Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 473

“Quickly, retrieve the images recorded by the rest of the battleship!”

In the command center, after a few seconds of confusion, Mu finally returned to sobered up and immediately turned to the command The direction of the group loudly shouted.


“The video record has been retrieved, go to the virtual video playback!”

With the operation of the command team, soon From those battleships that were not affected, I retrieved the recorded images and played them.

It can be seen from the screen that this is a front image record of a battleship. In front of it, a large area of ​​special heavy battleship is advancing, and all of its guns are surrounded by energy.

Obviously, this is the state where the naval gun has been charged and ready to shoot at any time. Everything is as expected by Mu before, without any problems.

But Mu knew very well that in the next few seconds, something must have happened. Otherwise, it would be impossible to explain why all the signals of the battleship in the front of the array were suddenly lost.

It was like confirming Mu’s guess. Suddenly, the whole picture began to be distorted. No, it was not the picture that was distorted, but the space recorded in the picture.

As the space continues to be distorted, the multi-layer shields of all special heavy battleships are shattered, and not one, but five shields one after another.

At this moment, without Spatial Shield’s special heavy battleship, it’s as if all the defenses have been lifted, and it can no longer resist the tearing effect brought by space distortion. They were all taken in a very short moment. Was torn to pieces.

However, this scene is not an isolated case, but is constantly happening in the front array of the entire special heavy fleet, just like countless AOEs hitting every place in the array, instantly turning All battleships were swallowed up clean.

At this time, Mu also reacted. It was attacked by space and was of a scope.

But where did the attack come from?

The guard insects of the third-level Insect King obviously do not have such a powerful attack, and there are only lower-level ordinary insects around them.

Continuously adjusting the range shown in the tactical image, Mu repeatedly studied it.

Because the attention has been focused on the area where the two third-order Insect Kings are just now, some of Mu ignored the other surrounding areas. Only then did he finally find something wrong…

The formation position of the third-order Insect King seems to be too far behind!

Well, it can’t be said to be backward, but it did not impose the necessary resistance on the special heavy fleet, making the special heavy fleet advancing faster than the surrounding main fleet Many, even a little bit of loneliness and depth.

The strangest thing is that the arrays of the two specially equipped heavy fleets are so much deeper than the other main fleets, and they are even half-enclosed by the insect swarm. However, the surrounding Those ordinary insect swarms have never attacked the special heavy fleet.

This is very weird. If these ordinary insect swarms attack the specially equipped heavy fleet in the deep half-encirclement, then Mu will definitely react. There is a problem with the coordination of the fleets. Thus readjusted!

However, insect race did not do this, which made Mu, who had concentrated all his energy on the third-order Insect King, completely ignored this serious problem.

“Damn, there must be a problem in this!”

“Scan the common insect swarms around me immediately. There must be a problem in these swarms!”

Some Mu who understood, immediately moved towards the adjutant combat command group and commanded loudly.

“Immediately notify the special heavy-duty fleet, stop moving forward, and begin to retreat in an orderly manner, and at the same time order the surrounding main fleet to exert greater pressure on those ordinary insect swarms!”

“Yes, handsome!”

After ordering the command team, Mu turned his head and said to the adjutant.

“Reporting commander, according to the scan, there are a lot of high-energy body reactions inside the several insect swarms around the third-order Insect King!”

“Can detect what it is Is it?”

“Yes, biological structure detection is in progress…The biological structure of an unknown high-energy body has been successfully detected, and the projection is in the virtual image!”

Suddenly, one A huge virtual image appeared in the command center. What was displayed on the screen was the shape of an insect and various related data that no one had seen before.


It’s okay to look at the appearance of the insect. After all, the insect is just like that. Every kind is so ugly that everyone is used to it.

But after looking at the various data such as bioenergy intensity and body size displayed on the side, everyone can’t help being sucked in a cold breath.

Speaking of insect race, the largest body is naturally the Insect King, and each time the Insect King evolves, the body will be larger.

The second only to Insect King is the guard bug. The guard bug is a special insect species that can only be cultivated after the Insect King evolves to the third stage. Compared with the Battle Insect, it is not a little bit powerful. .

But with the data in front of us, it is obvious that the size of this insect is more powerful than the third-order Insect King, and its size is almost equivalent to that of an imperial battleship.

The most important thing is that the bio-energy intensity in its body has almost doubled that of the third-order Insect King, and this amount is really a lot!

Could it be the Rank 2 guard bug that encountered insect race?

Although the Three-Eyed Empire has never played against the Rank 2 guard bug, this does not prevent Mu’s guess that this should be the Rank 2 guard bug.

In fact, just as Mu had guessed, this new insect is the Rank 2 guard bug cultivated by Heniye. Compared with the Tier 3 guard bug, it has two kinds of insects. Very powerful ability.

One is a preliminary space-type range attack, but the range is very close, only about 10 million kilometers.

The other is the insect race barrier, which is an ability that can only be used at the beginning of the third-order Insect King. It is different from Energy Shield and Spatial Shield, an alternative barrier, even for spatial spaces. With such a trace of resistance.

But its attack range and speed are flawed. If the Three-Eyed Empire’s fleet is confronted, it will also be unpleasant.

Therefore, after observing the tactics of a specially equipped heavy fleet, Heiniye thought of the response tactics used today and completely unprepared!

“Marshal, it is detected that the biological energy in these unidentified insects is gathering towards their back, it is suspected to be a precursor to the attack!”

“Damn, the special heavy fleet How is the progress of the retreat?”

“No, it’s too deep, I can’t get out of it in a short time!”

The adjutant reported anxiously.

Although the special heavy-duty fleet has already begun to retreat, it will not be able to withdraw if it goes deep into that many.

It can be said that around today’s special heavy-duty fleet, except for the rear is safe, there are swarms of insects in all directions.

“The attack is coming!”

In the command team, there was a sudden shout.

“Damn it!”

Mutton was complexion stiffened and re-looked towards the tactical image. Those representing the specially equipped heavy fleet consisted of countless green dots.

In just a few seconds, a large green spot…

It turned gray again!

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