Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 464

Before the insect nest passage, a solemn killing aura came, and it seemed to be felt even in the void of space.

The fleets on the line of defense have charged their weapons one after another, and all the muzzles are aimed at the exit of the passage, waiting for the appearance of the insect race to give it a devastating blow.

At this time, a variety appeared in the insect nest channel, a sharp horn with an obvious metallic luster, protruding from it…

For a while, everyone A little confused, it doesn’t look like an insect race at all, but it’s like a part of a battleship.

With the passage of time, soon, the objects that appeared from the insert nest channel revealed the whole picture.

This is a triangular battleship with a sense of technology. It is huge, obviously a Titan Grade battleship.

And follow closely from behind, a large number of battleships began to slowly drive out of the passageway.

“Commander-in-chief, this?”

“Don’t fire, follow the third contact guide and issue a warning!”

“Yes, Commander-in-Chief! “

At the same time, on the other side, Wei, who was on the Titan Grade battleship bridge, looked at the tactical video, and the huge fleet was also a little confused.

It’s as if you have a good night’s sleep, and then you open your eyes, but suddenly realize that there are countless people in front of you with guns pointing at yourself, can you not be confused?

“Master only…what should I do?”

“Don’t worry, let’s see the situation first, after all, for the people in this galaxy, we are considered invaders!”

“Yes… only adults, I have received the message from the other party!”

“Play the message immediately!”



[Warning, this is the territory of the Human Federation of Level 6 Civilization. If the civilization is unknown, immediately inform your purpose, otherwise we will take military force measures to deal with it! Repeat…]


There is also a level 6 civilization here, and I was spotted as soon as I arrived.

This is not easy to handle.

If one is not dealt with properly, it is possible that you and all subsequent fleets will be buried here.

Although it is also a Level 6 civilization, they now have a geographical advantage, and although they have a large fleet, they are still within the passage and can only arrive one after another.

Once the fight starts, it will definitely be a massacre, or a massacre that lasts for one or two years.

And this is already the last hope of the Three-Eyed Empire, and there must not be any problems here.

“Don’t act rashly. Also, try to send a communication request to the other party. I will communicate with the other party personally.”

“Yes, only adults!”


In the War Star of Mars.

“Report to the commander-in-chief, the other party sent a communication request!”

“Come here!”

“Yes, the commander-in-chief!”

Soon, as the communication was connected, a silhouette appeared in the command center of the Mars, which caused a burst of exclamation. Of course, it was just an exclamation in the heart, and no one shouted it out.

It’s no wonder these people in the command center are really…

This silhouette is too beautiful, even if it is based on human aesthetics, it is also devastatingly beautiful. Peerless look.

Moreover, the most important thing is that this silhouette is indistinguishable from human beings except for a vertical line on the forehead that is not known to be a decoration or something.

“Hello, we are from the Three-Eyed Empire of the Myers Group of galaxies 150 million light years away, and I am the chief scientist of the Empire, Yui!”

“We There is no malice, please rest assured.”

The crisp voice was like a yellow oriole coming out of the valley, and it was heard from Wei’s mouth. Even Liang Xingchen, who was over a hundred years old, couldn’t help but feel a ripple in his heart.

“Cough cough, this lady, I am the commander-in-chief here, General Liang Xingchen of the Federation.”

“First of all, I have a few things for you. Check it out!”

Receiving his more than 100-year-old mind, Liang Xingchen said with a serious face.

“Excuse me, Mr. Liang Xingchen, I will answer truthfully.”

Yi also said nodded, without any unwilling expression.

This makes Liang Xingchen a little surprised. Since the opponent is a level 6 civilization, there should be some arrogance. How do you feel…

Actually, the Three-Eyed Empire It’s not that there is no arrogance of advanced civilization, but this situation does not allow it.

If this is a collapse, then the future of the entire civilization will be ruined.

Therefore, as long as Liang Xingchen’s request is not excessive, Wei will agree to it.

“Okay, first of all, why do you appear from the insect nest channel?”

“en? Do you know the insect nest channel?”

This is Wei Wei was a little surprised.

Be aware that this is her carefully selected target. Because the distance is far enough, the probability of an insect race should be very low at present!

However, the other party actually knows the insect nest channel. Does this mean that in this galaxy group, the Human Federation is also fighting against the insect race?

If this is the case, then there is an opportunity for cooperation. At least after the explanation is clear, the opponent It shouldn’t be directly against yourself.

“This technology is not the insect nest channel used by the insect race, but a technology that we have captured by studying an Insect King that we have captured, and then reproduced by technological means, I call it Migrating for space!”

“Your Excellency Liang Xingchen knows about the insect nest channel, is there an insect race in this group of galaxies?”

Explain a little bit about the insect nest channel After the question, Weiye asked her own question.

“Well, I did, but we repelled it!”

“Then, the next question is, what is the purpose of your coming here?”

Answered casually, without waiting for Wei’s surprise, Liang Xingchen directly pointed to the core question.

Only the answer to this question will also determine whether Liang Xingchen will issue an order to fire.

“Then Mr. Liang Xingchen, please allow me to take a moment to introduce the history of our Three-Eyes Empire in the past 100 years…”

The first time from the Three-Eyes Empire The insect race was discovered and did not attract attention and started to talk about it. Until now, the Three-Eyed Empire was almost destroyed under the attack of the insect race, and finally used space migration technology to evacuate to the Andromeda Galaxy.

This is really a tragic story with tears and sadness, but Liang Xingchen’s face does not have any sad expressions, on the contrary, it is full of solemnity.

He heard Level 1 Insect King in this story that Wei said!

And the Insect King that human beings have faced so far is only the fourth-level Insect King.

No, this matter must be reported as soon as possible, and it is up to the top to decide how to deal with it!

“Ms. Wei, I have understood the purpose of your trip, but this is not my decision. I need to contact the Federation’s senior management.”

“And in the meantime , I can allow your fleet to arrive one after another, but all arriving fleets must stay in the area I specify and must not engage in any provocative behavior until the Federation’s top management makes a final decision!”

Soon , Liang Xingchen made a decision, and for the subsequent arrival of the Three Eyes Empire fleet, there is no threat in the short term.

After all, even if they were given a day’s time, they would be able to reach hundreds of millions of ships at most, and they would still stay in the area delineated by Liang Xingchen. At the same time, they were surrounded by the fleet. Can’t afford any waves.

“Okay, we are willing to accept!”

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