Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 483

Holy War …

Disconnected from Alba’s spiritual network, Alia looked towards the terrifying Shepherd in the distance Hollow, recalling the war that happened in the Weierster Supercluster.

She was high-spirited and vigorous back then, swept all the way with her own ethnicity, and continued to grow, she was unscrupulous.

Until one day, Alia ran into the Saint Dimension Empire in this Weierster super galaxy cluster.

This is an extremely powerful seven-level technological civilization, even Alia, as the worm emperor, can’t please her at all.

Of course, it’s just that it can’t be pleased, not that it is completely crushed.

At Early-Stage, the Saint-Ville Empire had an advantage, but unfortunately, the stamina was insufficient.

Actually, this cannot be blamed on the Saint Dimension Empire. It should be said that, in terms of stamina, there are really few civilizations in the entire universe that can be compared with the insect race.

After tens of thousands of years of war, when most of the territory of the Saint-Ville Empire was captured by the insect race, and almost facing national subjugation, its scientists finally discovered the zero-point particle and successfully developed it. Zero point particle acquisition technology.

The Saint Dimension empire, which has completely killed the red eye, has no control at all, continuously acquiring zero-point particles, and constantly manufacturing them into ultimate weapon-level weapons.

No matter where, as long as there is an insect race, it will be a zero bomb to solve everything.

Since that day, the entire Weierster super galaxy cluster has fallen into catastrophe. The star system and even the galaxies have been destroyed one by one, even at the later stage, even the galaxy group has been destroyed one after another. .

This madness lasted for 8,000 years, until a huge hole appeared in the Weierster Supercluster, which is now one of the three major mysteries in Federation astronomy, the Hollow of the Shepherds.. .

It just calmed down!

However, it was not because the insect race wiped out the Saint-Ville Empire, but…

Suddenly one day, the Saint-Ville Empire disappeared.

No one knows why the Saint Dimension Empire disappeared, and no one knows where they went.

This is a huge mystery that is still unsolved!

Alia, who is familiar with the strength of the Saint-Ville Empire, knows very well how powerful Alba’s civilization is comparable to that of the Saint-Ville Empire!

At other times, even if Alia abandons a Tier 3 Insect King, she will never mess with this powerful civilization again.

However, the current situation is a little different. Hope has appeared on the road of race evolution that has been expected for hundreds of thousands of years. For this hope, let alone the death of 80% of the ethnic group, even if All races are dead, and only two of them are left. Alia will not hesitate!

The race can be re-trained, but once the evolutionary path of the race is missed, it may never reappear forever!

“Emir, Gaiasi!”

“Lead all your races to the Myers galaxy group, the Gal galaxy!”

” After arriving, follow the command of the insect king Alba!”

“The new round of Holy War…”

“It’s started!”

Again Bringing out the powerful spirit strength that belongs solely to the Insect King, Alia instantly connected to the two First Rank Insect Kings under her command through the spiritual network.

And this brief content completely shocked Emil and Gayasi!

Holy War…

Especially Alia’s Insect Emperor Alba, it turned the two princes directly into specimens…

Isn’t Little Brat only 100 years after he became a Duke? He has evolved into an insect king?

Is it a bit too exaggerated?

Well, anyway, since the insect emperor Alia has given the order, let’s organize and set off immediately.

Anyway, all the questions will be answered by the Myers group of galaxies!

Unlike Alba, Emir and Gayasi are both old princes, and the territories they own are even calculated by galaxy clusters. It’s not like Alba is still spending money on a galaxy group. Time, once the ethnicity is fully mobilized, that scene…

In contrast, Alba’s little force can hardly be on the stage!

And all of this, Lin Fan, who is located in the Gal galaxy, does not yet know, and now he is still busy redeploying the Vita line of defense.

Perhaps, today’s Federation is not much inferior to the former Saint Dimension Empire in terms of technology, and even surpasses the Saint Dimension Empire in some respects…

For example, for the application of zero-point particles!

However, although it is barely comparable in terms of technology, in terms of military strength, I am afraid that it is not even one ten thousandth of the Saint Dimension Empire.

For the fleet led by Lin Fan, the 5 billion battleship is already almost 30% of the Federation’s strength!

If you compare population and strength alone, I’m afraid that any Fifth Level civilization can crush the Federation. In the final analysis, it is because the development of the Federation is so fast, it is almost to the point where the entire universe is unprecedented. .

And this has also led to a serious shortage of the Federation’s background. The population… is the most intuitive embodiment!

Although it has now annexed a level 6 civilization of the Three-Eyed Empire, the Three-Eyed Empire now has no more than one part of its peak period, no matter in terms of population or strength.

“Marshal, according to space radar detection, the insect race of the entire Gal galaxy is coming towards the Weta line of defense!”

“At the same time, the Ministry of Science also came According to the information, they discovered through the invasion of the spiritual network of the insect race that the entire insect race of the Myers galaxy group is also converging towards the Gal galaxy!”

“This number is probably more than ten thousand times the size of the galaxy before! “

In the combat room, Liang Xue is reporting the latest military situation.

Obviously, insect race wants to at all costs and exchanges quantity for quality!

However, Lin Fan has always felt that there is a problem here, and there are still many problems.

After all, the Insect King in the insect race is already a species with advanced intelligence. After the previous battles, it should have been understood that in the face of Zero Armed, the number has no effect.

Maybe you can completely drag the Federation on the Vita line of defense with an endless supply of numbers, but it is impossible to defeat the Federation, even if there is no hope!

Be aware that Lin Fan’s fleet carries several zero-point particle collection ships.

Therefore, whether it is energy or zero-point weapons, Lin Fan can be obtained anytime, anywhere. There is no possibility of running out of ammunition and food, no matter how much you use to exchange it!

In that case, what is the purpose of this First Rank Insect King?

Hold yourself, waiting for the reinforcements that can fight you?

The existence of insect race that can fight against a pseudo-level 7 technological civilization…

Insect emperor?

Thinking of this, Lin Fan’s eyes lit up.

That should be it!

“Notify the base camp and ask them to mobilize the power of the Federation to help the Three-Eyes Empire speed up the migration. Our time may not be that many anymore!”


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