Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 462

Install the spatial resonator in advance?

This question makes everyone’s mind all the same.

Yes, how come I forgot such a thing.

What is a space resonator? Everyone here knows that it is what Bai Zixuan used to destroy the Insect nest channel of the Milky Way many years ago?

Moreover, it is not only as simple as destroying the insect nest channel, but even the insect race in the channel can be destroyed all at once!

After all, in the previous operation, even an Insect King in the passage was killed together.

The most important thing is that the insect nest channel is different from Space Teleportation in that its speed is very slow. In other galaxy groups, it takes a lot of time for the insect race to enter the insect nest channel.

And through the intelligence obtained by Bai Zixuan in the insect race spiritual network, the Insect King, which is the closest to the local galaxy group, is also 150 million light-years away. In other words, if you want to reach here, at least It will take one or two years.

What does this mean?

It means that after the insect race arrives in the Andromeda galaxy, all its follow-up troops should be within the insect nest channel.

So, if the situation of the war is not optimistic at this time, can you directly start the space resonator and kill the insect nest channel together with the insect race in the channel?

This is a good idea.


Just when the group of senior generals below was a little excited, Lin Fan spit out two words, pouring it down like a basin of cold water.

This makes everyone wonder, why not?

This is obviously a great idea. After the arrangement is made in advance, if the arrival is really an insect race and poses a threat to the defenders, then the space resonator will be activated directly to carry out a destructive blow. .

Why is it not working?

Everyone looked at Lin Fan at this moment, waiting for his explanation.

“I asked Bai Zixuan, Minister of Science yesterday, about this question.”

“To destroy the insect nest channel, you must follow the window of the insect nest channel. According to the calculated coordinates, set hundreds of space resonators.”

” And, after the space resonators are activated, the synchronization rate of all the resonators must reach 96.8% or more in order to succeed. Destroy the insect nest channel!”

“When the insect race arrives and exits from the insect nest channel, it is difficult to avoid hitting some of the resonators and deviating from the original position. Even if it happens by coincidence, none of the resonators are touched by the insect race, and they are all in the designated positions. Once the two sides exchange fire, it is impossible to ensure that all firepower avoids the positions of the resonators!”

“And once any space resonator deviates from the coordinates, then it is impossible to successfully destroy the insect nest channel.”

It turns out that it is.

Now everyone understands, that is to say, even if it is arranged in advance, unless you destroy this before the insect race arrives, without interference, insect nest channel.

But if you do this, you will go back to the original problem of Fujiwara Ayako!

“I see, Minister!”


Lin Fan gestured to his nodded to sit down.

After that, several generals raised some key questions.

For some, Lin Fan answered directly, and for some, Lin Fan discussed with everyone until there were no more questions…

“Okay, since Everyone has no other questions, then, I announce the battle plan!”

Looking below, after more than a minute, no one raised his hand anymore, Lin Fan also stood up and said solemnly.

“The first to fifth clusters of galaxies, immediately prepare, and set off for the Andromeda galaxy three days later, to the area where the insect nest passage is located and Lin Yu’s place to converge to establish a line of defense together.”

“At the same time, upload war missions on the affiliated civilization platform, collect 100 billion affiliated civilizations of the Fourth Fifth Level civilization, and send them into the Andromeda Galaxy through the Super Star Sect.”

” Finally, the commander-in-chief of this battle is General Liang Xingchen, General Liang, please set off from Hangu Pass immediately to the defensive line!”

“All other fleets, there are no new ones in the Federation Fleet Headquarters. Before the order is issued, all maintain the state of second-level combat readiness, and strengthen the inspection of their respective galaxies!”

“The order is complete!”


Below, everyone stood up and shouted loudly in unison.

Among them, Liang Xingchen is the most excited.

For several decades, I have been guarding Hangu Pass, and many major battles have been passed by mistake.

For Liang Xingchen, who is known as one of the two gods of the Federation, what an aggrieved thing.

However, as a soldier, Liang Xingchen is a little frustrated, but he still keeps his identity in mind and has never complained.

Now, a new battle will begin at any time, and this time, the commander is himself! !

Suddenly, a wave of lofty sentiments and high aspirations spontaneously arises, even the age seems to be a few years younger…

Liang Xingchen can’t help but throw at Lin Fan Thankful look.

Actually, it was not Liang Xingchen who took special care of Liang Xingchen for personal affairs this time.

One is, if this time is really an insect race invasion, then this is a defensive battle, not an offensive battle!

As for who is the most proficient in defensive warfare, if Lin Fan is not included, I am afraid that the entire Federation is Liang Xingchen who is the most proficient in this.

The other is that Liang Xingchen, as one of the two gods of the Federation recognized by the Federation, has been thrown to the Hangu Pass for several decades, but like a frontier.

Although in the early days, Hangu Pass was indeed an important node that should not be missed, but with the collapse of the Big Three and the migration of all the civilizations of the galaxy, this node lost its original meaning. , It makes no sense to continue to garrison heavily!

Not only is it meaningless to stay there, let a famous general stay there, but it is also a reckless waste of natural resources.

So, taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Fan just drew Liang Xingchen from Hangu Pass to go to the Andromeda Constellation, as the commander-in-chief of this battle, and let him play his best. The innate talent.

By the way, I also make up for the frustration of my father-in-law over several decades.

It’s a great deal!

Three days later, the army was deployed, and the 5 billion Federation fleet and 100 billion affiliated civilized coalition forces were deployed from various galaxies.

Either through Space Teleportation, or through hyperspace navigation, one after another headed towards the assembly point.

The assembly of more than 100 billion battleships has not happened for many years, and this has also made all civilizations smell that a war is about to begin.

It’s just that this “enemy”…

I’m afraid it will surprise everyone.

Even Federation, even Lin Fan!

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