Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 475

If it were Mu, who was holding eight special heavy-duty fleets in his hand, even if he faced four Tier 3 Insect Kings at the same time, he would be able to deal with it, and there would be no crisis.

However, today’s Mu does not have eight special heavy-duty fleets, but only one and a half, 150 million special heavy battleships…

There is simply not enough. Forces to deal with the current crisis.

“Draw 100 million battleships from each defense zone and send them to the sixth and eighth defense zones to increase the defense line firepower, so that they must persist to the fifteenth defense zone to repel the two third-order Insect Kings!”

“Yes, handsome!”

This is currently the best way that Mu can think of.

Of course, the premise is that the situation can develop as he expected!

After finally calming down, the void that hadn’t been long before became messy again.

A large number of ion beam-type attacks are also mixed, even if it is just a rudimentary space-type attack, the battle damages of both sides are constantly rising at a terrifying speed.

“Marshal, the two Tier 3 Insect King’s guard swarms have always kept a distance beyond the range of our special heavy fleet, obviously they are just holding us back!”

“I know!”

Indeed, how can Mu, who has been staring at the tactical video, not know what the situation is now?

The two Tier 3 Insect Kings, obviously, simply never thought of fighting against the special heavy fleet, they just happened to hang out of the range of the special heavy fleet, making it impossible for Mu to start!

It’s just that, even if they understand their intentions, there is no good way.

Just now, Mu has tried to make the special heavy fleet retreat, but…

When the special heavy fleet retreats, the guards of the two Tier 3 Insect Kings The swarm immediately pressed up, and when the special heavy fleet stopped retreating and moved forward again, they retreated and continued to stay out of range of the fleet.

So, it led to the current situation.

The entire special heavy-duty fleet cannot advance or retreat!


“How is the situation on the sixth and eighth defense zone?”

Looking at the embarrassing situation in front of him, Mu couldn’t help. He cursed loudly, and then asked immediately.

“Marshal, it is very bad. There is no special heavy fleet. The conventional fleet is very difficult to fight against the third-order Insect King. At present, the battle damage of the sixth defense area has reached 9%, and the battle damage of the eighth defense area has been It has reached 13%!”

“If the current situation continues, the collapse of the sixth and eighth defense zones is only a matter of time!”

The adjutant reported to Mu Hui , His face is full of worries.

In his opinion, now the entire Weta defense line has entered a dead end, how difficult it is to break the game.

“Marshal, the second defense zone emergency report!”

“Second defense zone?”

“Yes, marshal, appeared on the tenth The new insect race of the five defense zone now appears in the second defense zone, and a hole has been torn in the defense line of the second defense zone!”


The line of defense in the second zone was torn apart?

This frightened Mu, and immediately adjusted the tactical image and switched to the second defense zone.

Sure enough, the original dense line of defense has now been torn open by a large opening, and a large number of insect swarms are swarming into this opening!

After briefly reading the briefing on the offensive and defensive warfare in the second defense zone, Mu also understood why the second defense zone was defeated so quickly.

When everyone’s eyes are focused on the four third-order Insect Kings in the sixth, eighth, and fifteenth War Zones, the rest of the War Zones are just responding to ordinary insect swarms according to normal strategies.

However, what everyone did not expect was that Heiniye once again hid the Rank 2 King Insect Guard team in the ordinary insect swarm.

It’s just that, not in the sixth, eighth or fifteenth defense zone, but in the second defense zone where the current situation is the most stable.

The most important thing is that this Rank 2 guard swarm has been unbearable, even if it is attacked, even if it loses a lot along the way, it still hides in the innermost part of the ordinary swarm. No traces were revealed!

It wasn’t until the line of defense was 10 million kilometers away that it suddenly violent. A wave of intensive range-type space attacks directly emptied a large area of ​​the line of defense, tearing apart a not-so-small area. Mouth!

Mu was fully guarded, but once again was hit by Heiniye.

As a large number of insect race poured in from the gap, the entire line of defense quickly collapsed.

The special heavy fleet is pinned down, unable to move even a little bit.

The sixth and eighth defense zones are still struggling, and battle losses have directly increased.

The line of defense in the second defense zone was completely torn apart and was on the verge of collapse.

This situation, if there is no strong reinforcements, has been fundamentally impossible to reverse.

In the command center, looking at the situation in the second defense zone, Mu was silent.

In this situation, at most half an hour, the defense line in the entire defense area will inevitably collapse completely. By then, the insect race will get a way to bypass the Weta defense line from the second defense area!

At that time, regardless of whether the insect race chose to flick the Vita line of defense, or directly enter the hinterland of the empire, it would have no difficulty.

But I have no way to stop this.

“Notify all the fleets within the Weta defense line, follow the third evacuation plan, immediately execute, and rebuild the final defense line in the capital area!”

Mu closed in a little pain Both eyes gave this order.

And this order was given after his careful consideration.

After all, if you don’t make a quick decision anymore, it will be impossible to retreat.

Since the great line of defense is destined to collapse, it is wise to keep most of the viable force, rebuild the line of defense in the capital area, protect the space migration channel that only opened, and strive to allow more people to leave.

“Marshal, if we withdraw, then other executive stars outside the capital…”

The adjutant did not say everything, but Mu knew what he wanted to say .

You must know that now the entire empire has entered the space migration channel to evacuate, and the people who have reached the capital area but have not yet entered the channel, all added up, have not reached half of the current population of the empire.

If the Vita line of defense ceases to exist, most of the other empire’s citizens will be brutally swallowed by the insect race, without any exception.

But does Mu have a way?

Obviously not, but if there is still a glimmer of hope, he will not do it either!

You must know that even his own family members are not in the metropolitan area yet! …

If you are not cruel at this time, I am afraid that fewer people will be able to evacuate!

“Execute immediately, the overall situation is important!”

“Yes, handsome!”

Looking at Mu Na’s firm eyes, the adjutant finally stopped Continue to say something, and replied firmly with the same eyes.

One hour later, looking at the last fleet that successfully evacuated, Mu in the command center finally sighed in relief, but, after he personally led 20% of the fleet to break, he is already deeply trapped at the moment. Can’t break through the siege!

The remaining 20% ​​of the fleet is now only left…

Less than 3 billion battleships!

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