Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 463

Myers Group of Galaxies, Gal Galaxies.

in the sky, a huge energy group, like a star, emits bursts of dark red light in the dark space.

And around it, dozens of Insect Kings are like guards, guarding them motionlessly.

It has been more than two years, and it has been more than a year since the strange humanoid appeared and reached some kind of agreement with Grand Duke Alba.

I don’t know if the Grand Duke’s decision was right or wrong...

Looking at the huge energy group in front of him, Heiniye thought with some worry.

In the past two years, Heiniye has been guarding Alba's front, but this energy group seems to be able to isolate everything, making it impossible to detect Alba's situation.

The only thing I know is that as time goes by, this energy group is constantly expanding and getting bigger and bigger. Compared with the initial time, it has become more than ten times larger.

At this time, the mutation started.

All Insect Kings are a bit familiar, but very strange life aura, there is...

Familiarity means that all Insect Kings can be recognized. This is The breath of Alba.

Unfamiliar, but because this aura is really too powerful, so powerful...just like an insect king!

As the energy gradually dissipated, Alba's figure gradually revealed itself, which surprised all Insect Kings.

Even Heiniye, who has been promoted to the second-level Insect King, is just as small as a newly born child in front of him.

This kind of body, this kind of breath, Heiniye has only felt it in one existence since he was born, and that existence...

is the whole insect The emperor of race, the insect emperor Alia!

Grand Duke Alba, he... really evolved into an insect king?


Suddenly, a majestic voice resounded in Heiniye's mind for an instant.

This is not the usual way of insect race being transmitted through the mental network, but directly acting on the information in Haynes' mind, making him suddenly surprised.

"Grand Duke, no, the emperor, I am here!"

Heine Yeah, who had just spoken, immediately realized her mistake and immediately changed her name to Alba as the emperor.

Alba is also very satisfied with this name Heiniye.

"How long have I been asleep?"

"Two and a half years, emperor!"

"Has it been two and a half is the war? ?"

"Huang, please rest assured, the progress in the past two years has been good, even smoother than we originally expected. If this continues, we should be able to capture the entire Gal galaxy within one year!"

"Oh? Interesting...Let me take a look!"

In an instant, Alba's spiritual network dedicated to the insect emperor radiated all around, just a few minutes later , It enveloped most of the galaxy's range.

And within its envelope, everything can't escape his detection.

It’s just that it’s okay if you don’t detect it. After investigating, Alba immediately discovered the anomaly.

In the capital area of ​​the Three Eyes Empire, an insect nest channel was opened. Most of the spaceships and battleships of the Star Domains of the entire Three Eyes Empire are moving closer to the capital area. At the same time, they have already arrived. Those spaceships in the capital area are also entering the insect nest passage in batches.

What the hell?

There are traitors in the clan?

Also opened the insect nest channel to help the people of the Three Eyes Empire escape?

"Hainiye, order the whole clan to attack at the fastest speed at any cost, until the capital area of ​​the Three Eyes Empire is captured!"

"Emperor, what happened Now?"

Hainee was a little confused at the moment, this is fine, what happened?

Originally, as long as you continue to nibble step by step like this, you can get it done in a year at most.

Why did the emperor suddenly become so urgent?

"In the capital area of ​​the Three Eyes Empire, an insect nest channel was opened, and they... are using this insect nest channel to evacuate!"

"The reason for this In more than two years, your offensive went very smoothly. This is the reason."

The people of the Three Eyes Empire are evacuating through the insect nest passage?

After hearing what Alba said, Heiniye was also shocked. How could this be possible?

"Yes, I will arrange it now!"


The other side tens of thousands of light years away, the Three Eyes Empire Capital Circle !

"Your Majesty, everything is going well. If nothing else, we can evacuate at least 80% of the imperial citizens in the remaining time!"

"Well, count the time If you are, I think Wei should be here soon, right?"

"Yes, Your Majesty, Master Wei set out as an advance team. By this time, he should have arrived soon."

"Well, as long as I can arrive safely, I can rest assured. With her, the empire can rise again and become stronger, and even regain the Myers Galaxy Group in the future!"

Looking at the ministers below, Miu nodded said.

"Your Majesty, the frontline report!"

At this time, a guard broke into the audience room directly, loudly said.

And Miao, after hearing this, he suddenly slammed in his heart. There shouldn't be anything wrong, at this critical time.

"What happened on the frontline? Hurry up!"

"Your Majesty, the frontline report, all insect races in the entire galaxy are just as crazy as they are, and they continue to attack our defense line, even Yes..."

"Even what?"

"There are even a large number of Insect Kings. It has been confirmed that there are more than 30 insect kings. The frontline report said that if you follow In such a situation, the line of defense may only last for a month at most!"


Like a thunderbolt from the blue sky, it blasted into the hearts of everyone in the room. .

You must know that 80% of the entire empire’s fleet is now deployed on the final line of defense, and the other 20% of the fleet also entered the insect nest channel with the first evacuated people. After all, no one I don’t know whether there will be a strong civilization on the other side of the passage, and a certain degree of protection is still necessary.

According to previous calculations, this line of defense, which brings together 80% of the empire's strength, should be able to support at least one year.

But now...

"One month?"

"Yes, Your Majesty, this is how the frontline reports!"

Damn... a month is not enough.

Miao made a simple calculation in his mind. If there is only one month left, even if you count those who have entered the insect nest channel, the empire is more than 40% of the population, and at most it can only be withdrawn. To 50%.

This is far from the original goal of evacuation of at least 80% of the population!

What should I do?

For a while, Miao fell into confusion...

At the same time, 150 million light-years away, in the Andromeda Galaxy, in the territory of the original Ziyun Empire, there was a place named Gaya's star system.

A huge Space Crack is opening in the dark void, and there is no sign of closing!

Not far away, hundreds of billions of battleships are surrounding this crack, laying down layers of Defensive Arrays.

"Report to the commander-in-chief that the energy in the insect nest passage has fluctuated sharply, there should be something coming out!"

"Is it finally here? Let all the fleet do it right away Prepare for battle, waiting for my order!"

In the command room of the Mars War Star, after hearing the adjutant report Liang Xingchen, expression congeals, he stood up and shouted.

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