Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 457

Federation is already very familiar with the structure of the dark-star battleship. After all, it captured one from the Big Three many years ago.

Looking at the cutaway view of the energy warehouse that Wang Jun sent to him, Lei Li and his squad are advancing fast!

“Captain, 28 life reactions were found at the front corner, armed with weapons, and the enemy is suspected of being individually armed!”

“We have no time to waste, forced breakthrough, No. 1 and 2 The number moves forward, unfolds the front energy barrier, and the others follow closely from behind, melee armed!”


The entire squad formation suddenly changed, and the two universe Knights Suddenly accelerated, came to the forefront of the array, and lifted a shield at the front of the array to unfold a blue one-way energy barrier.

The rest of the team members gathered together, concealed their figure behind the energy barrier, and pulled out the sharp blades of their waists one after another.

A few seconds later, when the Knights of the universe passed the long passage and approached the corner…

As expected, 28 firemen wearing Battle Armor The imperial individual armed forces suddenly revealed their silhouette, and they used the individual particle beam rifle in their hands to shoot frantically at the Knight squad in the universe.

It’s just that the armour of individual soldiers, using too weak, cannot pose a threat to the one-way energy barrier of Knight in the universe.

As the entire universe Knight squad rushed into the crowd under the protection of the two players in front, a large number of screams instantly filled the entire passage.

At the same time, on the third floor of the energy warehouse, where the core energy (zero-point energy) conversion device is located, Lan Feng is standing in front of it, and is very quickly operating something in a virtual panel!

“Warning, the main energy is about to enter the overload operation mode, which may cause serious uncertain consequences, please confirm!”

“Confirm the operation!”


Two sounds resounded here at the same time, but…

“The command has been confirmed, and the main energy system has begun to enter the overload operation mode, which is expected to be one minute later. When you reach the critical point, please evacuate immediately!”

“You are a step late!”

Lan Feng turned and looked towards behind him, the sharp squad that has penetrated here, Grinned.

Even if you feel it now, you simply cannot operate without the key, let alone control the cancellation command.

There is only one minute left. You can’t do anything, even…

You can’t even try to escape, the only thing you can do is Stay here and accompany me to perish.

Looking at the 57 second countdown, the smile on Lan Feng’s face became more and more distorted.

“You bastard, what good things have you done!”

Strongly came to Lan Feng and shouted angrily.

The red light on the whole floor keeps flickering, and it echoes the alarm sound that is not a good thing. I don’t even know what happened…

I am afraid that the zero-point energy device has already been activated for overload operation, and will soon reach the critical point, and everyone present knows what will happen after reaching the critical point!

“What to do? What to do? What to do?”

In my mind, the three-character question repeatedly refreshed, but there was no answer.

They are good at fighting, but in this case…

That is a black eye.

“Pharaoh, I’m a step late. The zero-point energy has been activated and overloaded, and it only takes 50 seconds at most!”

“I still wonder why, just Didn’t I give you a little thing when I sent you in?”


How do you feel that Wang Jun is not nervous at all?

Wait, when he entered the energy warehouse before, the guy did give himself a little thing.

While thinking about it, Lei Li took out a palm-size unknown object from a multi-function storage device behind him.

Looking at the thing in his hand, his face was full of doubts sharply.

“What is this?”

“Well, this is allotted to each squad at the time of departure. It is said that if it does not catch up, the other party has activated zero energy self-destruct, then just put this device on the zero-point energy crystal!”

“Also, I will try it now!”

Heard Wang When Jun said that, he was overwhelmed and rejoiced. There was still such a good thing. The guy Wang Jun also couldn’t make it clear when he gave it to himself. It made him scared for several seconds!

I no longer hesitate now, and immediately walked to the front of the zero-point energy conversion device.

“No, don’t waste your time, there are only 40 seconds left, do you want to gain control within 40 seconds, hahaha!”

At this moment, Lan Feng’s frantic laughter and ridicule came again from the side.

“Let him shut up!”

“It’s Captain!”

It’s Ruthless’s slap, which directly slaps people away. I don’t know if it’s hung up.

After all, a slap in the cosmic Knight armor can’t be resisted by the Battle Armor that Lan Feng wears.

It’s just that no one cares about this guy now, everyone is staring sharply.

Standing in front of the zero-point energy conversion device, looking at the energy crystal inserted on the platform, cautiously put the strange device in his hand on it.

When it comes into contact with the energy crystal, this strange thing is like an iron magnet, firmly adsorbed on its outer wall.

1 second…

2 seconds…

3 seconds…

Nothing happened…

Is this thing reliable or not?

Looking at the silent zero-point energy crystal and the strange device in front of him, he was a little shaken.

At this time, it was originally just a crystal with a slight orange red light. In this brief moment, it suddenly shined, and then gradually began to dim.

Ten seconds later, the entire crystal, even the slight orange red light that originally appeared, has disappeared, as if it had dried up.

“Warning, warning, the main energy has been exhausted, the overload operation has stopped, please replace the main energy as soon as possible!”

Just like declaring a resolute success, the energy warehouse is again A warning tone sounded, but the tone of this time was completely opposite to the meaning of the previous time.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible, what have you done?”

More than 20 meters away, Lan Feng was lying on the ground, using his relatively intact right arm. Reluctantly propped himself up a little, his face was full of disbelief.

“What did you do?”

“I really, I really don’t know how to answer this question, because even I don’t know it!”

“Only I can tell you one thing!”

“No one under the seventh level of civilization knows zero energy better than Federation!”

Recovering self-confidence vigorously , Turned and looked towards Lan Feng, who was pumped away before, grinning.

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