Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 479

The dazzling white light almost illuminates the entire dark starry sky, and the huge energy bursts out instantly, turning all the insect race shrouded in it into the dust of the universe…

Even the two Tier 3 networms can’t escape this ending!

“Everyone is ready to guard against impact!”

Even if the Federation has accurately calculated the damage range, it will not affect the empire’s fleet, but…

How can the shock wave generated by such a huge energy burst be weak?

Just when Mu’s eyes widened, he just yelled this sentence through the staff communication, and the others had not had time to react.

The shock wave has arrived, even the huge War Star is constantly shaking violently, not to mention the battleships that are much smaller in size.

Even, there have been many collisions. Fortunately, they were only minor collisions, and there were no ship crashes or deaths!

In the command center of the War God, as the vibration gradually subsided, everyone had an expression of avoided a catastrophe.

Just now, they all thought that they could not escape this disaster.

“That girl, where did you find such a terrifying civilization?”

“This is completely out of the scope of the sixth-level technological civilization, right?”

Mu, who stood up straight again, remembered what Your Majesty had said, but found a helper from Level 6 Civilization, and couldn’t help but grinned bitterly.

The adjutant who is still holding the console beside him is also nodded and expresses his approval.

If this is a level six civilization, then what are we?

Mu, who had finished spitting out, suddenly remembered something, “Immediately scan the surrounding insect swarms!”

“Yes, handsome!”

“Da. .. Handsome! The entire insect race in the fifteenth defense zone…nearly wiped out, together with the two third-order Insect Kings…”

A few seconds later, the adjutant who looked at the scan results , He took a sigh of relief, and he couldn’t even speak coherently.

In the entire command center, everyone was quiet, and their faces were covered with the three characters “You lie”!

Indeed, for the soldiers of the Three-Eyed Empire, the Armed Forces of the Zero Point Particle series is definitely something far beyond their understanding. Even if the facts are already in front of them, it is definitely not a moment. Acceptable.

Of course, there is one exception, and that is Yui who is located in the main bridge of the Darkstar!

“This is the zero point missile?”

“Yes, how about it, isn’t it shocking?”

“It’s really shocking. The particles are very interested, can you participate in the research in this area in the future?”

“Of course!”

Lin Fan nodded with a smile, what you want is the effect!

“In fact, the zero missile’s formidable power is not the largest among the zero-point series of weapons. The most powerful weapon can destroy a super-large star system with one shot!”

“It’s just that the armed attack range is very difficult to control, so if it is not a special case, it is better to use tactical zero-point missiles!”


Okay, Lin Fan said a few more words, and immediately made Wei’s eyes sparkling stars, and he wished to rush to the laboratory immediately to study this wonderful thing called zero-point particles. !

This look also made everyone didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Marshal, Li Cangqiong and Fujiwara Ayako request the use of a zero-point missile!”

“Approve the use!”

Without any consideration, Lin Fan went straight Agreed to this request.

After all, the situation on the two of them is different. The 15th defense zone where Lin Fan is located has at least 30 galaxy clusters and a full 3 billion Federation battleship.

While the Vita line of defense has a total of 68 defense zones, but Li Cangqiong and Fujiwara Ayako have only two galaxy clusters in their hands, that is, 2 billion battleships, and 67 defense zones are levied by scoring troops. On average, each defense zone is only Can arrange tens of millions of battleships!

Although tens of millions of battleships are enough to block the advancement of the insect race, after all, the number is too small to quickly wipe out all the insects. It is very likely that they will be killed by the other two Tier 3 Insect King escapes.

Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, the two people each applied to Lin Fan for a zero-point missile, and Lin Fan would naturally not refuse this kind of thing.

After all, it is no longer the previous Federation. Now if you want to create a zero-point series of weapons, there is no difficulty for the Federation!

“Understand, the authorization process for Zero Missile has started, the number of the first cluster is 1, and the number of the second cluster is 1.”


“Authorization completed , The first cluster and the second cluster have activated a zero-point missile and started to transfer the launch rights…the transfer is complete!”

“Well, leave the matters over there to them, Li Lizi, the following is Your mission is now!”

“I understand!”

After completing the authorization, Lin Fan no longer cares about Li Cangqiong and Fujiwara Ayako’s side, but turns Turning to Li Lizi and said.

After complied, Li Lizi immediately walked to a console, unfolded a special circular virtual operation page, and began to operate continuously.

This scene makes many people a little strange, what are they doing?

It’s just that, looking at Lin Fan, whose expression began to become more dignified, everyone did not speak. For a while, the entire command center became quiet.

A few minutes later, Li Lizi stopped.

“How is it, did you find it?”

Lin Fan, who had been standing next to her, immediately asked.

“No, I didn’t find anything!”

Li Lizi shook the head and said.


Is it because I think too much?

No, I can’t draw conclusions so early!

“In this way, we will continue to stay here for almost a year. During this period of time, please work hard and continue the investigation in this area!”

“I always There is a feeling that here, we should be able to find out some clues!”

Soon to deny his doubts, Lin Fan said to Li Lizi with a very serious expression.

“Yes, I understand!”

Speaking of which, she hasn’t seen Lin Fan’s serious expression for a long time. In her own memory, this father’s My immediate boss, until now, no matter what happens, his face is very relaxed and calm, as if everything is well-prepared.

nodded, Li Lizi responded.


Tens of thousands of light-years away, Heiniye’s huge body, naked eye is visibly trembling, even if it trembles in fear, it is also angry Ground shaking!

But he is very aggrieved. The opponent’s battle strength is obviously beyond what he can handle, and it has reached the level of danger that requires First Rank Insect King or even the Insect King himself, and the Insect King Al Pakistan…

It is cultivating its exclusive Imperial Family Guard, and it has been ordered not to disturb it for a year!

Henie, who is very familiar with Alba, dare not violate its orders.

“Damn it, let all the Insect Kings and Insect Swarm on the frontline be withdrawn first!”

I have lost two Tier 3 Insect Kings, Heiniye doesn’t want to Lose two more!

It’s just that it’s too late…

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