Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 466

When Wei’s silhouette appeared in the Conference Hall, everyone was a little surprised.

Although I have heard Liang Xingchen describe before, there is no difference in appearance between Three-Eyes Race people and humans, but I was shocked when I actually saw it.

After all, whether it is Angel Race or Elf Race, although its overall appearance is very subtle from humans, naked eye can still be clearly distinguished.

For example, the conspicuous wings behind Angel Race, and the distinctive pointed ears of Elf Race.

However, like Three-Eyes Race, naked eye can’t see the difference at all, and this is the first time that Federation has encountered it.

Of course, the premise is that Yui’s third eye is closed. If it is opened, the difference will be even more obvious than that of angels and elves!

“Meeting for the first time, everyone of the Federation, I am the chief scientist of the Three-Eyes Empire, Yui!”

The only one who said this, he acted as an imperial noble with grace. ceremony.

The extremely similar appearance, the devastatingly beautiful appearance, coupled with the good manners, for a time let everyone in the Conference Hall have a very good first impression of it.

“Hello, I am the president of the Human Federation, Lin Zhen.”

“This time I invite you to participate in this meeting. I have something to ask you about. Of course, It’s not a bad thing, you can relax!”

Lin Zhen said with a gentle face, which made Lin Fan roll his eyes frantically.

Is this the old fogey I know?

It’s a stand-in!

Can my old fogey have this expression?

Stop kidding, okay!

Lin Zhen, who noticed Lin Fan’s expression, gave him a fierce look, and then continued to speak.

“First of all, you should have discovered that the similarity of our two families has reached a level of almost impossible, but it happened.”

” Yes, from a scientific point of view, this probability should be infinitely close to zero!”

Wei Wei slightly nodded agrees.

Since she communicated with Liang Xingchen for the first time, she has been shocked. What she thought was impossible happened before her eyes.

At a distance of 150 million light-years, it is too surprising that two races are so similar.

Even, Wei has thought about it, is this predicting something in the dark?

“Actually, your civilization is not the first one that our Federation has encountered. A race so similar to us. Before you, there were already two civilizations.”

“How is this possible?”

Since Wei entered this virtual Conference Hall, her expression collapsed for the first time.

What Lin Zhen said just now really surprised her to the point where she couldn’t be furthermore.

Only the Three-Eyes Race is similar to humans, but it can be understood as a coincidence. However, when Lin Zhen said that there are two other races in the same situation, Wei could no longer remain calm.

Yes, how is this possible?

Looking at the unbelievable expression on his only face, Lin Zhen did not continue to speak, but raised his hand, volleyed for a few times, and then waved his hand to send a virtual interface to Wei’s face. And motioned it to take a look at the content.

Yi did not speak either, but looked at it seriously.

In this, part of the history of the Federation is recorded, as well as information about Angel Race and Elf Race, including the results of physical examinations.

It’s okay if you look at it. At first glance, Wei almost bursts out her beautiful and beautiful eyes…

Not only is the appearance similar…

Even at the genetic level, there is almost no difference, reaching the point where they can reproduce together.

Is this kind of thing really possible?

“This is the first thing I want to say, so when we finish this conversation, I hope you can do a body check on Liang Xingchen.”

“Although, I also know that this probability is so low that it is almost zero, but after all, it has happened twice. Who can guarantee that there will not be a third time, right?”

Listen With Lin Zhen’s words, Wei also couldn’t help being nodded.

Now she also wants to know the result.

“Okay, let’s move on to the second thing.”

“What kind of goal does your civilization want to achieve when you come to the Andromeda Galaxy?”

“I just want to find a place where civilization is struggling on whilst at death’s door, or is it to re-develop and rise to a higher-rank civilization?”

“If it is the former, I am now You can call the shots and provide you with a place to continue civilization, but this place will not be very big. After all, we don’t have too much room for wealth, and you can only continue civilization, but you won’t have any room for development. !”

“But if it’s the latter, I think we can talk about it.”

Lin Zhen said it very bluntly.

In short, if you just don’t want civilization to be destroyed and keep the seeds of civilization to continue, then the Federation can provide you with a place to inhabit, but it is limited to that area.

In the future, whether you want to expand or develop, it will be almost impossible.

You must know that all around are the territory of Federation, and even the surrounding galaxy groups will be the territory of Federation soon.

Development and expansion will never be related to the Three Eyes Empire.

After all, Federation is not a shantang. Considering the similarities between the two races, it is quite good to be able to do this step.

If it is another civilization, I am afraid that these people from the Three-Eyed Empire will end up miserably.

These, only nature understands.

Furthermore, Wei believes that if the positions of the two sides are exchanged, the Three Eyes Empire will not even be able to make this step of Lin Zhen.

I didn’t feel that Federation was too much. On the contrary, it was already very magnanimous.

The most important thing is that Lin Zhen also mentioned the second choice.

Re-development and rise?

Towards a higher-rank civilization?

What does this mean?

“President Lin Zhen, what is the latter you are talking about?”

No matter what it means, the temptation of words alone is already great, making Wei Jaya Unable to take it easy, he asked directly.

As long as there is a glimmer of hope, who wants to ruin the future of civilization?

However, I only know that this World has nothing for nothing. With such a big temptation, the conditions are naturally not simple.

Giving and gain are always equated!

“It’s very simple. Become a subsidiary civilization of Federation. Of course, if the situation of Three-Eyes Race is the same as Angel and Elf Race in a later physical examination, then there is no need to become a subsidiary civilization of Federation. Rather, just like those two races, they directly become part of the Federation!”

Subsidiary civilization…

This word, of course, is understood.

After all, the former Three-Eyed Empire had countless subsidiary civilizations.

However, the affiliated civilization seems to be inconsistent with what Lin Zhen said, which can make the Three-Eyed Empire continue to develop!

In Wei’s memory. Subsidiary civilization is the kind. For the continuation of one’s own civilization, a large amount of resources have to be tributed to the Sect Master country in exchange for the continued existence of civilization.

If you want to develop, it is almost impossible.

“This is the affiliated civilization agreement of our Federation. You can take a look.”

Looking at Wei’s expression, Lin Zhen naturally understood what this little girl was thinking.

After all, he has seen this expression countless times.

“Do you call this a subsidiary civilization?”

A few minutes later, after reading the agreement, Wei asked with a face full of you playing me.

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