Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 484

Gal galaxy, Weta line of defense.

A whole month has passed since the last Weta offensive and defensive battle.

Across the distance of a whole light-year, no starry sky can be seen now, and the entire void has been squeezed by the insect race with no surplus space.

It wasn’t until this time that Liang Xue realized that the previous report said that it was ten thousand times the size of the galaxy’s insect race. It was definitely a wrong estimate, and it was ridiculously wrong!

Since the insect race started to attack the defense again half a month ago, the entire battlefield has not stopped for even one second.

Fortunately, with the existence of Federation, it has the general advantage of crushing these ordinary insect swarms, so that the insect swarm has never entered the distance of 1AU of the defense line.

Moreover, all defenders can take turns to rest, and will not fight continuously without interruption like the first offensive and defensive battle before, so as to prevent the soldiers from being too tired and causing the battle strength to be greatly reduced.

At the rear, the Three-Eyed Empire continued to organize a major evacuation through the space migration channel opened by Wei, and now Federation has also joined in. A large number of military and civilian ships continue to rely on hyperspace technology to go back and forth. Between the Gal system and the Andromeda galaxy, the entire evacuation speed has been accelerated by at least three times.

The original evacuation plan for more than a year can now be completed in three months.

It seems that everything is going in a good direction, but Lin Fan doesn’t think so. At this moment, he is presiding over a combat meeting.

“Insect race’s offensive has lasted for a month, and according to our detection, within a full light-years of the front of Weta’s line of defense, the swarms of insects have been filled, and they are all facing Come from where we are!”

“Do you have any thoughts on this situation?”

Speaking, Lin Fan looked towards the ten people below, among them The five cluster commanders who followed him to the Gal system also had the high-level generals of the original Three-Eyed Empire Vita line of defense.

Although he already has certain ideas in his mind, Lin Fan still wants to inquire whether his men have any ideas!

This is an assessment, but at the same time, it is also a brainstorming. After all, Lin Fan is not a god, and it is hard to guarantee that there is nothing missing.

“Marshal, I think the insect race’s offense this time is very strange!”

Among the generals, the first to speak was Lin Fan’s most powerful general, Li Cangqiong.

He is no longer the excellent Mecha Master back then, let alone the fledgling fleet commander. Now he is already a huge galaxy-level cluster commander, the two-star admiral of the Federation, almost participating All the Federation wars!

“Half a month, the insect race should have been fully understood. With us, they can’t get close to the Weta line of defense. However, they are still constantly attacking, as if they want to bring the entire galaxy group All the insect races in China are sent to us, waiting for us to be executed!”

“I think this is very abnormal, unless the commander of the insect race is mentally retarded and will only rely on instinct. However, it is clear that Insect King is not such a creature. On the contrary, according to our past experience, Insect King is definitely a kind of highly intelligent lifeform, and it will not make such a brainless command!”

“Therefore, I judge that the current actions of the insect race should have other purposes. A purpose based on defeating us exists. We must be more cautious!”

Lin Fan Nodded, although Li Cangqiong didn’t think further, but the basic idea was the same as himself.

I believe that as long as he is given some more time, he will definitely figure out the rest of the problem.

“Marshal Lin Fan, I also have some thoughts, I don’t know if I can talk about it.”

When everyone was meditating on what Li Cangqiong said, they fought the Conference Hall. Mu’s voice sounded inside.

Although the two civilizations have not yet officially merged, Lin Fan has treated the generals of the Three-Eyed Empire as his own, and will not treat them differently.

“Of course, Mr. Mu, please speak!”

Lin Fan nodded.

“Well, it’s like this. Everyone should know that according to the information we’ve obtained from the captured third-order Insect King, the highest commander of the insect race attacking the Myers galaxy group should be A First Rank Insect King.”

“However, after nearly a hundred years of war, we have never seen this Insect King appear. In fact, let alone the First Rank Insect King. So far, even Even we have never seen Rank 2 Insect King!”

“Speaking of which is ashamed, maybe in the eyes of insect race, only the third-order Insect King is enough to deal with us, so a Rank The Insect King of 2 does not need to play in person.”

“But now the situation is different. At the moment when all Tier 3 Insect Kings are killed, if the insect race wants to regain the initiative on the battlefield, it should Will use more powerful force, instead of the current situation, even an Insect King did not appear, just relying on ordinary insects to continuously carry out suicidal attacks!”

“So, I am here Was it because the First Rank Insect King, after seeing the battle strength of the Federation, thought that even if it played on its own, it would not be able to win, so it used ordinary insect swarms like cannon fodder to continuously attack the line of defense and completely contain us. !”

“And its purpose is probably to wait for an opportunity that can defeat us, and this opportunity takes time, for example, more powerful existence support than First Rank Insect King?”

Lin Fan looked at Mu unexpectedly. He really didn’t expect that Mu could think of this level.

After all, since this half a month, Mu has always felt like Liang Xingchen, belonging to the kind of general who prefers conventional tactics, does not like taking risks, and is slightly rigid.

It’s not that such a general is bad. It should be said that in many situations, such a general is better to use. However, this type of general has a common problem, that is, it only uses conventional Thinking about the enemy.

This is why Lin Fan was surprised.

In fact, Lin Fan is really wrong about Mu. The reason why Mu’s command style is so close to Liang Xingchen’s over the years is mainly because he bears the destiny of the entire empire and does not allow him. Any risky behavior, not him is really conservative in tactics!

“Dashu Mu and I have exactly the same opinion. As for this opportunity, I think the probability of the insect king is great!”

Look at the generals below, especially the Federation. The generals, except Fujiwara Ayako, were surprised by Mu’s words, and Lin Fan was slightly sighed.

Except for some outstanding generals with innate talent, the others really still fought too few battles and too little experience.

Think about it, the number of wars that the entire Federation’s high-level generals have participated in can almost be counted with two hands, even most people only use one hand.

Moreover, they are all wars based on the prerequisite of being crushed by science and technology. How can we have a lot of experience since we have not even encountered an opponent of comparable strength?

Standing up, looking around all the generals below, Lin Fan said his plan.

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