Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 465

Human Federation Capital Region, home planet Earth.

Even the Federation has now captured the Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy and more than 20 corresponding satellite galaxies, and all of these places are countless times richer than the Orion Arms.

However, the capital area of ​​the Federation is still set in the extremely poor Orion arm, and it is still in the Solar System, which is considered to be a remote area in the Orion arm.

The place of the earth in the hearts of mankind is still extremely sacred.

In the Conference Hall of the Presidential Palace, a special emergency meeting is being held. The attendees are all leaders of the Federation, except for one person, and this person is Liang Xingchen.

Originally according to Liang Xingchen’s level, it is still a little bit short of meaning to participate in meetings of this level.

However, as a front-line commander and the holder of first-hand information, he still needs to explain his situation.

At this time, Liang Xingchen’s entity illusory shadow is standing in front of the Conference Hall, reporting.

The content of this report surprised many people.

Everyone originally thought that this would be a war with the insect race. As the scale of the war could not be determined for the time being, Lin Fan was even prepared to increase troops at any time.

But, who would have thought that after more than a year of mobilization, the insect race did not wait, but a group of refugees arrived?

“Admiral Liang Xingchen, in your report just now, you mentioned that the chief scientist of the Three-Eyed Empire said that this insect nest channel, no, according to them, is a space migration technology. She developed it, and she is less than 30 years old, isn’t she?”

After Liang Xingchen finished the report, Lin Fan pondered for a moment and asked.

And this question also aroused the interest of Bai Zixuan, the Minister of Science, and his eyes lit up immediately.

“Yes, that’s right!”

“What do you think, Old Bai?”

After getting the definite answer, Lin Fan also smiled and asked Bai Zixuan turned to the side.

“What do you think?”

“This little girl is okay. Speaking of the insect nest channel, I have also studied it before, but it has never been possible to use technology to re-insect race. In the process of opening the channel, I finally had to give up.”

“However, this little girl succeeded. The key is that she is not yet 30 years old!!”

” I think of you decades ago, you were so good, what a pity, what a pity…”

Bai Zixuan first affirmed Wei’s ability, and then revisited the past, looking towards Lin Fan Tucao for a while.

This made Lin Fan feel helpless and had to smile wryly.

Lin Fan knows that Bai Zixuan has always been full of resentment for not taking the road of scientific research, but he knows his own affairs, it can’t be helped!

“Lin Fan, do you have any ideas?”

The atmosphere was a bit embarrassing, but fortunately, within a few seconds, Lin Zhen spoke.

“Well, there are some ideas!”

“First of all, this three-eyed empire is very similar to humans. We should first confirm whether it is the same as Angel Race and Elf Race. Situation.”

“If it is, we can try to absorb this civilization.”

“Apart from this, this chief scientist named Wei, we have to find a way to win, even if It is to pay a certain price. In short, she must be willing to stay.”

“Everyone should understand what a strategic-level scientist means to a civilization, and this only, I think she has completely reached the standard of a strategic scientist!”

Lin Fan nodded said very seriously.

In fact, as far as the current Federation is concerned, there are a total of two strategic scientists, one is Bai Zixuan, and the other is Li Lizi, who has not yet stepped onto the front desk.

All of you here are bigwigs, and they are very clear about what a strategic scientist represents.

To be honest, even if the entire Andromeda galaxy exchanges, Lin Zhen will agree without the slightest hesitation’s nodded.

And this is the value of a strategic scientist!

“If the content reported by General Liang Xingchen is correct, then this little girl can indeed be regarded as a strategic scientist!”

Bai Zixuan is also nodded at this time, confirms. .


Strategic scientist…

Just now Lin Fan alone said that everyone is not sure, but now even Bai Zixuan Say the same, then it’s a real hammer.

This Wei must win over and stay in the Federation willingly.

However, it is not easy for her to stay in the Federation willingly. According to Liang Xingchen’s report, her recognition of the Three Eyes Empire is very high.

Under this situation, if you want to win it over, the best situation is the situation of Three-Eyes Race, Angel Race, and Elf Race, and then integrate it directly into the Federation.

Of course, this is only the best case, not absolute.

“Let’s do it, Admiral Liang Xingchen, you can arrange for Wei to connect to the virtual Conference Hall. Let’s talk to her first.”

Let’s ponder for a moment. Later, Lin Zhen spoke a final word.

Now it’s useless to think about it anymore. After we talk about it, we can know where the breakthrough is!

“Okay, President, I’ll arrange it now!”

After speaking, Liang Xingchen disconnected the virtual meeting. Obviously, he went to Wei to arrange it.

“Lin Fan, how confident are you?”

“80%, according to the information we have so far, the Three Eyes Empire is still in the process of evacuation. And it may not be possible to evacuate all in time, and here, it may be our breakthrough!”

“Do you mean to send troops to the Gal galaxy?”

Lin Zhen was a little surprised. He really didn’t expect that Lin Fan had this idea!

“Yes, and not just the only thing, but more, we should go once and measure the top battle strength of the insect race.”

“After all, the future Federation If you want to expand, the war with the insect race is unavoidable. Rather than seeing a black eye in the future, it is better to get a feel for it earlier, so that our military can be prepared in a targeted manner.”

As Lin Fan said, the Federation’s current knowledge of the insect race still rests on the Fourth Fifth Level Insect King.

Although the Fourth Fifth Level Insect King Federation can be easily wiped out, but after all, it was the low-end battle strength in the insect race at the time, and now the insect race is fighting the three-eyed empire in the Gal galaxy. The level 1 Insect King commanded real high-end battle strength.

Even if there is no such thing as this, Lin Fan is ready to send a fleet to the Gal galaxy for a while.

Even if it is…

It is totally acceptable to pay some price for this!

At the same time, the Andromeda Galaxy.

“Your Excellency Liang Xingchen, do you mean that the leaders of the Federation want to see me?”

“Yes, if there is no problem, you can come to my ship and use our equipment , Join the Virtual Conference Hall!”

“Okay, no problem, I will take the shuttle boat over now.”

Now she has learned from Liang Xingchen, Federation is not a level six Early-Stage technological civilization like the Three-Eyed Empire, but a level six Peak technological civilization, and even one foot has entered the category of level seven civilization.

And just now, she also received a communication from the empire and learned that the current occupation is rapidly deteriorating.

So, there is no hesitation, no matter what the price is, he must persuade the Federation for the sake of his compatriots.

Send troops to the Gal galaxy!

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