Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 476

In the colorful hyperspace, a huge fleet is moving in it.

Among them is an incomparable gigantic battleship, which is the shadow of the planet-class battleship, and it was also the one captured by the Federation from the Big Three.

After all, of the four shadow battleships, the remaining three have been destroyed by the mastermind, and will be unavailable for a while, and this Federation was originally won by relying on this zero-point energy backdoor, and was not Any damage can be used normally as long as the zero-point energy device is re-supplied.

“Exit hyperspace one minute countdown!”



” 57…”

On the main ship bridge, Yui and Li Lizi stood behind Lin Fan, listening to the countdown that kept coming, her expression was a bit complicated.

It seems to be nervous, it seems to be missed, and it seems to be excited!

“Don’t worry, just leave it to us!”

Looking at Lin Fan’s background and listening to Lin Fan’s words, Wei’s body instantly relaxed, even her I don’t know why.

It’s just that, everyone didn’t notice, Liang Xue, who was standing on Lin Fan’s right side, twitched a bit.

It seems that domestic violence will definitely be indispensable soon.


Gal galaxy, the 15th defense zone of the Weta line of defense.

“Marshal, we are the only ones left, and the rest of the defense areas have all fallen!”

When he came to Mu, the adjutant said with a little sad expression on his face.

In this command room, everyone knows what kind of fate they will soon be ushering in.

However, everyone’s faces are only firm, and may be the same as the adjutant, with a little sadness, but there is absolutely no one who shows fear or despair.

This is a group of true imperial soldiers. For the empire and the people, they rushed to this front line, which is almost no way to survive. For decades, they continue to resist the insect that can never see the end. The race army until…

To the last moment of life!

“Let the War God go forward and join the battle. At this last moment, we should not be the characters behind being protected!”

“Yes, handsome!”

Suddenly, the entire War Star moved, and with the War God War Star escort fleet, headed towards the tragic main battlefield ahead.

On the main battlefield, the entire line of defense has been riddled with holes, and there are gaps torn apart by insect race everywhere. There are less than 500 million battleships remaining, most of which are surrounded by insects. The last resistance is being carried out.

Tens of thousands of light years away, Heiniye, who also watched this scene, had lost all interest. After handing over the command of the front to a few Tier 3 Insect Kings, he stopped paying attention.

In its view, everything has become a foregone conclusion, and there is no possibility of a comeback!

Actually, there is nothing wrong with what Heiniye thought, but the premise is that no accidents happen…

It’s just that accidents… not something missing! !

Only a few minutes later, the War God War Star, which rushed to the front line, was completely surrounded by several swarms of insects. Even the frigate fleet lost almost half, just like those on the battlefield. The other fleets are average, constantly struggling!

“Marshal, the loss of the escort fleet has reached 50%!”

“Are there any actions by those Insect Kings and their guards?”

“No, all there is no action behind, and far beyond our range, just like watching a movie!”

“Damn it!”

Just like an adjutant As said, the two Tier 3 Insect Kings and their guard insect swarm had no intention of coming up at all, they just took their guard insect swarm to stay behind to watch the play.

Looking at the countless ordinary insect swarms like a sea of ​​insects, little by little cannibalized this last resistance force.

“Ordinary insect swarms’ attacks are temporarily unable to threaten the War God’s shield. We will move forward at full speed. We are all down here, and we have to bite off a piece of meat from the Tier 3 Insect King. !”

“Yes, handsome!”

The shield on the War Star is much stronger than the one on the battleship. After all, it’s big and can install a powerful enough energy source. , You can also install a more powerful shield system.

And ordinary insect swarms do not have space-based attack methods, and for a while, they will really not be able to cause much threat to the War God.

“I said Hardy, the opposite came oh!”

“I saw Rida, speaking of which seems to be much better than battleship, ordinary Battle Insect for a while I really can’t use it for a while!”

30 million kilometers away, two Tier 3 Insect Kings, Hardy and Rida, apparently also discovered them, and they are rushing towards the War God that is where they are. , Are communicating through the spiritual network of insect race.

“Then what do we do, and step back a little bit?”

“Rida, are you shameless as an Insect King? Just send some guard bugs over to cover his barrier It’s solved, and then we just wait and watch the show, isn’t it over?”

“Yes, let’s do it!”

The two Insect Kings quickly reached an agreement!

It’s just a War Star with a huge target. How strong is the shield? Don’t you know if the Tier 3 guard bug is a small shield breaker?

After the shield is broken, the ordinary Battle Insect can penetrate into it, and then continue to watch the show with peace of mind?

“Marshal, a part of Tier 3 guard bugs are coming to our position, the number is 1 million!”

“Damn it!”

Mu Jishi It was judged what those two Insect Kings were going to do. Obviously, they wanted to use a small part of the guard to break the shield!

And myself, because it was a single ship forcibly rushing out of the swarm, the escort fleet did not keep up at all. No, it was impossible to keep up.

In this case, a War Star alone cannot deal with millions of Tier 3 guard bugs at the same time. Breaking the shield by it is almost an inevitable result.

Without the shield and surrounded by countless insect swarms, what will the end of the game still need to think about?

Is it just an extravagant hope that even the last Tier 3 Insect King?

Mu is a little unwilling, no, he is very unwilling…

He seems to die meaninglessly!

“The number of Tier 3 guards is 1 million, and the distance is 16 million kilometers. It is about to enter the range!”

As the adjutant reported, he was a little anxious.

Speaking of Tier 3 Guard Worms, the attack distance is almost the same as that of the Empire’s current armed forces. They are both within a range of 15 million kilometers, and no one has an advantage over others in terms of range!

There are still one million kilometers, and both sides will enter their respective ranges, and the subsequent progress can be completely inferred.

After the two sides fired at each other, a large number of guard bugs were wiped out, but in the same way, the shield of the War God War Star will be completely shattered!

Finally, the group of ordinary insects that glare like a tiger watching his prey around will pounce like a locust, swallowing themselves clean.

This seems to be a foregone conclusion that cannot be rewritten!

“15.8 million kilometers away!”

“15.5 million kilometers away!”

“15.2 million kilometers away!”

” The distance is 15 million…the target…the target disappears!”

“Great…man, a large fleet arrived in the rear, the number is 5 billion!”

in this brief At the moment, the fleet led by Lin Fan arrived and released the 1st Strike after the Federation came to the Gal system!

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