Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 454

The reason why it is called a planet-class battleship is that its battleship is more than 10,000 kilometers in length, and its size is even no smaller than some small planets.

Similarly, with such a large body, its internal space is also quite large.

In addition to twelve airports that can accommodate a full 240,000 battleship-level battleships, in the ship, there are even three super-large cities, even in the Federation. Accommodate more than one billion people living here.

Of course, there are no civilians who can live here, except for the fleet personnel stationed here, it is the crew and guards in the battleship, and the number of guards cannot be said to be small. …

In the huge space, just like in the life planet, there is a blue sky and white clouds above, and there is even a sun hanging high.

Even if you know these are fake, you can’t help but want to enjoy a moment here!

About 300 kilometers away from the third city, a mecha troop is advancing fast, heading straight in the direction of the city!

“I said, Pharaoh, you fly more steadily, my position does not have the shockproof system in your cab.”

“What are you complaining about? This task is not there. What’s your platoon, you insisted on following it, why did you ask so much?”

Wang Jun glanced at the grumbling man standing on his shoulder through the observer. Tucaodao.

That is a special universe Knight strengthens the Captain of the squad, and at the same time, it is also his own bad friend.

Wang Jun himself is the mecha platoon commander who is on the move. However, when he meets people and enters the ship, he is hurt by his friend when he enters the ship through the airport. Li Ge got tangled up, so it became like this…

Fortunately, this is not a big problem. The universe Knight is basically the same size as an ordinary person. Just stand on the shoulders of Mecha and take a ride. That’s it, and it will not slow down the speed of travel and thus affect the completion of the task.

“Commander, there are a large number of ground troops in front of them, a distance of 150 kilometers, of which the number of pedestrians alone has reached 3,000, and they have taken an interception posture!”

” Well, I know they won’t let us in so easily, everyone is ready to fight!”


As the distance gets closer and closer, the number is huge The walkers slowly appeared in front of everyone.

This thing is a heavy combat vehicle for the ground forces of the Empire of Fire. It is 80 meters high and has many names, such as the Imperial Walker, the upright tank, the two-legged self-propelled gun, etc… .

If Lin Fan is here, he will definitely complain. Isn’t this the ST walker of the empire in the famous science fiction movie he watched in his previous life?

This look is at least 99% similar.

Of course, Wang Jun and Lei Li are no strangers to this thing. They have already fought against it in the airport just now.

Even they have to admit that this thing is quite powerful.

At least, it is much more powerful than the ground combat vehicles of the Four Great Giants.

However, its shortcomings are also very obvious.

Although the huge size allows it to mount more and more powerful weapons, even shields are installed, but the bloated walker is very insensitive, and its movement is slow. In front of Knight in the universe, it was like a tortoise.

At the same time, although the walkers have Energy Shield, they do not have such a powerful energy as Federation. As a result, the symbolic meaning of Energy Shield is greater than the actual meaning, and it will be broken in a few clicks. This is still for mecha. If it is a battleship’s naval gun, even if it is a conventional naval gun attack, it will be done in one shot.

“The ninth and tenth squad, in artillery mode, and the remaining eight squads form an assault array, pierce the opponent’s squad array in one go!”


Suddenly, the two mecha squad and 18 mechas suddenly slowed down until they stopped completely. Then, everything shot from mecha’s body.


A sound flashed, each mecha shot out more than ten chains of unknown material, deeply inserted Within the ground, Mecha’s posture was completely fixed.

After all this is done, the barrel of at least 800mm caliber carried on the back of each mecha also moved, and began to reverse upwards, until it was completely erected on the shoulders of the mecha. on!

“Report, the artillery mode is ready!”

“Okay, aim at our assault point and start strikes. Before I touch the opponent’s array, give me a hole! “



Soon, from the rear of the commando team led by Wang Jun, there was an artillery sound, which was different from the conventional artillery sound, which was exclusively the sound of the plasma cannon.

As the two squads began to attack in artillery mode, eighteen blue energy bombs crossed the front assault formation and went straight to the fire empire’s blocking position.

Only a distance of more than 100 kilometers, the energy bomb came in an instant, and the next moment it exploded in the array. Its formidable power is only slightly weaker than the secondary artillery on the Federation battleship. It’s just one package.

A total of eighteen such attacks directly blasted a place in the Fire Empire array, causing people to blow up. In one blow, at least 50 walkers were destroyed or seriously injured. As for other The losses of small combat vehicles and ordinary soldiers are countless.

This stunned the commander on the defensive line. It turned out that they thought they saw the huge array on their defensive line, but the two mecha squads who were frightened and turned their heads and fled, they came directly to themselves. A bit cruel.

The threat is too great…

Originally, all troops have been targeted at the formation that is in the assault. The commander who is just about to order the fire is looking at the eighteenth behind. After mecha showed the formidable power, the command was immediately modified.

“Coordinate all the attacks immediately, and cover the forces behind the gun emplacements. Be sure to wipe them out as quickly as possible.”

Holding the communicator, the Empire of Fire The commander gritted his teeth and said.

boom~ boom~ …

whoosh whoosh whoosh …


energy bomb, Particle beams, physical ammunition, etc., myriad, all strikes towards the positions of the ninth and twelfth squads.

However, these mechas do not mean to dodge at all, and…

boom~ boom~ …

Not only did they not dodge, but at the same time Also sent out second wave strikes!

The attacks of both sides crossed in the air, and instantly blasted on their own target!

In the artillery mode of greedy mecha, the strikes sent out are still strong, and the second wave attack once again caused the loss of dozens of imperial walkers and countless other personnel.

The mecha greedy side was hit by thousands of attacks at the same time, and it still covered the surrounding area with a range-saturated attack.

So now the air in this area is filled with dust and smoke.

I can’t see at all…

What’s going on inside!

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