Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 477

Behind the main battlefield of the fifteenth defense zone, the huge fleet of the Federation is lined up here.

“The attack has been completed, and the target annihilation rate is 99.2%.”

Standing on the right side of Lin Fan, Liang Xue seems to have done a very ordinary thing, using a touch of light The tone of the report, without the slightest emotional fluctuation.

However, Lin Fan opened his mouth wide behind him, unable to close it for a long time.

Just one minute before, when the Federation fleet headed by Darkstar exited hyperspace and arrived here, they immediately found the War God in crisis!

It’s just a secondary cannon on the Shadow, and under one attack, it crossed a distance of 3AU and directly applied to those Tier 3 guard bugs that were about to attack the War God. The consequences, as Liang Xue reported, were almost wiped out!

The horror of its formidable power, even the Federation battleship of the year has no resistance, even more how about these almost defenseless insect races?

“Start precision strikes and prioritize clearing the swarms around the fleet!”


“In addition, the communications officer, transmits the news to friendly forces , Let him step back and tell them that we will take cover!”

“Yes, Marshal!”

“Li Cangqiong, Fujiwara Ayako, you take your own group to clear all the In the defense zone being breakthrough, it is not allowed to put any insect into the hinterland of the Three-Eyed Empire!”


The entire Dark Star The main ship bridge of the number, with Lin Fan’s one after another order, was fully operational.

Li Cangqiong and Fujiwara Ayako also withdrew from the communication state and led their own clusters to leave the main fleet.

next moment, the main fleet where Lin Fan is located, began the action.

A large number of space-based attacks were released, and they were sent into the swarm with great precision, tearing all the insect race within the killing range into pieces, without injuring any three. Battleship of the Eye Empire.

The degree of precise control of the attack can be seen.

This scene also fell in Mu’s eyes, which shocked him.

“Marshal, the unknown fleet sent a message asking us to retreat immediately, and they will be responsible for providing cover for us!”

“Do it now!”


“Yes, handsome!”

In fact, when the fleet was first discovered, Mu had already asked his men to compare in the database, and the result was that there was nothing to match. data!

In addition to the number of 5 billion battleships, he finally remembered the thing that has been forgotten, about what Your Majesty said…

Only A support army has been found in the Andromeda Galaxy, the number is 5 billion!

This makes Mu Jiji already convinced that this fleet is the helper Yui has found, and it is also an extremely powerful helper!

After all, he had seen the scene where the opponent killed the 1 million Tier 3 worms just now.

The entire void is like a sudden high-frequency shock. All the objects in it, whether it is a guard bug or some small stars, all turn into the dust of the universe in an instant, even No powder can be found.

What a powerful technology this is, and even now, Mu is very shocked.

In this case, no matter what the opponent’s battle plan is, just follow it yourself!

Anyway, no matter what, the situation will not get worse, it is better to trust the other party completely, and have this strength to completely reverse the situation!

When the order was issued, all the surviving fleet commanders on the defensive line were a little confused.

Retreat, can this situation be withdrawn?

My fleet is surrounded by countless insect swarms, struggling on whilst at death’s door, even if I want to withdraw, it can’t withdraw at all!

Refusing to execute because they don’t understand, or failing to execute them in time, these are all taboos on the battlefield!

This is also the reason why the army has always emphasized obedience to orders and the prohibition of orders.

Therefore, if I didn’t understand, everyone still executed the order unconditionally.

When they really started to withdraw, they realized that it was unexpectedly simple!

The swarms of worms blocking their retreat route were quickly cleaned up, just like opening a huge channel for the retreat of their fleet in a sea of ​​worms!

The swarms of insects surrounding their fleet have always been blocked from a certain distance. As long as any insect wants to approach, a dazzling white glow flashes by, and then…

Well, there is no more, white glow flashes, there is no escape!

The strikes of the Federation fleet are extremely precise!

In the main ship bridge, I was stunned to watch all this, and the insect race, which caused the empire to be extremely headache, was like a doll in front of the Federation, let it be torn down.

It wasn’t until this time that she had a clearer understanding of the power of Federation.

However, what she doesn’t know is that this is just the beginning!

“Marshal, the insect race is starting to retreat.”

In the tactical video, not only the remaining fleets of the Three Eyes Empire are retreating, continuously trying to encircle them, but they are being attacked by the Federation. Attacking the insect race, which was firmly blocked from a safe distance, no longer continued to encircle one after another. Instead, it gradually retreated to the rear.

Obviously, the two third-order Insect Kings who are now in charge of command also Not stupid, after seeing the attack of the Federation fleet, I quickly realized that this newly emerged unknown civilization is not something I can fight against.

With this recognition, a temporary retreat is an inevitable choice.

Since you can’t fight, you should go back first. Even if you can’t fight, there will be Rank 2 Insect King and even their new emperor Alba?

It’s just that Lin Fan will let them escape so easily?

Obviously it is impossible.

“The staff team immediately calculates the number of zero-point missiles required for the fifth-order destructive attack, and gives the best attack time and plan without harming the friendly forces!”

“Yes , Marshal!”

The efficiency of the staff team is very high. After just over twenty seconds, the result has been calculated!

“Report to the marshal. According to calculations, the best plan is to launch 7 small zero-point missiles in five minutes. It can carry out the largest level 5 destructive strike without harming the friendly forces!”


“Yes, Marshal!”

When the zero-point missile strike order was officially issued, everyone became busy. After all, as a Federation The current ultimate killing move, it is not a simple thing to launch this thing, it needs to go through a very tedious and complicated procedure before it can be successfully started.

Looking at this scene inside the bridge, Wei standing behind Lin Fan was also a little curious.

What exactly is this zero-point missile?

Why did the atmosphere in the entire bridge suddenly become different?

“Soon, you will know!”

Looking at Wei’s expression on the side, Li Lizi smiled mysteriously.

Five minutes has passed very quickly. On the battlefield, the remaining fleet of the Empire has completely disengaged from the insect race army, and everyone has a feeling of avoided a catastrophe.

However, not long after Mu Gang sighed in relief, he again received a piece of information that made him puzzled.

“A devastating blow will be carried out on the insect race, please be prepared for the impact!”

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