Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 482


Alba was taken aback.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this emblem, it is the human federation in the galaxy!

That Faen did not lie to himself, this human being is really powerful enough.

This is a powerful civilization enough for the insect race to set off the Holy War. It turned out to be the human being…

Fortunately, I planned to take down the Gal galaxy and then kill it directly. Milky Way!

Thinking of this, Alba couldn’t help but twitch all over his body. Even the void around him burst into waves because of his twitch.

“Hainiye, I already know the matter, continue to follow your original plan to gather the races of the entire galaxy group to launch an endless wave of worms to the other party!”

After a moment of contemplation, Alba said to Heinier.

“Yes, my emperor, I will completely drown it with absolute numbers!”

“Fool! Do you think enemies of this level can be won by numbers, move Move your mind!”

Now, Heiniye was a little confused.

What does the emperor mean?

Let me use the entire ethnic group to initiate a worm infestation, but I also said that it can not be won by quantity?

This is too contradictory, right?

“By the way, even my First Rank guard bugs are all handed over to you, even if they are all dead, it’s okay!”

Just when Hainiye was stunned, Alba added another sentence. As a result, Heiniye was even more confused…

First Rank Guard Worm commanded him?

Is all dead, all right?

Why are everything so contradictory about what the emperor said?

“Don’t understand? That’s not an opponent we can deal with right now. Your task is to completely contain the opponent and don’t let him have the opportunity to interfere with me until I have cultivated enough Imperial Family guards. Worm!”

Looking at Heiniye who was in a daze, Alba couldn’t help but explain.



Even if the insect race can’t take a cold breath, Heiniye still wants to take a bite!

What the emperor said just now was really too shocking.

Is that civilization so powerful?

Although I understand that civilization is very powerful, to understand according to what the emperor said, it seems to be a hundred times stronger than I think?

“I will contact Alia to see if I can launch an insect race Holy War with her again, so be it, I will leave the business to you!”

After finishing talking, Alba directly dropped Heinier, whose brain almost stopped functioning in shock, and disconnected directly from the mental network.

And Heiniye didn’t sobered up until a few minutes later.

The emperor wants to join forces with Alia for this civilization, and also launch the second Holy War of the insect race?


Henie feels that if I continue to do this, sooner or later, I will evolve an organ that can suck cold air…

At this moment, it has realized the seriousness of the problem, and no longer hesitates now, it continues to deploy troops in the entire Myers galaxy group through the mental network.


It is 700 million light-years away from the Milky Way.

This is the Weirst Supercluster, the closest neighbor of the Rania Kea supercluster where the Milky Way is located.

It’s just that this galaxy cluster is very strange. Unlike the Rania Kea supercluster, the Weierster supercluster is like being hollowed out, with a diameter of about 300 million light-years. The cluster has a cavity 250 million light-years in diameter inside, and the number of galaxies in this cavity does not even exceed 100.

If federation astronomers see this place, they will recognize it quickly. This is simply one of the three mysteries in federation astronomy, and the Shepherd’s seat is empty!

On the edge of the Weierster Supercluster, in a galaxy outside of the Bop constellation, a huge insect is lying in the void. It is the only female insect species in the insect race. Insect King Alia.

“Well, it’s Alba?”

Suddenly, Alia felt that some of her clan was calling out to herself through the mental network, and slowly opened her eyes .

The powerful spirit strength that has not been released for nearly a hundred years blooms instantly, and establishes a connection with Alba through the spiritual network.

“Alba, what is going on… You have evolved into an emperor?”

Through the emperor’s powerful spirit strength, connect to Alba over 600 million light years. After that, it was only halfway through, and Alia was shocked…

Alba, this Little Brat, who just became the third prince a hundred years ago, has evolved into a bug emperor?

“Yes, Alia, I…have evolved into an emperor!”

“hahaha, very good Alba, you really brought me one Unexpected surprise, how many years I have been looking forward to this moment!”

With the joy from the heart, without any cheating, Alia laughed like never before.

It’s just that this scene stunned Alba…

This is completely different from what I expected!

Normally, shouldn’t Alia feel threatened by her status and be on guard against herself?

Then the two sides will continue to deceive and deceive and fight for the commandership of the entire insect race in the long years to come?

But now, this joy from the heart is what the hell?

Actually, what Alba doesn’t know is that normally, it should be like this, but…

During Alia’s long years, the ethnic group There have been a lot of First Rank Insect Kings, but the Insect King is always the only one.

Originally, this is not a problem, so it is convenient for its rule.

But everything is different now! !

During the long years, Alia tried almost every method she could think of. She wanted to break through the racial limits and evolve into a more powerful existence, but…

After all the efforts failed, Alia stumbled upon one day, the method that could break through the limits of the race!

That is the combination of the two emperors and successfully gave birth to the next generation…

Since the next generation is born, there will not be any racial limits. Theory It can evolve indefinitely.

Originally, this discovery should make him happy, but where can I find the two insect kings?

In the entire history of the insect race, there was such an insect emperor himself!

Nowadays, all of this is not a problem. There are two insect kings, one male and one female. Is there anything more perfect than this?

Therefore, Alia does not reject Alba at all at this moment, but is truly happy from the heart.

“Alia, I need your help with an important thing!”

“Say it, nothing is wrong!”

Now Alba doesn’t understand Alia at all, is this too easy to talk about?

“I hope you will join forces with me to launch the second Holy War of the insect race!”

“Yes, I have encountered a powerful enemy, comparable to the Empire of Saint-Ville Strong civilization!”

Through the spiritual network, Alba said very seriously, and this Saint Dimension Empire was the enemy he faced during the first insect race Holy War!

And the two words Holy War also immediately brought Alia back to God in infinite joy.

No thinking, no hesitation, very direct.

“Well, I will help you, even if you die 80% of the ethnic group!”

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