Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 458

in the sky, in the sky has returned to peace. Only in the dark-star battleship of the Three Giant Warships, there are still sporadic resistance and crossfire, but it can no longer affect the overall situation.. .

The rest is just a matter of time.

However, everyone did not notice. Not far from the battlefield, in the sky, a silhouette was standing.

“tsk tsk, what a waste, sure enough Fifth Level civilization is inferior to garbage!”

Looking at the battle in front of him, Faun said with disdain.

For Faen, the shot at this time was just to pass the boring, and by the way add some blockage to Lin Hong.

However, I didn’t expect that the Ziyun Empire was so trash, with a neutron War Star and three planet-class battleships, it would be beaten so badly by humans.

It can even be said that even 10% of the battle has not been played out.

Sure enough, no matter how powerful a weapon is, it can’t be used by people, it’s still useless.

This also proves from the side that my theory is correct. Only by cultivating the most powerful individuals can we fundamentally solve the current crisis in the universe.

Thinking of this, Farn couldn’t help being nodded.

“However, although this Ziyun Empire is not good enough, that species is quite interesting. Maybe it can bring some different pleasures to myself. Should I help a little bit? “

While laughing to himself, Faun turned his head and looked towards the depths of the starry sky…


150 million Light years away, the Myers group of galaxies, the Gal galaxy.

At this moment, the Three-Eyed Empire has reached its most critical moment.

In the face of hiding the sky and covering the earth, the endless insect race, even the sixth level civilization can’t hold it.

After all, the insect race faced by the Three-Eyed Empire is not the low-end stuff that invades the galaxy. Here, ordinary comb insects, jet worms, and even the qualifications to become cannon fodder No.

Constantly retreating and falling.

Today’s Three-Eyed Empire has only the last territory left. This powerful sixth-level civilization has gradually become a stranger…

Emperor Star Gadilla.

In the Imperial Palace, all ministers of rank 3 and above gathered together, and their faces were filled with despair.

By now, no one would think that the empire still has a chance to turn defeat into victory, and the destruction of civilization seems to be only a matter of time.

At this moment, Miao is sitting on top of the top theme, but, after decades of invincible wars, the emperor has no high-spirited and vigorous back then. , The whole body is enveloped in an atmosphere called loneliness.

“Your Majesty, the chief scientist of the empire is only asking to see you!”

“Let him in!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Following the announcement from the guard, Miu’s face looked like a glimmer of light, and a glimmer of hope reappeared.

The failure of the empire is a foregone conclusion, but the survival of civilization has not yet been decided. All depends on whether the plan that Wei presided over can be successfully implemented before civilization is destroyed!

Soon, a young woman who was clearly dressed differently from all ministers walked slowly into the audience room.

If anyone from Federation is here, they will be amazed by its appearance.

Yes, even from the human eye, Yui’s appearance is peerless!

Speaking of the Three-Eyed Empire, if it weren’t for them on their foreheads and a third eye, then there would be almost no difference from humans.

Actually, although the three-eyed empires have three eyes, most of them cannot open their third eye for the whole life.

Once the third eye is opened, it means that the three-eyed empire has broken through his own genetic lock, which can bring unlimited benefits, including a substantial increase in lifespan, a substantial increase in brain development, etc. Wait.

In short, all three-eyed imperial people who succeed in opening their eyes will be granted the identity of the imperial nobleman without exception. Of course, this identity cannot be hereditary.

And Wei…

It is the youngest eye-opener in the recorded history of the Three-Eyed Empire.

When he opened his eyes, he was only five years old…

“Your Majesty, the Ministry of Science has a major breakthrough to report to you.”

A clear voice instantly Resounded throughout the audience room, like a natural sound.

Not only the sound, but even the content of this sentence makes Miao above me excited!

In the past ten years or so, the Ministry of Science under the leadership of Wei has been researching something, he knows better than everyone else!

That is the key to the survival of civilization.

Now that there is a major breakthrough, how can this make Miao not excited!

“Did you succeed?”

“No, no success!”


“But we found Another way!”

In just a few words of dialogue, like a roller coaster, Miao rushed to the top, then fell to the bottom, and finally was pushed to the top again.

“Your Majesty, although we have never been able to break through tens of millions of light-years of Space Teleportation technology, we have successfully developed another technology!”

“What technology is it? “

Yes, the reason why the Three-Eyed Empire did not continue to expand outward after taking control of the entire Myers galaxy group, the most important reason is that the technology limited by Space Teleportation has not been able to break through. , It can only achieve a transmission distance of 10 million light-years at most, and it has never been able to go further.

At the same time, it is also limited by this, which caused the Three-Eyed Empire to escape to other galaxy groups even if it had reached a crisis of civilization.

And this is exactly what Miaobai Tuowei did more than ten years ago. The breakthrough of the current Space Teleportation technology provides a way out for the three-eyed civilization to preserve the seeds of civilization!

Although Miao heard that Wei said that there was no breakthrough of tens of millions of light-year-level space technologies, he was a little disappointed, but he was also curious about what Wei said that he developed another technology.

“Does Your Majesty remember an Insect King captured more than 20 years ago in the Empire?”

“I remember, after the Insect King was captured, In order to find out the weakness of the insect race, the Ministry of Science at that time dissect it completely, right?”

Only what I said, Miao naturally had an impression.

In the past, this incident caused a very strong sensation in the empire!

After decades of fighting, it was the first time that I caught an intelligent insect. I immediately gathered all the Imperial scientists to study together in an attempt to find out the weakness of the insect race to turn the tide of the battle.

It’s just that, after many years have passed, the progress is still very little. In the end, these insects that have been dissect are saved, and the scientific research focuses on other directions.

Now I mention this again. Could it be that something was found in this Insect King?

“Your Majesty, we successfully analyzed the process of Insect King opening the insect nest channel, and reproduced this process in the form of technology!”


It’s not just Miao, everyone in the room looked towards Wei Wei in shock!

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