Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 480

In fact, without Heiniyedo’s words, the two Tier 3 Insect Kings in the sixth and eighth defense zone of the Weta line of defense are already desperately escaping.

As mentioned earlier, in these two defense zones, due to the fact that there are not many battleships in the Federation, only Li Cangqiong and Fujiwara Ayako’s flagship and approximately 30 million battleships can be beaten respectively. These ordinary insect swarms can’t find the north, but it is still very difficult to clear all the insect swarms in a short time and catch up to kill the Insect King.

After all, what the main battleship of the Federation uses is only the Spatial Shield, not a dimensional shield like the dark star. If you get close, even these ordinary insect swarms can still bring the battleship. It must be threatening.

“Commander, the authorization of the Zero Missile has been down!”

“Start the Zero Missile launch program immediately and plan the attack plan!”

“Yes , The launch procedure has started… the attack plan is planned… the launch right is handed over to the commander!”

With a repetition of instructions from the command team, Li Cangqiong suddenly appeared in front of him The red launch button, as long as you press it, the zero-point missile that has been activated will be shot directly!

There is no need to hesitate at all, raising the right hand, Li Cangqiong directly shoots at the virtual launch button!

“The zero-point missile has been successfully launched, the attitude is stable, and the micro hyperspace engine is being started…”

“The hyperspace window has been opened, and the zero-point missile has successfully entered the hyperspace…”

In one second, like the scene that appeared in the fifteenth defense zone before, a huge white light group bloomed in the dark void again, and the escaping Tier 3 Insect King and his guard worms were all devoured.

The same scene occurred in the sixth defense zone. Ayako Fujiwara also used a zero-point missile to eliminate another third-order Insect King in the defense zone!

So far, the four Tier 3 Insect Kings that participated in the attack on Weta’s line of defense have all been killed. If you count the one that was destroyed by the Three Eyes Empire many years ago, it will be even more interesting.

From this moment on Alba’s men, a fault has appeared in the Insect King class, and there is no third-order Insect King anymore.

In the 15th defense zone, the War God War Star has joined Lin Fan’s fleet. When it is side by side with the Dark Star, even if it is a War Star, it still gives everyone a kind of insignificance. a feeling of.

When Mu boarded the Darkstar and came to the main ship bridge, he just stepped into it with one foot, and a silhouette pounced on it.

“Mu Uncle!”

I slammed directly on Mu’s body very impersonally, but shouted with red eyes.

Speaking of which, Wei’s parents were originally the commander and medical officer of Mu’s fleet. They died in the insect race war when they were only three years old, and from that time on , Mu, who has never considered his partner for the insect race war, took Wei, who had lost his parents, into his own family and raised him as a daughter.

Similarly, more than a year ago, it was also Mu Ren directly pressed Wei to the battleship and sent it into the space channel to the Andromeda Galaxy.

Therefore, although Wei always shouted Uncle in her mouth, in fact, in her heart, Mu is definitely comparable to father.

The feeling of being lost and regained is always so beautiful.

“Okay silly girl, don’t cry, that many people are here!”


Take a few taps of the exquisite little girl Nose, calmed down, but reluctantly let go of Mu and stood beside him.

At this time, Lin Fan was standing in front of the two of them, but in the scene just now, there was no interruption.

“This is Marshal Lin Fan, right?”

“Yes, he is the Marshal of the Human Federation, Lin Fan!”

I haven’t waited for Lin Fan yet Speaking, Yui suddenly introduced Lin Fan to Lin Fan proactively, making Mu seem to understand something!

This girl, who has always ignored men, why is she so proactive today?

It won’t be…

“Hello, I’m Lin Fan!”

Looking at Lin Fan’s right hand extended as the imperial Marshal, for Mu, who has long been accustomed to the differences in various civilizations and etiquette, he naturally extended his right hand as well!

After all, no matter which civilization, the etiquette of greeting, what the other party does, you also do the same, basically, there will be no wrong!

“My name is Mu, and I am Wei’s guardian, many thanks for taking care of her during this time!”

“Should be.”

Lin Fan laughed Up.

Yi is now a strategic scientist in our Federation. Do you take care of it? Of course you have to take care of it. You know, a strategic scientist is a civilized treasure.

“Marshal, Li Cangqiong and Fujiwara Ayako have solved the last two third-order Insect Kings separately, and are currently cleaning up the remaining insect swarms!”

“Well, tell them to clean up. Be cleaner, I don’t want to see any insect passing through the line of defense!”


Just when Lin Fan and Mu Gang finished introducing themselves and were about to talk about business, Liang Xue came to Lin Fan to report.

Mu on the side was shocked when he heard it. Not only did he kill two Tier 3 Insect Kings in the 15th War Zone, but now even two in the sixth and eighth defense zones. Did you kill it too?

The speed is simply too fast!

But after another thought, the kind of terrorist weapon that I saw before, seems to be as it should be by rights?

“Marshal Mu, just now I learned that 80% of the fleet on the original defense line has already withdrawn to the Imperial Capital Circle, right?”

“Yes, because the second defense zone was breached, In order to prevent the entire fleet of the entire Weta defense line from being annihilated, I had no choice but to let most of the fleet go to the capital area to establish the final defense line!”

Munodded replied, and at the same time, I was very emotional, no matter what Is it the surviving fleet on the defensive line today, or the fleet that is heading to the capital, I am afraid that no one would have thought that the outcome of this battle would be like this?

“Then can I trouble Marshal Mu to get those fleets back?”

“After all, we only have 5 billion battleships. If the insect race in the entire galaxy does not count the cost It’s not Lin Fan’s nonsense. After all, the insect race that attacked Weta’s defense line is not all the insect races in the entire galaxy. It can even be said that it’s just Very small part!

And if the entire galaxy, or even the insect race in the entire galaxy group, attacked at all costs, then a battleship of less than 100 million in each defense zone would be really difficult, and it’s not always possible. Let’s keep on zero-point missiles…

Even today’s Federation is rich and imposing, but there are limits to it.

Not to mention, there is a Rank 2 Insect King mentioned in the intelligence.

Therefore, Lin Fan now really needs the hundreds of billions of empire battleships to assist in all defenses.

“Okay, I will call them back immediately!”

Mu nodded, he also agreed with Lin Fan’s request, and immediately ordered his adjutant to let him To deliver orders!


When Lin Fan met with Mu, tens of thousands of light years away.

Just as Lin Fan had guessed, Heiniye is giving orders to the insect race in the Myers galaxy group through the mental network!

“Assemble towards the Gal galaxy!”

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