Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 471

In fact, speaking of the empire’s special heavy battleships, their firepower is not even as good as that of the ordinary empire’s main battleship.

However, it also has capabilities that cannot be matched by the main battleship, and it is precisely because of this capability that special heavy battleships are called special ships for high-level Insect Kings.

That was the last project that we worked on a few years ago, before we made all our efforts to research and develop spatial migration technology, called…

Multiple Spatial Shield technology.

This is a concept proposed only after studying the captured third-order Insect King and several of his guard insects.

Although Tier 3 Guard Worms have a primary level of space-based attack methods that can cause fatal damage to air shields, their attacks are neither penetrating nor range-based.

In short, this kind of attack can only destroy the Spatial Shield. If you want to destroy the battleship, you must perform a second attack.

If this is the case, why not put a multi-layer shield on the battleship for recycling?

This is the original idea, and because of this idea, a few years later, the multiple Spatial Shield technology was born.

The reason why the special heavy battleship is very weak is that most of its space is used to install multiple Spatial Shield devices and multiple core energy systems.

After all, the Three-Eyed Empire does not have zero-point energy, a foul-like energy source, and can only rely on more energy cores to support the huge energy consumption of the entire battleship, and the weapon system can only Make corresponding compromises and reduce the number of installations.

At the end of the first wave of attacks against the special heavy fleet, in a War Star behind the defense zone, Mu also watched the various feedback data with a little nervousness.

In the final analysis, how effective the special heavy-duty fleet can be against the third-order Insect King, has not yet undergone actual confrontation, and no one can say for sure.

But after seeing the special heavy fleet unscathed after a wave of attacks, Mu was finally sighed in relief.

Well, it can’t be said that it was completely undamaged. The multiple shields on the special heavy battleship have a total of 5-Layer, and this 5-Layer shield still has a certain loss, most of the battleship lost 1-2 There are also some bad luck battleships that lose 3-4 layers, but in any case, the battleship itself can be said to be unscathed.

Also, don’t think that multiple Spatial Shields are just 5-Layer shields. If this is the case, it can’t be called a special ship for high-level Insect King.

The really powerful part of this system that I designed is that the shield can be recycled.

To put it simply, if two shields are broken in a wave of attacks, there are still three shields that can be used in the next wave of attacks, and the previous two shields are also available. It will be restored again after recharging.

Finally, the five Spatial Shields will be recycled. Unless they are continuously hit by the third-order guard insects, it is difficult to kill them in terms of large-scale coverage strikes with ordinary waves.

Of course, this technology is not without its shortcomings, and its main shortcomings are in two aspects.

On the one hand, it consumes a lot of energy. As far as Spatial Shield is concerned, it is a big energy consumer, even more how 5th layer Spatial Shield, and in order to meet this huge energy demand, battleship Multiple independent energy cores had to be installed inside to supply energy separately to barely meet the needs.

On the other hand, due to the installation of multiple Spatial Shield systems and multiple sets of independent core energy, even if the battleship is built into the size of a heavy battleship, the space is still very tight, which also leads to weapons Continuous compromises on the system, in the end, the firepower is almost only half of the ordinary main battleship.

“Very good, let the regular fleet on the defensive line cooperate with the special heavy-duty fleet, press it up, and kill the two Tier 3 Insect Kings!”

“Yes, handsome!”

Looking at the amazing defensive power of the special heavy fleet, Mu no longer hesitated and decided to grab the fighter and try to kill the Tier 3 Insect King directly.

When the order was issued, all the defenders in the 38 defense zone took action. They were originally only passively defending, and suddenly they came out with the taste of counterattack.

The sudden change without warning made the Insect King who was controlling the swarm unresponsive for a while, and was directly beaten completely unprepared.

The powerful gravity cannon continued to roar in the insect swarm, and batches of insects instantly fell into the space tearing effect caused by the irregular gravity, and they were broken into pieces.

In the two most critical parts of the battlefield, that is, in the area facing the two Tier 3 Insect Kings, the four special heavy fleets are resisting the constant attacks of the guard insects while facing the two The position of the third-order Insect King is close to it.

Of course, although the multiple Spatial Shield system is indeed very strong, but also not invincible, suffered too many attacks in a short time, resulting in the five shields too late to cycle, and there is also the possibility of being destroyed.

“Marshal, the special heavy fleet is still 20 million kilometers away from the Insect King, and the current loss of more than 3,700 ships.”

“Well, this loss is within a tolerable range. Once they enter the range of 15 million kilometers, they don’t need to wait for an order to take the third-order Insect King for me!”

“Yes, handsome!”

With the huge tactical image ahead, Mu’s hands clenched his fists tightly, success or failure, in one fell swoop!

It’s just that this special heavy battleship is indeed a perfect target for the attack of the Tier 3 guard bug, and it can be defeated to death, but Mu seems to have forgotten that he is in a state of war with him. The third-order Insect King, it can even be said that the third-order Insect King is just a small role.

For the variety of battles on the front line, Heiniye, who is in the rear and dominates the overall situation, naturally sees it all.

Although I was a little surprised by the special heavy-duty fleet taken out by the Three Eyes Empire, there was no panic. After all, this multiple Spatial Shield, to put it bluntly, is specifically aimed at Tier 3 guard bugs. Not all high-level Insect Kings can be targeted.

The most important thing is that Heiniye, who had communicated with Alba before, has also sent his Rank 2 guard bug with the two third-order Insect Kings to the front line.

As Alba said, after becoming the First Rank Insect King anyway, he won’t be able to see these Rank 2 guard bugs anymore, so just send them to the front line and let this Let the war end sooner!

No, this is the opportunity!

Suddenly, there was a thought, and the order was conveyed to the front line through the spiritual network of the insect race.

“Marshal, the two Tier 3 Insect Kings have retreated…”

“Damn it, calculate right away, if we continue to chase, how much it will cost to kill forcibly The cost?”

“Yes…According to calculations, if the specially equipped heavy fleet is chased at the maximum speed, it will take at least five minutes to catch up and be included in the incident range, but because it is too Going deep into the swarm, even if you successfully kill two Tier 3 Insect Kings, the special heavy fleet will lose at least half of the battleship!”

After the adjutant conducted a simulation through the main brain, he reported to Mu Hui .

Mu is frowned and hesitates.

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