

Just as the neutron War Star can use its own super gravitational effect to break through the multi-dimensional space at will, what Li Lizi is doing now is to use the multi-dimensional super gravitation to forcefully break the boundary of the phase in the opposite direction. Perform an all-phase super electromagnetic pulse attack!

Yes, different phases cannot interfere with each other, but if I send the attack directly into the phase where you are, then this attack can interfere with you!

And now, Li Lizi does just that.

Speaking of which, this is also thanks to the operation manual of Faen, otherwise, Li Lizi, no matter how clever, cannot apply the neutron War Star to this step in a short time.

“Lin Yu, I’m ready!”

“If my calculation is correct, then after my attack, although I cannot destroy the three battleships, it is enough to make They are paralyzed for a while, and then it’s your business!”

Get ready, Li Lizi picked up the communicator and said.

“I understand, you just let it go!”

“Okay, then I will start… the full-phase super electromagnetic pulse, start to release!”

At the same time, in the command center of the dark star No. 1 Ship.

“Silver Fox General, found the neutron War Star, right here…”

“Where, don’t you say it soon!!!”

” Right in the center of our fleet array, in the middle of the three battleships…”


This is an answer that the silver fox did not expect. Silently, he sent the neutron War Star to his side.

But I didn’t notice it…

But what was the purpose of the other party doing this?

Even if it’s a neutron War Star, even if it’s so close to yourself…

Now that I have opened the phase shield, there is no way to cause it to myself. Any harm is right.

“Open the observed screen and let me take a look!”

“Yes, General!”

Soon, an image appeared on the silver In front of the fox, silver fox frowned even more after seeing the scene in the video.

In the picture, in the center of the three incomparable battleships, there is a spherical object with a diameter of only more than 300 meters. Compared with the huge battleship on the side, it is not worth mentioning.

And this spherical object has not made any movements, just staying there quietly.

What does this mean?

Silver Fox is completely lost!

At this time, the crack opened by the neutron War Star was also discovered.

This crack is not like the neutron War Star broke open in the past, it will soon be repaired and closed by the universe, but it has been torn open, and it is not closed at all. the meaning of.

This also made Silver Fox feel a faintly uneasy feeling in his heart.

Should I leave here first?

I always feel that something bad is about to happen!

Silver Fox couldn’t help but think of the opening that this road was not closed at all, just above the three ships.

It can be said that this intuition is quite accurate, but it is not decisive enough, and it seems that the time is a bit late.

That is at this time, the mutation happened!

With the neutron War Star as the center, a burst of spatial ripples visible by naked eye spread out at a very fast speed in all directions.

In the entire command center of the No. 1 ship where Silver Fox is located, a harsh alarm sounded in an instant.

It’s just that the alarm did not sound long before it stopped, and it was not just the alarm that stopped. In the entire command center, all equipment dimmed one after another, and the entire battleship suddenly fell into In the dark.

“Silver Fox General and battleship systems were damaged, the engine system, life support system, weapon system…and even the phase shield system…all malfunctioned, we…maybe I will be rejected soon!”

“Damn it, don’t hesitate to find out the reason for me to recover. Do you know what Dao Idol shield failure means? There is a neutron War Star there. Waiting for us!”

“General, rejection has begun, and we are about to reappear in the original aspect!”

“It’s over!!!”

in the sky, the battleship of the three dark stars began to become a bit distorted, and then restored to its original shape.

At this moment, these three battleships have returned to their original phases, and are no longer the dark-star battleships that are hidden in other phases and cannot be attacked.

It’s just that the silver fox that temporarily lost all its equipment has not been found yet.

Neutron War Star…has disappeared!

And, just around the three battleships, in the sky, a large number of vortex-like hyperspace windows are constantly opened, and a large number of battleships jump out of the hyperspace…

Come straight to the three ships!

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